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Campaigning in October (possibly without a candidate)

A humble battle plan:

We have 4 debates between now and the November election. The only way to get tickets is if you are a professor or student at the respective university that is sponsoring the debate. Tickets are awarded by a lottery. These universities are: University of Denver in Denver Colorado on October 3rd, Centre College in Danville, Kentucky on October 11th, Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York on October 16th, Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida on October 22nd.

We should have supporters on all these campuses and we need to get our people onto all these campuses to recruit new blood. School is starting in a week and it's usually trivial to get permission to table during the first week of class. We need to get as many of these students that support Paul into the debates and make some noise. Booing and chanting "Write In Ron Paul!". We need to identify local RP groups in the area and start sending them supplies NOW!

Secondly, we need to do ride shares, etc. to get as many supporters outside these debates demonstrating as possible. We should also get both the candidates campaign schedules and show up in mass at every location they speak at and get RON PAUL signs on camera.

The October 16th debate is particularly important as it's a town hall format, so should be taking questions from the floor. However, all the debates will probably seek questions from the public and we need to flood them with uncomfortable one - like: "With the advent of financial aid, college tuition skyrocketed as colleges had a guaranteed income stream and left the students with huge debt, lowering their standard of living for years to come. What are you, as president, going to do about this?"

The sponsoring News organizations are:
October 3rd: PBS - Domestic Policy
October 11th: ABC - Foreign and Domestic Policy
October 16th: CNN - Foreign and Domestic Policy
October 22nd: CBS - Foreign Policy

In conjunction with this we need to hit the polls, letters to the editor, twitter and comment sections of articles HARD! Standard bread and butter stuff for us. On twitter in particular, whenever someone tweets during the debate, reply with Paul's position #WriteinRonPaul.

If we can get Dr. Paul to run third party, that's going to provide a ton of money, possible debate participation and mega talk show time! Lets start a petition to ask him to do this. Maybe a pledge site saying if you do, we donate at least this much if you say yes.

If he runs or not, lets try to put together a prime time TV spot to be broadcast next to the debates or right before the election via a PAC. Ideally Paul will do this himself.

If we can't get Paul on talk shows/news programs, lets try and get a movement person on them explaining the Libertarian position.

Lets brand this and call it something like the Libertarian Autumn or the Ron Paul Autumn or the rEVOLution Autumn (take off on Prague/Arab spring) and do radio and newspaper ads. I'm saying Autumn because Fall would leave the wrong impression on those with short attention spans. This country has never seen a mass campaign for a write in candidate. Lets make history!

Halloween is timed perfectly for us. Lets show up all over the place with either Guy Fawkes or Pussy Riot masks and Ron Paul swag and a big pocket of slim jims or other literature. That image of Obama as a zombie and Romney as Satan would be perfect along with a comparison of how they are the same and Paul is different.

More information on the debate schedule can be found here:

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for the creative thinking.

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Any feedback?