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“It Was Always About The Message”


I thought this was a great insight into what truly makes Dr. Paul and his movement tick. Writes Chris Littleton (h/t Lew Rockwell and Norm Singleton):

Why, and how for that matter, is Ron Paul still going strong?

How the heck has a 77 year old man captured the imagination of today’s youth?

Answer: for the man that inspired the new tea party movement in 2007, this was never about being President. It was always about advancing the cause of freedom. And thisR3VOLUTION is just getting started, so on he goes!

From the Ron Paul campaign newsletter regarding the “We are the Future” celebration at the 10,000+ seat Sun Dome in Tampa, Florida on August 26th:

“The Sun Dome rally has sold out! But don’t worry. We have overflow room in the USF outdoor baseball stadium next door.”

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