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Pray for Safety of all Ron Paul Delegates and Backers in Tampa.

Dear God: Please keep all the Ron Paul Delegates and backers and Ron Paul completely safe in Tampa and on their trips to Tampa and around Tampa, and on their trips back home. Please let them not get in trouble or hurt in Tampa or Orlando or anywhere around Tampa or on their trips there and back home. Let them be compelled to behave in such a way that they do not discredit Ron Paul or themselves and their fellow Ron Paul backers. Let there be no scandals. Give them joy and a happy spirit. Let them all find friends and be befriended. Send angels to protect all the Ron Paul backers and Delegates and Ron Paul too and all those related to Ron Paul. Also help all the Ron Paul delegates and backers make it to Tampa. If their vehicles break down send people to help them on their way. Also, help them on their way home later. Protect the Ron Paul backers and Ron Paul from other folks . Let all folks treat the Ron Paul people well. Please help Ron Paul be on the ballot in Tampa at the RNC. Also, please let the hurricane not hit Tampa, Orlando or any of the areas around the RNC. Let no delegate or backer of Ron Paul or Ron Paul be hurt or harmed by the hurricane, Thank you God. Amen.

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