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Pat Buchanan played Ron Paul-like role at '96 convention

A major Republican presidential candidate hasn’t endorsed the presumptive nominee and isn’t speaking at the convention. Instead he is headlining his own separate rally nearby.

That describes Ron Paul this year, but it was also true of Pat Buchanan in 1996. Buchanan had received 3 million votes and amassed over 200 delegates in the primaries, finishing second behind nominee Bob Dole. But he wasn’t invited to address the Republican National Convention because of the controversy surrounding his “culture war” speech four years before.

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Pat's 1992 speech

I have watched Buchanan's 1992 speech several times, and I just don't see what the big deal was. However, I recognize that it's unfair to make an assessment 20 years later out of context...

Can someone clue me in regarding what was so earth-shaking about that speech?

I have a million times more faith in Ron

than Pat B and I'm fortunate that Ron has more faith in freedom and his message of limited government than anyone I've ever seen, so I cannot see how he could ever betray that. I guess what I am trying to say is that I trust Ron. I wouldn't be able to do any better.

Me too

Paul won't make the same mistakes that Buchanan did. Buchanan later regretted the endorsement and did go third party. Paul will do neither.

Pat Buchanan is like Ron Paul

Pat Buchanan is like Ron Paul on very few issues. He is very strongly anti-war...and that is it. Otherwise he is a theocon...

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Pat Buchanan would disagree.

Buchanan said back then that, were he ever to hold elected office, he would have a voting record just like Ron Paul.

That's a bold thing to say.

That's a bold thing to say.

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And Bob Dole lost like a torpedoed submarine

Just like Mitt will.