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Is Palin Making Her Move? Will She Be THE One to Topple the House of Cards?

I've been in Tampa since Sunday, & served on the Platform Cmte, which adjourned yesterday. Today,for hours, I worked on my article for Freedomoutpost about the platform. Then, I checked my email to see what was happening & my husband sent me this. We ARE going to have a brokered convention! I'll keep you posted, BUT, while we're in the Sundome & Whiskey Joes, with Ron, the cards will be collapsing while the delegates run from Romney. "They" will count on us not being organized, but we will!
Palin's in our mailbox 2x! Once w/a DVD -- that has info here:

...I haven't looked at this yet - but essentially says "a weak and distrusted Romney cannot win..." They're citing Rule 38 - and asking to nominate Palin on the first ballot.

Another letter from some God-fearing group in the mail as well, supporting Palin...
The GOOD part of this is, that there is an increased awareness of the possibility that Delegates can vote their conscience/be unbound.
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"total tea-party takeover anyone?"

Sarah Palin is a Johnny-come-lately Neo-con in sheep's clothing. She is a creation of neo-con talk radio propaganda and a bandwagon hopper. No convictions, no philosophy of her own- other than what she is told to say and when she tries to steal Ron Paul's liberty platform and pass it off as her own. Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, Gallagher etc etc etc ALLLL endorsed her. What does that tell you? Wake up man, the tea-party is a hijacked joke and has been for years

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What the Hell is going on

Ron can't get a nomination but someone who didn't run didn't get a delegate now has a way of getting to go up against romney but we don't ? Please explain?

she's not

This story has been exaggerated significantly. Sarah Palin is not making a move.

Palin is NOT trying to have a brokered convention

All of this is being done by a very small group of her supporters who hate Romney, and can't face reality. I know most of them. Totally delusional.

Sarah wants NOTHING to do with this bunch, and top Conservative websites like Conservatives4Palin have gone so far as to ban these people from commenting on their website.

Romney is the nominee whether we like it or not. Sarah knows this. That's why she will be in Arizona tomorrow helping elect CONSERVATIVES to Congress.

For most of us, it's all about the down ticket races now

Palin could be

a contingency plan for the establishment in the event of a brokered convention. That way they have a stake in a brokered convention should the energy turn completely away from Romney. Remember they have more than just a plan "b" but several contingency plans. Stay vigilant and for goodness sake do not underestimate them!

this could be a con

but we are between a rock and hard place right now. Maybe Sarah has woken up with the rest of us. Remember when she used the words blood libel.. very strange. Who the fck knows whats going on. STICK WITH PRINCIPLES NO MATTER WHAT. If she is willing to come our way, then the arms must be wide open. I just can't stand some poeple's MSM brainwashed attitude towards Sarah. she is what she is.. a social conservative and she doesn't claim to be something else. Maybe she heard the good Dr and has woken up.


...and she might just want...

...Ron to bring her son HOME as a patriotic American Mom!!!

Here's a fun idea

Palin and Paul supporters broker the convention. When the dust clears and the convention comes to a close, the GOP choice for the White House will be Paul Ryan 2012. Ron Paul - Paul Ryan 2012 that is. And the GOP choice for RNC Chair will be Sarah Palin.

Palin joins her supporters behind Paul in exchange for Paul supporters backing Palin for RNC Chair (2 yrs of rumors, make me think that is what she really wants). Paul Ryan supporters will go along with it because he's not losing anything. What does he have to gain? Boost in name recognition as his full name would appear to be on all of the campaign ads and merchandise. Paul Ryan 2012

Who knows... it could end with a Rand Paul - Paul Ryan ticket.

Total "tea party" take-over anyone?


"total tea-party takeover anyone?"

Sarah Palin is a Johnny-come-lately Neo-con in sheep's clothing. She is a creation of neo-con talk radio propaganda and a bandwagon hopper. No convictions, no philosophy of her own- other than what she is told to say and when she tries to steal Ron Paul's liberty platform and pass it off as her own. Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, Gallagher etc etc etc ALLLL endorsed her. What does that tell you? Wake up man, the tea-party is a hijacked joke and has been for years

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I doubt you know what a "neo-con" is

I love how some of Ron Paul's more delusional supporters throw the word "neo-con" around. I'm pretty sure few, if any of you understand what it's about.

Governor Palin is definitely NOT a neo-con. She's a Reaganite, especially on foreign policy. She's, so far, be proven right on Libya, Syria, Egypt, and Iran.

I know for a small subgroup of Dr Paul's supporters, anyone who isn't Dr Paul is seen as evil, but that ain't true.

Thank God most of Paul's supporters are as insane as some.

Sarah Palin would have made an incredible president. Probably would have put Ron Paul on at the Fed, to end it, or as Treasury Secretary. Sadly, we're stuck with Willard Romney.

why the ad-hominems?

