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Disneyland acclimates Americans to troops on streets

Kids and adults alike interact with friendly 'Army troops' daily
By Martin Hill
August 21, 2012


Disneyland, billed by some as "the happiest place on earth" is subliminally acclimating Americans to having troops patrol the streets. Located in Anaheim California, a focus of local protests since police shot three people in one month, the corporate behemoth marches out green Army men every day to interact with the kids in Disney's California Adventure Park. The parades, launched under the pretext of a nearly twenty year old movie "Toy Story", occur multiple times daily. The green Army characters march about, drive down the streets in their Army vehicle, play drums and interact with children along the route.

Toy Story, the 1995 animated film released by Walt Disney pictures, featured a number of characters including the army men and inspired two sequels, Toy Story 2 (1999) and Toy Story 3 (2010).

There are plenty of recent examples of military troops being deployed onto U.S. streets violating Posse Comitatus, generally sold under the pretext of "helping the public":

"Don't Be Alarmed": Army Trains MPs To Drive Tanks On U.S. Streets 6/22/12
Media Promotes Troops On Streets to "Cut Down on Crime" 6/25/12
Americans Acclimated to Presence of Military on the Streets
The Army Reserve is taking to the roads in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.
Military Rolls Tanks Onto St. Louis Streets...But Why?

Disney announced a plan in March to add 1000 news jobs for military veterans. No word on whether the men in green makeup dancing around with the kids in Anaheim are actual Iraq or Afghanistan vets. There have been officers with drug-sniffing dogs spotted patrolling Disney, referred to by some as 'K9 detection units'. Disney regularly salutes the troops and gives them admission discounts. A former Disneyland employee, Imane Boudlal, is suing the park for discrimination and harassment after they refused to let her wear her hijab head scarf. The Moroccan born Muslim woman reports that she was harassed by Disney employees and called names such as "terrorist," "camel" and "Kunta Kinte".

(vid & photos at link http://youtu.be/2QW1SbRgw8g http://libertyfight.com/2012/disney_army_troops_on_streets.html