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Daily Caller: Ron Paul Activists Uneasily Embrace GOP

If Paul backers come away from Tampa empty-handed, it will bring doubts many of them still have about working within the GOP into the open and potentially divide the movement.

By W. James Antle III | The Daily Caller

After the New Hampshire primary, Grover Norquist made a bold prediction. “If Ron Paul speaks at the GOP convention (as he was not invited to do in 2008), the party will be united and Romney will win in November 2012,” the anti-tax crusader wrote in the Guardian. “If Ron Paul speaks only at his own rally in Tampa, Florida (as happened at the 2008 GOP convention in Minnesota) the party will not be at full strength.”

Republican convention planners decided to split the difference. Paul’s son, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, will have a prominent convention speaking slot. Delegates are also likely to see a video paying tribute to Paul, the 12-term libertarian-leaning congressman from Texas who received more than 2 million votes for president in the 2012 GOP primaries.

Ron Paul is splitting the difference too. He will be holding a rally on Sunday at the University of South Florida’s 11,000-seat Sun Dome, separate from the Republican National Convention. But he and his supporters will also be working inside the convention hall to maximize their influence on the GOP.

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The neocons are trying to stay in power by outwitting, outplaying, outlasting us...until we give up and go back into their fold, back under their illusion of democracy and freedom, back as the tyranny of evil men.

We are trying to get the power by letting the truth expose (and thus drive out) the neocon philosophy, neocon politicians, neocon media. Afterwards, we will expose and drive out theUltimately, our revolution will expose and drive out the neolibs. And then, we can deal with the oligarchy that controls over half the world. But we must meet them as a fully aware people, not as what we are now.

This is the paradoxical unstoppable force meets the immovable object. Only they think we are stoppable.

Speak the truth Rand

So, Dr.Paul's son Rand will be given a speaking spot at the GOP convention. That's nice, I sure hope he speaks the truth, like he did when dad was campaigning...
Remember when Rand would excite the crowd and tell how wonderful his dad is, that the man this country needed right now was Dr. Ron Paul.
Psst, Rand buddy, make sure to tell the crowd that you only threw your support behind Mittens because it allowed you to speak to them today. That you did so to play the "game", sorta like when Frothy said he went along to get along...blah, blah, blah...B.S.
Tell the Truth and the crowd that you are here to do to the RNC what they've done to your dad for the past 4+ years...stab them in the back like they did him.
Tell the crowd that Dr. Paul is still in the race and you are here to nominate him for President of the United States of America. That given the current economic situation, if we do not elect him president,....you can kiss your constitution good bye, etc.
Hear the roar of those Paulites, Paulbots, as you piss on MSM and the GOP at the same time. Do it Rand, for Liberty, Peace, and Prosperity.

Rand, like his father, is thinking long term

Rand keeps holding out the hand of friendship in the long term expectations that many politicians will turn over to the good side. The easier we make it for politicians to turn to the good side, the quicker our revolution will work.

If Rand spoke, he'd give a rousing speech about Ron Paul, about liberty, etc. More importantly, his presence would encourage Ron Paul delegates to vote for Ron Paul.

Rand is not his father.

Rand is a sale out. period. they split us up. never trust the g.o.p. R0N Paul was a libertarian in the republican party. common since says to join the libertarian party and let this dying party die. r.i.p republican party. i will vote for Gary Johnson the only paul like person running for president.

He endorsed Romney over his

He endorsed Romney over his own dad. I would expect him to get on his knees and mumble obamney! rand 2016 laughable ps he will need plenty of knee pads.

Ron Paul 2016

No more deals with

No more deals with devils...
No more compromise of our most basic values, principles which has only lead to the outright loss of our God given rights. The line is drawn. If our elections are lost and reduced to negotiations among power brokers of dark hearts, what does that say about you and I?
I never dreamed this could happen to us and so fast.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

Remember, Remember, the sixth of November

vote Ron Paul

EVEN if Dr. Paul HIMSELF asks us to endorse Romney...

...I'm writing IN Dr. Paul in November.



That's my new bumper sticker.

Even Grover Norquist who I respect, doesn't seem to get it fully regarding TRUE Ron Paul fans.

WE WILL NEVER vote for Romney/Ryan, and anyone who does is not (in my opinion) a REAL DYED IN THE WOOL Ron Paul/Liberty supporter.

I heard it put best this way; Obama getting re-elected will hure establishment republicans a lot more than it will hurt us who know there is no appreciable difference between the 2 major parties.

Therefore if my Paul Write-In vote "helps" Obama win again then so be it.

Because apparently the republican party still has a LOT to learn.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

If your state does not count

If your state does not count write-ins. Then your better off staying home and playing ps3 sims and voting from your game. Call your state election board before you waste anymore time.

Ron Paul 2016

Sometimes I really think...

...that this whole thing is just one big stage of actors pretending to be on opposite sides. They are all more alike than not and many of them just "flip-flop" because the offers they receive. We are all "Trueman". Remember that movie? That's what many of us feel like. Just one big chess game for them.

The Title Should Read

Ron Paul Activists Vow to Overthrow Corrupt GOP


Heck no to current title...didn't read the article, but if the title reflects it 100% than heck no to the article too. The current GOP needs to be replaced with ppl that know how to do their jobs and say no to corruption. No compromises.

