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Old news but good news: 88% New Hampshire voters for RP

Because there were relatively few views of this video, a still shot video, I thought most DPers haven't seen it but would like to see it. Eighty eight percent sounds right, frankly.


Based on the RP support I saw throughout campaign season, I believe RP vote percentages were high countrywide and that RP votes countrywide ended up how they did in New Hampshire -- removed and given to other candidates. I believe that robbery happened despite my frustration this campaign season and last season led me to think Americans are the dimmest people around.

Looks as though I'm speaking contradictory. Hmmm. Perhaps I meant nonattuned voters and nonvoters are the dimmest people around. I'll have to think about what I mean when I said Americans are the dimmest people around because if it's true, that would mean the 88% New Hampshire voters are dumb. So, what I need to do is distinguish RP voters and nonRP voters and nonvoters. I'm going to think about what I concluded here.

Anyway, I hope you guys like this video and can use it some way -- in your videos, RP menageries or as evidence for whatever the purpose. Have a good day, guys.

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exit polls

who is most likely to defeat Obama? 88% Ron Paul, that is a overwhelming result. I hope they don't succeed in pulling off the greatest theft in history.


That was among voters who voted for Ron Paul. It wasn't for all voters, and it was just a mistake by CNN. If you look at the exit poll on CNN for that primary, you can see this result clearly.

What does a -1% mean in an exit poll, anyway?

Bump for late night DPers.

Bump for late night DPers. Goodnight, everyone. Sleep well.

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I hadn't seen it so thanks...

I hadn't seen it so thanks... I like the Perry -1%...funny :)

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thats gotta hurt...