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RP Maine GOP National Committee Elected at Our CONvention on NPR

Mark Willis:

I will be on MPBN radio tonight at 5:30. When asked about the delegation and campaigns opinion regarding a proposed RNC split in our delegation, I answered, "not interested...we were duly elected and we all expect to be seated in Tampa."

Way to go Mark! A BIG Thank You for doing such a FINE job of representing the Maine National Delegates.

Please share this audio. OUR delegates will NOT back down.

Here is the article:

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The latest interview with Mark Willis

See what I am saying! OUR delegates are tough as nails~
So proud of them - wow!

Delegate Mark Willis said, “I want to make this perfectly clear, our disposition has and will always be: never give in to deals or compromises, never, never, never. Never give in. Never surrender.”

“Nothing changes as far as our resolve, regardless of the names on the list. That’s the sentiment of our delegation,” said Willis.

Read more: http://www.wmtw.com/news/politics/RNC-steps-in-to-decide-fat...


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Can someone answer - If Maine

Can someone answer -
If Maine holds their ground and there is no deal made. Can the RNC say ok, we won't count any delegates from ME then? And if they can do that, then what is the outcome of Ron Paul getting on the ballot? Meaning, Romney may not need the delegates from ME, but Ron Paul does.
If they say we just won't count Maine, then that might keep Ron Paul off the ballot leaving Romney the only candidate on the ballot. Do you know what I am trying to ask?

LIBERTY2ME - I wish I had an answer for that but I don't.


I can post these questions to those who may though and I will.

Good questions need correct answers. :) I will post a reply here.


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RNC and Romney would look

RNC and Romney would look horrible if they didn't seat anyone from Maine. It would become a National story as to why and Romney would look like the sore winner that he is.

Maine delegates will not back down. All or nothing. Fair play or cheating. Romney will look like a fool if he doesn't allow them all to be seated especially if Governor LePage sticks to his guns and refuses to go to the convention.

It would be fraud to unseat the duly elected delegates from Maine. I expect all of them to shout from the rooftops if that happens.

Remember, Ashley Ryan - Maine National Committee-woman is speaking at the Ron Paul rally Sunday afternoon. I expect she will have something to say about this issue if Maine delegates are not seated by then. And it will be shown live on national TV stations. The illusion of "party unity" will be broken. Let's see what happens.

"If you put a gun to my head and said vote Romney/Gingrich/Santorum...I would say pull the trigger!"

Great reply Rock for all the right reasons.

This whole mess started with Jan Staples being a very sore loser and be knocked off her perch by Ashley Ryan. It is her bitterness and hatred of all that Ron represents and the delegates who fiercely represent his philosophies that is driving her.

She is a horrible woman. Ashley Ryan was elected to fill her shoes fair and square - as was the whole convention. It's an outrage what this witch has started.

This is blatant and inexcusable manipulation of the process.

I find it amazing that it has come this far and I am sure that the GOP are livid that the delegates are NOT backing down.

Everyone of us who were at the convention as delegates/alternates got a taste of their rabid control issues.

All I can say is God Bless our Maine Delegates for sticking it to them.

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MAINE!!!!!!!! I would fight in the Alamo with Mainers any day of the week.

Remember The Maine!

Remember The Maine!
(The sinking of the USS Maine marked the birth of our interventionist foreign policy)

That makes

two of us!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Thanks Sunny

Good to see this on the front page.

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Bump this one. I listened to

Bump this one. I listened to the audio and the Maine delegates are not going to be run over by the GOP 18 wheeler and if they end up being run over they will perhaps send an even more powerful message.

No there is NO deal in Maine.

thanks for the bump.

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I'd ve glad to see a deal.

I'd ve glad to see a deal. We give them Maine, they give us Arizona, California, Texas, New York, Pennsilvania, Ohio and Florida.


do we have those already, maybe possibly????

Tampa, baby.

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this thread.

This is important for all Mainers and all of us.


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Thanks Sunny !

If we can get a "brokered" convention, Mr. Romney doesn't stand a chance of being the legal nominee, IMHO !