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War vs Abortion - No comparison, there are 42 million abortions performed each year worldwide.

For all my pro abortion liberty friends - hopefully we can change minds towards all violence, not just wars. To be a consistent anti-war, peace proponent, we must start from the very beginning and that's the protection of the unborn from abortion. Worldwide we abort 42 million individuals every year, that crushes all the wars, for all times. Abortion is the ultimate war against the most innocent.


How do we as a nation, stop violence, war, and move towards peace, if we cannot stop killing our own future?

How do we respect each other's liberties if we don't respect the ultimate liberty which is the right to exist.

At the moment of conception our DNA structure is complete, we are unique individuals, hair color, eye color, intelligence, and every other feature down to what diseases you are susceptible to are determined. No other individual on the planet will have that DNA structure. This is no longer part of the woman's body, and with new technology doesn't even need to be in the host woman any longer. Birth outside the mother is something that belongs in the dark ages, along with blood letting, dentists as surgeons, drilling holes in your brain to release demons, and all the other quackery.

Ahhhhhh.......but the Goverment has determined that the unborn individual is not taxable, no taxation, no representation....

Next thing you know, they will come out with a health care program that says what kind of individuals get care and which ones don't. Obamacare anyone?

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