I'm delusional? Insane? Man- have you not been paying attention? If you think Sarah Palin would make a "great president" and not be a completely controlled puppet like the rest of them, then IMO you're misinformed. I won't go as far as you did and call you insane though. And as for Ron Paul being the chairman of the FED? Lol. That would NEVER be allowed to happen in a million years unless he became a puppet as well. The puppet masters would never allow a man to chair quite possibly the most secretive/powerful institution in the world, if his life goal in politics has been to dismantle it...the POTUS doesn't actually pick the fed chairs, they are told which ones to pick

"I am Troll fighter, number one"



Sorry Friend you are the One Who is Delusional

Your frined Sarah is backed and promoted by Bill Krystal who is a zionist neo-con and a Trotskite like his father.

Here is how that twert smeared Ron Paul


Sarah Palin had an Israeli flag in her office and she promotes Israel and their agenda. Someone should educate her about the USS Liberty and how Israel tried to sink it, killing and wounding our American troops. When did Iraq, Iran, or Lybia ever attack the US. Israel sure as hell did!

Sarah Palin is 48 years old (birthdate: February 11, 1964). So that made her 16 years old when Reagan came into office in 1980. I doubt she was involved with politics at that time. And from the interviews with Katy Curic we all know Palin does not read.

Leave Palin where she is.....on Fox and on her back porch watching Russia......

yes, their supporters could broker the convention

if there were 6 times as many of them as there actually are.

this isn't a joke

i remember a gentlemen in my state delegation who was in my congressional district (Texas) who was pushing for Palin and he already had 2 dozen hotel rooms booked. Now he could have been crazy, but he was planning for something... He didn't get elected but that tells me there is a mobilized opposition that is funded by somebody who is pushing for palin.

Somebody rich.

Somebody rich.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

While I would be weary, I

While I would be weary, I think I could accept Palin as a Paul vp pick.
I think if that happened, him getting the nomination would possibly be close to a sure thing. At worst if she were to get vp and then become president because something happened to Paul, she couldnt possibly be worse than the alternatives.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Palin is the "Siphon conservative Delegates From Ron Paul" plan

If only Ron Paul & Romney had been the only 2 candidates in the Primary, Ron Paul would have won.

Every other candidate, was there to siphon off those Christians who will not vote for a Mormon from Ron Paul.

Now that there is a very good chance Ron Paul could get the nom, Palin is deployed to, again, siphon the Gingrich & Santorum delgates from Ron Paul.

Palin as VP will only ensure MORE liberals will come out to vote. Palin is Obama's best ally.

Galatians 5:1
It is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

I suspect little to no

I suspect little to no crossover between Palin and Paul.


Palin might siphon enough delegates away from Mittens to give Ron the nomination.

"Rule Number One: Obey ALL rules!!"
Ron Paul 2012!

The nomination is so close

Hundreds of stealth delegates - Sarah Palin leading a rebellion of her own against Romney - guess he has not chance at all - a house of cards as you state - well the nomination vote if Monday night - 4 days away - I predict Ron Paul gets about 200 votes for the nomination - I will hear now from others that I am crazy - well wait and see and if he does get significantly more than 200 votes I will readily admit that you guys were on to something and knew what you were talking about and that I was full of it - but will you be willing to admit yourself if my prediction comes true - if he does lose 2000 to 200 will you admit that there were never hundreds of stealth delegates and that Sarah Palin never intended to upset the nomination - or will you think up some radical theory on how stealth delegates were kidnapped and brainwashed by Mormons prior to the convention.

What if?

Would Ron Paul except Sarah Palin as a Vice President choice?


there are problems with a Palin presidency

Yes, she would be better than Romney. No, she would not be as good as Ron Paul. She has no foreign policy knowledge. Her traipse around Israel a few years ago was not enough to give her credibility, but does worry me that she'd tie us to Israel's foreign policy for her entire term. She has very little knowledge about how to rule as she was only governor of Alaska for two years and quit when it started to get hard.
She had a chance to run for president and participate in debates and chose not to campaign or fundraise. Whenever she's in an interview not done by Fox news or set up by her she calls it "gotcha" journalism.
And in her delegatePDF she neglects to mention Paul's efforts to audit the Fed.

OH, and Sunik, Governor Palin has PLENTY of foreign policy exper

And she was Governor for THREE years, not two. She was Governor for EVERY scheduled legislative session during her term.

Why do you people have to lie about HER, in order to prop your guy up? He can stand on his own.

Fact, as Governor, Palin was Commander-in-Chief of the Alaska National Guard [the ONLY National Guard on permanent deployment] and the Alaska Air Guard. She shared command and control.

On her watch, the 176th Air Control Squadron routinely escorted Russian Bear bombers out of Alaskan air space. For this, and other work, the 176th received the Air Force's highest award.


She was also Commander-in-Chief of the Alaska Defense Force. This is the group that saved Alaska when the Japanese invaded the territory during WWII. The ADF is a federally recognized militia, and part of Homeland Security's national defense and counter-terrorism plans. The Governor has complete command and control.

When Obama took office, he cut off the pensions of the remaining WWII ADF heroes. Sarah Palin went to war with Obama and got those pensions re-instated.

