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Republicans trying to boot Gary Johnson from Pennsylvania ballot

The Pennsylvania Republican Party has already booted one third-party candidate from the state’s presidential ballot and is making life difficult for Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson.

Republican voters acting on behalf of the state GOP this week officially challenged the signatures submitted by Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico, who is seeking an equal place on the November ballot beside major party candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Ron Nielson, senior adviser for the Johnson campaign, told PA Independent on Wednesday that the campaign submitted more than 49,000 signatures — more than twice the amount required to gain access to the ballot in Pennsylvania.

He said the campaign expected to survive the challenge from the Republicans.

“The two major parties have a lot of money they can use to maintain the status quo,” he said. “We’re trying to give the voters a choice between the policies of Obama and Romney, and we’re going to fight to stay on the ballot because we think the voters deserve to have that choice.”


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Gary Johnson boots himself

Gary Johnson boots himself from being U.S. Senator of New Mexico.

interesting fact

2,000 signatures for R and D ballot access but 20,000 for others!?!?!

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From the article:

The Constitution Party withdrew its presidential candidate, Virgil Goode, from the state ballot on Tuesday. The party submitted 35,000 signatures, but state law would have required them to cover the cost of legal fees if the Republicans had been able to successfully challenge enough of the signatures to bring them under the state threshold.

Jim Clymer, a lawyer and state treasurer for the Pennsylvania Constitution Party, said those fees could have easily exceeded $100,000.

“We pulled out because we were threatened with having to pay their legal fees if we did not prevail,” he said. “The numbers made it appear doubtful that we would be able to survive.”

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