Isaiah 2:4
And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

Some of "us" still don't get it

We need to expect this kind of treatment, toughen up and press through it to take positions in the party. Grow some "thick skin" and keep fighting until we win. In many states we have already taken leadership positions, in many more we are poised to win party officer elections later this year.

Leaving now, and giving up the voting positions you have in the GOP and everything else you have gained these few years is QUITTING and very foolish. If too many of us do that, the movement will stay on the fringes of relevance for another 40 years in the Libertarian or other third parties.

That didn't work very well for the first 40 years did it (Libertarian Party was formed in 1971)?

Ron Paul quitting the GOP and running as a Libertarian in 1988 didn't grow the movement very much did it? It hurt liberty more than help it, since that is why he is constantly asked by the media if he will do that again. It's simply logical for an interviewer to ask whether Ron will do what he did before, it's not always an intentional way to marginalize or discredit him.

And now Gary Johnson is making the same mistake. Does he think that somehow it will be different for him?

By the way, I am the Republican nominee for State Senate and also won a Republican officer position this year, so I am walking what I am talking. And yes, I am also a National Delegate to Tampa.

I challenge every one of you to step up to the task of DOING something, not just TALKING.

If you want to run "independent" then do that. But running as a Libertarian is a sure way to marginalize yourself. Simply changing voter registration is even more useless than that because you have gained NOTHING, since you can vote for whomever you want in the General election even if registered Republican.

But don't just sit back and complain because the totalitarian statists are doing exactly what we should expect totalitarian statists to do.

Grow up and put on your "big boy" pants.

And PLEASE, stop picking away at the few people fighting for various liberties in Congress just because they say or do something that isn't what you think you would do in their place. If you want to criticize, there are plenty of more worthy targets for criticism representing YOU in Congress; organize people to pound away at their email and phone until they realize that they have to pay attention.

What happened to the people elected to state legislatures as Libertarian candidates in the 1980s and 1990s? 40 years have proven that you can't get elected to Congress on the Libertarian Party name.

Talking is not the same as DOING, so go out and DO something.

Keep the movement alive!

I know Ron Paul will surprise us with something great during the convention. We may get some inkling on that at the rally where Gary Johnson will be speaking. I don't think Dr. Paul will endorse Romney. At the very least Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states and be able to take the Libertarian message right to the election.

great post TM


henry9's picture

I agree with most of what you say.

But, things are changing now. Believe it or not things do change.

I'm not saying you are wrong, but whats to come will be mind boggling...IMHO.

I believe the GOP has suicided by not including Dr. Paul. Folks will come to see this -and history will record it. Lost opportunity indeed.

The people will wake when hungry and ready to take back God given rights...and not until.

40 years is not much in the scheme of things.

BTW- chickens and gardens are a good idea.

Oh yea-- and guns to keep the predators away.

We all get it. If the gop

We all get it. If the gop doesn't nominate ron paul. Then as republicans we have the right not to vote romney and vote for someone else! We can remain republicans and vote outside the gop. Romney is a dead man walking into a general. So while your out there remind the gop they will elect obama! Big boys stand for principles over party. There is no reason we cannot stay republican and hold the gop accountable by not voting obamney and voting for anyone but obamney and that includes gary johnson as well. You can remain republican while voting against romney by voting for someone else.

Ron Paul 2016

That RAND Paul has a "prominent" slot to speak & RP doesn't just

infuriates me to no end! The idea that the RNC would treat such a man of stature as Dr. Paul with such disrespect is beyond the pale. Words can't convey my utter frustration over all this crap, from the ill treatment of our delegates to the massively unfair treatment by the GOP & even the Big Media to Dr. Ron Paul. It's all too disgusting and beneath contempt.

I have to say your post about

I have to say your post about hits the nail on the head for me. Anyone endorsing romney infuriates me as well!

Ron Paul 2016

Uneasily? Embrace?

How about the truth?
Reluctantly associate with.


Truer words have never been spoken...

“The strategy that the Paul political machine is moving forward is not of the taste of a lot of the grassroots and it never has been,” Reason magazine senior editor Brian Doherty,

They still

Just do not get it! I will only support the Republican Party if Ron Paul is the nominee.

LIBERTY2ME's picture

when I hear things like this

when I hear things like this I have to laugh...
First the GOP, RNC, and even the Paul campaign cannot negotiate anything for my support. Especially my support in November. When they say things like we compromised so now there will be Paul support at the Tampa convention or for Romney in November, this is just not the case. So say what it really is for people...whatever it is.
I saw people get lied to, cheated, arrested and hurt! I'll say it again, Romney and the GOP did not just steal this election from Ron Paul. He took the voice of the AMERICAN people! Ummmm...Hello! You can't put a price on that, and I'm not going to forget it.
If we could rewind this whole election and Romney played fair, there was no election fraud, no lies I can tell you WITHOUT a doubt I would probably vote for Romney if he ended up being the nominee. but now, after all I have seen and heard and for all that IS STILL GOING ON TO THIS DAY. I don't care who wins this week, Ron Paul is going on my ballot or I don't vote at all. And when Obama wins again, I will laugh again when I hear you try to blame people like me when all you had to do was play fair.
Oh and news flash....maybe it is a compromise to Ron Paul himself to have his son speak instead of him in Tampa, BUT THIS IS NOT A COMPROMISE TO ME. YOU KNOW, THE ONE WHO'S VOTE YOUR TRYING TO GET.
But there I go again with that silly thinking....Romney doesn't need my vote, he just needs Dieboldt.