As Russia is so close, only 5 miles away at one point, the Alaska Governor receives regular high level national security briefings.

"Diomede, Alaska, Where Sarah Palin Can WALK to Russia" [or swim]


Uncle Jimbo at BlackFive has the run down on Palin's national security clearance:


If you go to the link below, you will find video of Governor Palin visiting HER troops in Kuwait [2007] and Kosovo [2009] BTW, these are official military videos and THEY refer to these as HER troops.


In one of the videos you'll see Palin taking part in weapons training. She also took part in tank training, though no video exists.

She stopped in Germany during both visits to meet with wounded soldiers.

Alaska trades with half the world. As Governor, Sarah Palin routinely met with trade reps from many nations. In January of 2009, Alaska's 50th birthday as a state, Governor Palin had a reception for diplomats from around the world, including the Russian Federation's brand new Ambassador to the United States:

Governor Palin Welcomes International Diplomats

Among the traveling dignitaries is Mr. Sergey Kislyak, newly appointed Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States, who is making his first visit to Alaska.

"I am so pleased to be here this weekend," Ambassador Kislyak said. "As discussed in my meeting with Governor Palin, it is encouraging to note the similarities between Alaska and the Russian Far East. Our existing commercial connections and the mutually beneficial nature of our professional partnerships can only help provide a measure of stability as, together, we face the global economic challenges that lie ahead."

Ambassador Kislyak also met with representatives of the Aleut International Association, Institute of the North, Alaska Rule of Law Initiative, National Parks Service, ISER Alaska Chukotka Project, and Turnagain Elementary School Russian Immersion Program, all of whom have been involved in multi-year Russia-related projects.

In addition to Ambassador Kislyak, foreign dignitaries include Yuri Gerasin, Consul General of the Russian Federation; Julian Evans, British Consul General; John Mataira, Consul General of New Zealand; Balazs Bokor, Consul General of Hungary; Sten Arne Rosnes, Consul General of Norway; Haryong Lee, Consul General of Korea; Fred Santos, Consul of The Philippines; Mel Knight, Alberta's Minister of Energy; Marvin Schneider, Alberta's Executive Director of the U.S. and Americas; and Haijun Wang, Deputy Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office of China's Heilongjiang Province. Mr. Wang is leading a four-person delegation from Heilongjiang Province, a sister province to Alaska, and China's northernmost region.

Members of the Alaska consular corps will also be participating in the weekend events. Among them: Karen Matthias, of Canada; Hideo Fujita, of Japan; Hee-chul Kim, of South Korea; and Jose Luis Cuevas, of Mexico. They will be joined by honorary consuls of the Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Seychelles, and Norway.


No disrespect meant to Ron Paul, but what exactly are his foreign policy credentials again?

BS Sunik, Governor Palin does PLENTY of Non-Fox Interviews

More tired old lies.

Sarah Palin is an EMPLOYEE of Fox News, so yeah, you won't see her commenting on other shows. Her commentary on Fox is first rate though. She's always ahead of the curve on every issue.

That said, on the political trail, she is free to talk to reporters and always does. She's given plenty of off the cuff interviews.

BEFORE the 2008 election, and she was a candidate for VP, Governor Palin was a frequent guest on financial programs talking about energy independence. As Alaska's top oil and gas regulator, then as Governor, the chairman of the nation's Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, as well as the National Governors Association's Natural Resources Committee, Governor Palin is a recognized authority on energy issues.

Since leaving office she has made numerous speeches, many with an unscripted Q&A session afterward. She did this in India, for example.

She gave a speech in Long Island, NY, the belly of the beast, so to speak, and afterward had a question and answer session. Nothing was off limits:



Kathleen Gee's picture

We don't need a "RULER." We need an EXECUTIVE.

These are old and recycled slams against Palin.

It "started to get hard" because Alaska law at the time didn't protect Palin or her family from bogus ethics complaints. She and her family had to pay her legal fees out of pocket for the dozens and dozens of bogus, made-up, groundless ethics complaints that her opponents filed against her, NONE of which was found to have any merit. Could you afford to keep a $100,000 a year job that cost you $500,000 a year in legal fees? Would you allow political enemies to drive your family into bankruptcy and foreclosure just so people like you wouldn't call you a quitter? (Disclaimer, I have no idea how much that job pays but you get my point.)

I'd vote for Palin in a second over Mittens Romneycare.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

Palin was my first choice before I became a Ron Paul fan

I would have voted for Palin over Paul in the primary but she didn't run. It wasn't until November that I switched over to Ron Paul. To be honest I think she scares the Establishment almost as much as Ron Paul. I would vote for her over Romney any day. Now if we could just get a Paul/Palin ticket I would be happier than a clam.


Palin 2012


You wont be disappointed going to the site.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

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This smells fishy.

And slimey.

It does smell fishy and

It does smell fishy and concerns me that it's really a democrat ploy to cause a riot at the convention. Which I'm not against if it ends with a Paul nomination. But I have a hard time believing Sarah's been waiting for the convention to jump into the race.