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White House Insider Issues Warning – False Flag Planned For Gop Convention?


would ask all those planning to attend the GOP Convention next week to please make certain you conduct yourself with dignity and care at ALL TIMES. Do no allow yourself to be manipulated into becoming part of something manufactured by forces favorable to the Obama campaign.

May everyone who attends return home safely – including those we might disagree with politically.-WHI

"There will be a staged protest or something of that nature, intended to make Republicans look bad, and though not mentioned here by Insider, create sympathy for Joe Biden who has received a slew of bad press in recent weeks that is doing harm to the Obama campaign.

The protest is to be initiated by Obama operatives and/or forces sympathetic to the Obama campaign. Insider is suggesting those forces believe they can control the environment to ensure the safety of those involved – while at the same time getting the intended media coverage images that will then be used to paint Republicans and conservatives as dangerous radicals." UM


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I posted it the other day as

I posted it the other day as well. People just didn't seem interested. I even posted another article with it that backed up the validity of the WHI. It slipped into oblivion. I gave you an upvote because great minds and all that . . .


Blessings )o(