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An olive branch to Sarah Palin (and Ron Paul)

Before you have a gut reaction, think about how this article may help your Sarah Palin loving friends (if you have any) understand what the Ron Paul supporters are also going through right now with the snubbing by the establishment of the GOP. Judge Napolitano shared this link today. I've included a poll meant as an olive branch to conservative Sarah Palin supporters. Give it a glance:

It was an error for the Republicans to bring in New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as the key speaker at their convention. While all of the excitement and adventure in politics in the last three years has been among conservatives, Christie is the great, faithless bet against conservatives’ future and a futile attempt to institutionalize the past.

At CPAC events these last three years, up to 40 percent of young conservatives yearned for Ron Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano; STATES’ RIGHTS, SOUND MONEY AND CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT. The other 60 percent — the National Review crowd, the neocons, the Bush apparatus, the entire Eastern Conservative Establishment — could think only of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Christie is their front man, as animated and clownish as a carny barker at the Dixie Classic. Going into the future, conservatives hold all the cards. But they chose the past…

Link and Poll: Should Sarah Palin and Ron Paul be welcomed to speak at the GOP convention?


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I agree

I agree with radiofriendly. Let's infiltrate the Palin-bunch while they're still ripe for the pickings.

If you gave Sarah Palin an olive branch,

she would be able to see Israel from her house!

F*ck Sarah Palin

Establishment whore

I give nothing to Palin

She is neck deep within the establishment, I cant believe she is eligible to access our nuclear codes

ConstitutionHugger's picture

Please give a link regarding her connections

to the establishment. I'd like to check out your claim. Sure she's met with them and was cleared in order to be the VP pick for McPain. But maybe she changed her mind as some people do. She may have been naive before- but she said she's been listening to Dr. Paul and is learning.

She went hand in hand with blood sucking McCain in 2008

that alone says I cant trust her, No hate, but anyone who makes deals or associates with the vampiric elite can go to hell

The point here isn't to please Paul supporters

But to (slowly) get Sarah Palin supporters to see we share some concerns. None of the real conservatives (yes, they exist) are happy about Christie and Romney. I just hope this gets seen by the conservative crowd. If you are in those circles, please share the article.

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

Not looking to be pleased, but were dealing with

Illegal rules at RNC, hurricanes, fascist police, GOP leeches, abuse, fraud, violence and more, its not your average day that this is all happening, so its natural so raise a flag regarding her, however, I fully trust Ron Paul, And I cant say who is his ally and enemy, only he knows that but all I say is watch out, he is going into the belly of the beast, with us behind him

RP 2012!