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To Hell With Compromising!, We Vote Ron Paul Only!

Delegates, Please do not sacrifice your oaths, or your hearts for the den of vipers and thieves, I have absolute fate we can do this!, We will WIN AND THEY WILL LOSE, You can't compromise Liberty, This is do or DIE!, Can you believe Romney created Liberty chat to call us to see what were thinking and going to say at the convention, can you say DESPERATION??!!, WE HAVE TWO DAYS AND RON PAUL NEEDS OUR HELP!, THEY KNOW WE'VE WON, OUR ENERGY, AND WILL ARE MIGHTY!!, STATE DELEGATES DO WHAT YOUR HEART TELLS YOU TO DO, THE AMERICAN SPIRIT IS FLOWING THROUGH OUR VEINS MORE AND MORE EVERYDAY, WE ARE BECOMING BOLDER!, THEIR DEFEAT WILL BE SWIFT AND CERTAIN



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