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Wow, what a genius move by Ron Paul!

I think I see where this is going and I believe the master minds doug wead and dr. Ron Paul have got the 2012 republican nomination won....let me tell you why I believe this is so....

There are reports that Sarah Palin is making a move
there are reports that Romeny is trying to get more delegates by stealing Ron Pauls

So have Sarah Palin and Ron Paul united to take down the GOP establishment

A Sarah Palin base of delegates that support her could nominate here as well to bring about a brokered convention.....and this seems to be a brilliant descison that I believe was made by the Ron Paul camp to ensure victory and grab her supporters that were following her back in 2008 and the whole 2012 campaign she has been on MSM telling the republicans should listen to some of ron Pauls ideas.....

This is probably what doug wead and ron paul had up there sleeves for sarah to make a late run so they can split romenys delegates and cause a brokered convention and then romeny ron paul and sarah palin will all speak and sarah pslin will then give a speecj were she endorses ron paull......and boom victory is ours.....its possible. just believe

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You haven't read Sarah Palin's letter

otherwise you would not have come up with such a ridiculous assertion.

I am trying to ride on the back of Palin supporter's letter.
Unlike the Ron Paul campaign team.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Sorry, but your theory is a

Sorry, but your theory is a total non starter for me.

The campaign wants to play nice, that's obvious, and besides, Ron Paul isn't a game player.

Romney has the nomination in hand, Ryan will be his running mate, and the best we can hope for at this point will be not just Rand, but Ron, speaking in prime time. And even that looks extremely unlikely.

The battle is lost this year folks, but the war will rage on.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

LOL at the down votes.

LOL at the down votes. Apparently people can't handle the truth.

Ahh, the downvotes.

Watch, as you're downvoted for having a rational opinion!

I think we can still do some good at the convention though. We can at the very least make things awkward for the GOP at the convention on the platform discussions.

What I do know is that we scored some major victories this year, getting on some important committees and taking over. If we could repeat Iowa in more states, we'd be in phenomenal shape for 2016.

Don't stop fighting till it's over, but in my mind the Presidency isn't what we're fighting for right now. We need more liberty supporters in the House and Senate.

Eric Hoffer


"The battle is lost this year folks, but the war will rage on." But first we have to purge the true believers so that Rand can kiss the ring. And our issues must be homogenized with the likes of Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney.

You are not the only one

You are not the only one talking about this. Bix Wier of roadtoroota.com has been saying the same thing for over a year.

does Palin have a plurality in 5 states?

And if not, how can she be nominated if the buzz was that Dr Paul could not be nomionated without plurality in 5 states?

The memo says this

"The memo is clear enough that Rule #38 frees delegates to vote for any person they want and only a candidate with a 5-state majority support [per Rule #40(b)] can be officially nominated. It also clarified that since every delegate is unbound, he/she is free to cast a vote for anybody, even one who does not meet the 5-state majority support. However, that vote will not count as it will not be added towards the official tally. Let us say someone puts in Sarah Palin’s name. That vote will be tossed out. BUT A VOTE FOR PALIN IS A VOTE DENIED ROMNEY, THUS KEEPING HIM BELOW THE THRESHOLD OF 1,191 - WHICH LEADS US TO AN OPEN CONVENTION.
Nothing is set in stone."

So people could vote for Palin which will take votes from Romney, but the votes won't count unless she has a plurality of 5 states. She doesn't have that, but guess who does? lol

Keep in mind

That Santorum Won 11 states that are very evangelical, and many more evangelical type states went to Romney more or less by default. it is possible that Palin could actually have the five states when the canvas is done.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois


Because Ron Paul does not. Sorry but that is the truth.

thanks Trixxy

I get teh gist of it now.

If Sarah Palin becomes

If Sarah Palin becomes President, I'm moving to a different planet.

ConstitutionHugger's picture

She is very polarizing!

big problem for her. I don't think people say they'd move to another planet if Paul is elected, but I could be wrong.
A recent poll showed that Paul was moderately liked by both dems and reps. Also corruption investigators (my term for conpsiracy theorists), don't trust her after being on the McCain ticket. I used to dislike her, but I'm willing to re-evaluate her if Paul is on the ticket with her. Why do you hate her?

General dumb comments, she

General dumb comments, she seems to have the political aptitude of a suburban housewife. But who knows, I'm a New Zealander, so I may have missed something.

