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Economy coming down whether Romney or Obama...our only Hail Mary is RP and drastic cuts

Ask yourself, when the financial sector collapsed in '08/09, did intervention or capitalism take the blame? The answer---capitalism and a lack of regulation took the blame for the collapse. We all know, in reality it was the exact opposite, intervention and regulation caused the mess, but the PR story line and perception was that unfettered capitalism caused the mess...unfortunately, perception becomes reality. With the upcoming financial crisis many of us see on the horizon, the real battle will be a PR/educational battle of what caused this mess and how do we move forward from the ashes. I ask this rhetorically; Do we want in the White House one who gives the appearance of capitalism and free market with his lips, when things fall apart? What will take the blame? Do we want our ideology to take the blame, when in all reality we know it was just a whited sepulcher? Or would we rather an avowed socialist take the hit? For the sake of the movement and ideology, I'm conflicted.

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Even Ron Paul Can't "Save" Us

And he has said as much in many speeches. The cuts are inevitable and unavoidable. The only options are to make them willingly, or to wait a little bit longer for the natural market forces to make the hard decisions for us. Earlier, purposeful cuts might mitigate somewhat the natural consequences of overborrowing/overspending, but the benefits would be barely measureable or noticeable.
I believe Ron Paul, more than just about anyone else, understands just how bad things are going to get REGARDLESS of who the next POTUS is. I don't blame him one bit for any reluctance he might have in desiring the job even if his election was assured. What decent human being would actually want such a job anyway? We've essentially "drafted" him for the campaign and I will always be thankful to him for permitting us to do so.

I'm not conflicted at all

If it isn't Ron Paul saving us with drastic cuts, then it must be Obama who suffers the fall...for the exact reasons you mentioned. We can't have free market capitalism take another PR hit, as it has been - wrongly - for the last 100+ years.

Then, Rand can run in 2016 and we can get on the road to recovery!



PR battle begins now!

We support neither because both will crash the economy! Let's get this narrative out there to counter the RNC narrative that Paul supporters won't vote for either because they are just throwing an immature fit.