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US National "Defense" And Average Wealth - The US Has Got It Totally Wrong

Switzerland spends $700 per person on national and civil defense. Of this only $33 is spent on civil defense.
The Swiss feel safe.

The US spends $4,000 2012, $4,700 Ryan, $5,400 Romney per person on national and civil "defense".
Americans feel unsafe.

Who has the better Foreign Policy and who has the best policy for National and Civil Defense?


The US now only ranks 14th for average wealth in 2010 and slides to a miserable 17th in 2011.
A large part of the reason is too much money wasted on National "Defense" and a stupid Foreign Policy that makes Americans feel unsafe whilst stealing a large part of their wealth.


How much wealthier would you feel if you were on median income and had $3,000 more for each person?
For a "normal" two median income family with two children you would have $6,000 p.a. extra in your wallet.


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