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UPDATED: LibertyUSA PAC finds Hard Evidence of Election Rigging in Lake County, IL: the Cheating IS Inside the Voting Machines

We did far better in the election than is recognized. So did, apparently, Gingrich and Santorum. Tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of Paul votes, as well as votes for these other two candidates, were purged through vote rigging in the the Romney-favoring machines. This occurred largely at the precinct level. In other words, the machines were maliciously programmed to cheat all candidates in favor of Romney.

Paul was merely one of the victims.

There is great proof of this in Illinois in a wide range of counties, including Kane, Cook, DuPage, and Lake.

The anomaly is found in the delegate counts, which reflects in this instance the potential theft of votes from Paul, Santorum, and Gingrich but none from Romney. In an analysis of 158 precincts there was only ONE delegate vote count where there were a greater amount of delegate than candidate votes for Mitt Romney, while for Ron Paul there were 91 incidents. For Gingrich there were a whopping 105 incidents and for Santorum 34. This totals 230 incidents for Romney's opposition candidates, while his are "1." That is impossible.

The vote anomalies are 166, 210, and 68 respectively, because, again, always, the amount of total delegate votes compared to candidate votes is lower.

UPDATE: This means that at a minimum in these precincts there were the same number of votes stolen for each of the respective candidates. Moreover, the fact that this never occurred with Romney in this sample further proves the rigging.

It is greater than this, though. This is because as a rule there are nearly always more candidate votes than delegate votes, as shown by the unrigged Romney sample.

There may also be some anomalies in the Romney counts, but they are insignificant compared to those for the other candidates. Furthermore, the ballot is simple; there could be little or no accounting for this based on voter confusion. In one case no votes were shown in a precinct for Paul yet one of his delegates got, incredibly, two votes.

The data is simple. It is a spreadsheet of the number of votes for each candidate compared to the votes listed for delegates. It will be seen that the delegate votes are often greater for a given candidate, EXCEPT for Romney. For a thorough analysis of Lake County, Illinois, see:


Please donate generously to the PAC. It is going for a good cause and funds are greatly needed. All funds available thus far have been dispersed to the delegates. Election fraud costs have been subsidized privately by the PAC owner and one other donor. For now, donate to the delegate button, which funds both the delegate needs and the fight against election rigging.

This is an exceedingly crucial finding. More hands are needed on deck to document the corruption. All counties in Illinois must be analyzed. The same spreadsheet can be used for all. Furthermore, there is a need to do the same in all states, where delegates were voted in the primary such as Rhode Island, Alabama, and PA. Please volunteer on the volunteer button, www.libertyusapac.org

UPDATE #2: A RP mathematician has now studied all the data from Lake County, analyzing all 415 precincts. Here are his findings:

Of the 33,445 votes for Romney there were 4 delegate discrepancies (and 5 for alternates, incidentally)
Of the 4,942 votes for Paul there were 260 discrepancies for Paul delegates
Of the 4,102 votes for Gingrich there were 355 discrepancies for Gingrich delegates
Of the 16,667 votes for Santorum there were 59 discrepancies for Santorum delegates

Again, in simple form:
Romney: 4
Paul: 260
Gingrich: 355
Santorum: 59

Delegates versus alternates:

For delegates, there are a total of 641 discrepancies (delegates greater than presidential votes)
For alternates, there are a total of 632 discrepancies (delegates greater than presidential votes)

Of note, with the candidates of a lower vote count there is a higher incidence of the anomalies.

This is a major anomaly. Others will be found. This is not to say that every Illinois county has such irregularities. Yet, it is sufficient reason to call for a thorough investigation, including an audit.

Let us also ask the statisticians: what is the likelihood that such an anomaly could occur by chance? If it is less than 5%, then, an audit of the ballots is manditory.

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Yes, Mike CZ your erudite spotting is invaluable and yes

email me. Will send you the spreadsheet platform and the excell sheets from rigged precincts and let you have at it.


the explanation is quite obvious

and results like this are not uncommon at all. Individuals who vote for a candidate do not always vote for his delegates on the same ballot, and when they do their votes don't necessarily match up with candidate votes. You know this is a real phenomenon but you are pretending it's not in order to peddle your vote rigging theory.

Some voters who voted for Romney ended up voting for Gingrich delegates, and vice versa. Naturally, the candidate with a lot more votes will probably have a lot more of his voters voting for the wrong delegates. It's very basic math and one could very easily build a voting model that would predict this exact result. I did it in 5 minutes. Romney would be expected to have his delegate percentages be a few points below his voting percentages, and Gingrich and Paul would be expected to gain a percentage point or slightly more. Amazingly, that's what happened.

Shazad, You're not fooling anyone on here

I wonder, do you think you're smart?

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

good, because I'm not trying to


Well I respectfully request

you share what exactly you are doing on here.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

I was just trying to point out

that Dr. K is using an example of very normal electoral behavior to claim that vote rigging is going on. And I think he knows it, too - he's just trying to throw this out there as a way to get people to donate money. On the "Evidence of Vote Fraud" scale, this is a 0. If you don't believe me, that is fine. I'm not trying to trick you in any way. I am confident that if you do some research on this topic, you will agree with me.

Well thanks,

But I asked the question, "What ARE you doing on here?" after looking at your history of posts on here so far; not just this one post. It seems like your 'job description' as a Daily Paul member could be characterized as: Bubble burster, enthusiasm reducer, criticizer, and conjurer of apathy. Is that your intent?

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

LOL! Priceless.

How can I tweet your response so everyone can laugh at your logic?