Sarah Did Make Some Gaffs in the beginning when she was running

as VP with McCain. However, I think she is much wiser now and has become a better speaker and better prepared for interviews. She also has a degree in journalism, was mayor before becoming Governor of Alaska. She also took on the Oil Companies in Alaska and won. Millions of Americans support her and would vote for if she were to be VP, especially if Ron Paul were on the ticket with her. Nice that you are are part of the DP community Mitch.


Like I said, I may have

Like I said, I may have missed something. Back in '08 I wasn't really interested in what was going on, I only found out about Ron Paul 6-8 months ago. I'm probably a little misinformed given that the majority of what I know of her was the blooper reels the media here reported on, the 'seeing Russia from my backyard' stuff.

I don't know what to make of the rumors that she's in Tampa looking for a brokered convention, but if what you said is right and she's not the idiot she's been made out to be, and can be of use to the Liberty Movement, then I could get behind that. Not that I have a vote. :(

Hi Mitch, Thanks for responding and for having an open mind.

The media really attacked Sarah, looking for anything they could to damage her. However, she stood her ground and they have backed off of her for now but it could be because she isn't a threat but that could all change if she makes an appearance at the convention.


ConstitutionHugger's picture

brokered convention, yes...

but she wants to win this for herself. I don't see her handing it over to Paul. A Paul/Palin ticket? She has 3.4 million likes on her pac website. She's popular. She might scare the dems and indys, though. Must.stop.speculating. Good night.

Agreed on the speculation,

Agreed on the speculation, I'm happy to just wait for the outcome. I wanted to add (and I'm not making ANY accusation here) that you can buy 'likes' on Facebook from various companies. You're looking at around US$70.00 per 1000 likes.

Good! Its '76 again, but who's Reagan? Palin or Paul?

Good! Its '76 again, but who's Reagan in this one? Palin or Paul?

The etablissement will not tolerate a coup on the floor of the Convention. The decision was made at the RNC, so the Convention is just a scripted play.

But oh, how great it would be to sink that heavily scripted propaganda play into a quagmire of chaos! Palin has my invitation to do it.

She WANTED to be part of the establishment, to take charge of the elites and strive forward. But they wouldn't have her.

SO they've put up a bunch of Fords, with the least likeable Ford of all, Willard Romney, as their milquetoast lukewarm spew-it-from-my-mouth choice.

They deserve whatever they get, such as another term of Carter/Bush/Obama. One wonders if this will be enough to get the evil queen of darkness Pelosi back in control of congress?

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

She doesnt have Delegates but we do...



I believe

She may have plenty of delegates who would possibly vote for her if her name was thrown out there. I can think of a lot of state delegations where she could possibly recieve the support of a plurality of delegates. The only question is who is going to lead such an uprising for her on the floor, she'd need a strong dedicated leader in the individual canvas of at least five states in order to get the plurality. I doubt she's got that, and without leadership those who would support her will probably fall in behind Romney.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois

Sarah Palin fights media blackout of ron paul,you tube

There could be a gift to us,check out the vid...


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Might be something to this

In the past 2 days I have gotten 2 mailings with the goal of nominating Sarah Palin at the Convention, including a DVD. I am a National Delegate so....?


and maybe George W. Bush will ride in on a unicorn and slay Romney and deliver his magic sword to Ron Paul along with the nomination. Hallucinating is fun!

Are you sure

...that you're not quoting some WWE storyline? Seems like a soap opera Vince McMahon cooked up--the Tampa Bay Screwjob :]

"The rich man writes the book of laws the poor man must defend, but the highest laws are written on the hearts of honest men."


She is just another shill of the Elite, I have no idea whats going on as much as RP and Doug, they are extremely intelligent men, but to trust Palin?, This is risky, yet its just a hunch

I see some of what your

I see some of what your saying but you should take more time to think it over and also to correct your spelling before posting your thoughts so people will take you a little more serious.

If this is even possible I'd vote for w/e ticket had Ron Paul as President I could see how a Paul /Palin ticket would work most of the Republican party likes Palin and dislikes Paul and most of the independents and a mix of dems and reps like Paul would probably be a good mix to win the party over I personally would prefer the Judge as Paul's VP =) anyways I'll be praying that Paul wins I don't care how he does it America needs him in this time of crisis.


I don't like doing this,but:

I see some of what your saying but you should take more time to think it over and also to correct your spelling before posting your thoughts so people will take you a little more serious.

Your= belongs to you.
you're= you are


who doesnt take it serious, Its my opinion

the fact that she teamed with McCain in 2008 doesn't work for me, sorry but at this time in history, Its extremely risky to trust someone like that, especially at the convention, anyway I pray everyday, something I havent done in awhile, that RP wins this so we can march forward to the white house