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Georgias Secure I.D.: Paypaz Please

Georgias new secure I.D. is another piece to the track, trace and database world we are heading in.


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ID Cards

I have nowhere to go or nothing to do that it would bother me for the federal government to know (you know, "however" is coming next).

However, it would annoy me off no end, if I had to show one every time I crossed a state line or county line, or visited a service station to use the bathroom. I am not carded returning from Mexico, let alone asked for my passport. This is just another government ploy to grab my money. It will cost billions to set up this program, then it will cost billions to prevent the counterfeiting which will follow.

It won't prevent fruad or prevent a terror attack. And it will limit my freedom. When I leave home, I already have to remember my coffee, cigarettes, lighter, glasses, car keys, house keys, drivers liscense, vehicle registration, proof of insurance, SS card, health insurance card, and sometimes my boat and RV registration cards. People don't really die of old age - they die from trying to remember everything. And that reminds me, I wonder how many people die from traffic accidents, while trying to fasten their seatbelts going down the road.