I encourage it

How about this course of action ... First, tweet it to all your followers so they can laugh at me. Then take it to the Dean of the Political Science Department of your state university so he/she can laugh at you (and make sure to record it, put it on YouTube, and send me a link so I can eventually get the enjoyment that you are getting right now as your Twitter followers retweet this).

what's obvious is how twisted your mind works

Would you, Shazad, as a Romney supporter, vote for a Ron Paul delegate?
Insanity, meet Shazad.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison


Shazad is twisted only in that he supports obam-ney. Nevertheless, his posts above and below this one are correct.

Shazad, win or lose, after convention, I would enjoy touching base with you. I would lay odds that I would give you one hell of a run for your money. Whatever your motives are, I have enjoyed reading your posts. You are well-informed. For the most part, that is :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

thanks for backing me up

You are more than welcome to contact me through the "contact" link on this site, and I will certainly respond.

I wouldn't

but a lot of people don't care what delegate they vote for may - or just might not vote for delegates at all. Some people, when asked to pick a name from a long list of names they've never seen before in their life and will never see again, just pick randomly, or pick the coolest sounding name, or have some other reason for who they choose. That's why not all of a candidate's delegates get the exact same number of votes. That contributes to why every delegate got fewer total votes than their respective candidate. Some people don't vote for the delegates. And of the people that don't care enough to vote for delegates, some feel like they have to fill out the whole ballot and just pick one on the list, not necessarily one of their guy's delegates.

NO NO NO... If I understand


If I understand this right, the cheaters overlooked something. By cheating, Romney "won" Pauls delegates. They stole the vote from Paul, but not from his delegates. If this happened in Illinois AND everywhere else vote tampering happened, no wonder the RNC is freaking. Ron Paul gets nominated for the nomination, Romney LOOSES...

Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

John Adams


This is why the corrupt Republican party wants the election for President to become more democratic.

More evidence Lew Rockwell is

More evidence Lew Rockwell is probably right, voting doesn't matter.

It does matter and the proof is 2012 itself

If nobody voted, Ron Paul would not be a threat to the GOP, and numerous Ron Paul supporters and defenders of liberty would not have been elected.

Lew Rockwell is cranky old man.

As Stalin said

It is not the vote that matters, but the vote counters.

I pray that I never again feel the need to quote that monster.

What are we going to do about it?

You know that the establishment is going to push Romney no matter what. He could practically go around eating babies and he'd still be their guy.

How can we use this evidence of fraud (along with all the other evidence we've gathered) to STOP Romney from being nominated?

Aside from spreading the news around, how can we disqualify Romney and possibly bring him or his campaign up on charges?

The primary's already over

Im sorry, but why would you guys need any money?? The primaries are already over... Yea sure there was voter fraud, but you won't be able to do anything about it.. Wasting a few donors money. The GOP is as corrupt as it comes.. But, If you want to help you need to donate directly to the delegates folks. That's the most important thing right now

don't ask questions

just donate

You Are Right

...I'm probably a little "p" Patriot. (I'm a girl so it's okay.)

No questions. I'm going to remember that. THAT's probably why there are so many things around here that so few question. You aren't spose to. I get it.


What it also shows,

unfortunately, is that Willard did win Illinois so the cheating was unneccesary. I think you's expect a left leaning state to vote for the most left leaning neocon.
Alabama is exactly the same. Ron Paul recieved a lot more delegate votes than votes for himself and I think it's that state where you would see a change in the order of who won.
Very good spreadsheet - easy to read and understand.
Now imagine with me if you will, this headline:
Ron Paul Wins Republican Nomination for President in Tampa!!

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Hey, its a Lawyer For Ron Paul! Quick get the rope!

Hahaha! Just screwing with ya “Dr. K” – I know that the Executive Committee is busy working on the historic case, and will issue a PR statement explaining the status of it, any day now. No rush. However, I do have a question about LUSAPAC:

Could you please explain, what, exactly, people's hard-earned cash would be going towards, should they find themselves with too many of those dreaded FRN, and decide to part ways with them by donating to your existence fund?


Was That ROPE-A-DOPE ???

Just kidding, but I wish I understood "delegate needs" and "the fight against" and why they are mixed together. Sorta sounds like a hodge-podge. That's really why I said "rope-a-dope."

Most of all, I want to know...isn't it a little late? The "Hurricane" Convention starts Monday. Oh, will LUSAPAC continue raising money for delegates "after" the convention and let them turn in expense reports for reimbursement? Wow, some are going to be sooo happy. Yeah, LUSAPAC!! Thanks Dr. K.


That's right, LUSAPAC accepts donations for delegates

until December 31, 2013 (tentatively, of course).
After that date, all monies will go to “help fight voter fraud” and to “stop bad things from happening”.


Frontpage please

Also, an explanation in plain english for non-statistical savvy people is appreciated. I am not understanding what the different columns describe, please clarify this post!

It is simple. There's no way a candidate's voter is going to

vote only for the delegates and leave out the candidate. It's not going to happen even once. The pink bars are the expected: less delegate votes or the same as candidate. The red is the anomaly: more votes for delegates than candidates.

It's hard evidence that the machines were culling votes from the candidates in question, Paul, Gingrich, and Santorum, while preserving all Romney votes.

There may have been other rigging going on in those machines.

We need to put together the effort to sieze these machine and the ballots and get real counts in all these counties. The machines have to go.

Well actually...

I convinced my grandfather to vote for Ron Paul's delegates but he would not change his mind about writing in Bob Barr! Hey, at least he's not voting Neocon anymore??? :-/

p.s. this was in "Crook" county

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

Yes, all factors must be taken into account. Yet, a bigger issue

Is the fact that many more people vote for candidates and not delegates than skip candidates and vote for delegates, as demonstrated by the results in the Spreadsheet for Romney.

Those anomalies are good to post, such as your grandfather's, however, the number of over-votes is truly large. The County Clerk claims this is not anomalous. That claim is now being investigated; results will be posted shortly.