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I have 2 Ron Paul Rally Sundome tickets & 4 whiskey Joe's left (updated)

Go to my DP profile and Contact me. Include the name you want on the ticket and the State your DL is from. I'll put it in your name and email them to you. It will be in .pdf format and you an print them out and be good to go.

I've got 5 for the whisky Joes after party too.

Sucks I can't go but at least someone here on the DP can represent.

If anyone wants to send me some RP swag I'll take it but obviously that's not required..


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Please tell me you still have these...

If the Sundome tickets are still available, my brother and I want them. My name is Michael McLatchey and his name is Geoffrey McLatchey. We're both from Florida. Let me know. You can email me at mikemclatchey@gmail.com. Thanks.

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I can't see now to contact you from your profile.

What am I missing?

Tickets for Whiskey Joes

According to the email telling us about Whiskey Joe's, you do need a ticket. They're free just like the Sun Dome tickets.

I found meetup

group ticket but it was just a rsvp, no cover. Doesn't look like an actual ticket, it looks like the event is open.


If someone has something more specific I would appreciate it, I really want to be at this.


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Whiskeys is open, no cover BUT

it's on the beach and you have to RSVP to get inside (my understanding)

Got it

it's on eventbrite, you do need a ticket....it only lets you get one, but you can hit the back button and change the name and the next ticket is emailed to you with the next name on it. I have a bunch of friends coming and it worked....the tickets have differnent #'s on them.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Only so many available to inside wiskey joes

thats where Aimee Allen will be and a whole lot more if it rains

Do you still have them?

A friend learned today that his tickets had been released.


Anyone know if you have to have a ticket for whiskey joes? I hope to make it to some of these events.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Yeah, I fixing to just release them back to the

eventbrite. Wanted to give DP'rs first shot but I guess everyone here that an go is hooked up.

I want to go!

I have PM'd you twice. Please let me know if you still have tix. My wife and I have plane tickets, but no event tickets.


I'm unable to go to Tampa, but I want to make sure others see this!