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Latest models: Growing risk "Hurricane" Isaac targets Florida

Tampa Nightmare Scenario? Latest GFS runs favor a "Tampa direct hit" Monday night.

For years hurricane experts have warned us. Tampa is one of the most vulnerable cities in the USA to a direct hit from a major hurricane.


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Not likely to be a major hurricane...

...although it could make things unpleasant in Tampa; 45 mph winds and rain.
If the track materializes as it shows now, it won't have a chance to really get wound up. It will go over the mountainous islands, then go right up the Florida peninsula. The Keys and Miami will get the brunt.
On another note, officials will have to make a call early. If the center of the storm tracks further west into the gulf, it could well build up into a major storm and hurt Tampa. If it curves further to the east of current tracking models (I think it will), Tampa will get little from it. Mayors and governors can't wait though, for the actual track to be better judged, especially when the area is expecting so much incoming visitor traffic. I won't be surprised if they cancel the convention within a few days.
Ps: There's another system in the Atlantic which is tracking more to the East Coast. Would it be wrong to pray we get a twofer?

Undo what Wilson did

divine intervention?