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Mass Arrests Planned For Tampa? ABC: Orient Road Jail Cleared Out To Handle RNC Arrests

This is from mainstream media, so take that for what it's worth and PLEASE be careful.

ABC News: - TAMPA - A big factor during the RNC is the potential for a large number of arrests. In anticipation, in an unprecedented move, Hillsborough County jail officials announced one facility is completely cleared and essentially reconstructed just for the Republican National Convention.

The man in charge, Colonel Jim Previtera, took charge as he walked us through the Orient Road Jail. The colonel began in the carport, where, he said, "The inmates will be unloaded, they will be searched and walked through a metal detector which has been added for this event."

The entire facility has been transformed. At around noon Wednesday, the last of the inmates, excluding a dozen or so trustees prepared to handle cooking and cleaning duties, were moved out to nearby Falkenburg Road Jail. Anyone arrested during the RNC will be brought to Orient Road Jail.

Continue: http://www.abcactionnews....

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About the potential arrest

The Ron Paul supporters have always been peaceful but it seems pretty clear they are targeting us. A uniform doesn't make a person less of a terrorist. The mass arrest is another attempt to stop the Ron Paul march to the white house. They will do anything to stop him because they are terrorist. It is what they do.

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How far above sea level is this jail?

A new brand of water boarding perhaps come Tuesday.

I've been waiting for a post about Isaac. How could this be of impact?

Maybe the blue hair folks will stay home.

Seems that way, Libertyrose.

Unruly, diehard Republican "insiders" will be whisked away to the hoosegow when standing ovations for Dr. Paul begin to crescendo.

I think we're winning!!!


Walls of Jericho 2

LoL .. One can be arrested for nearly anything today so I wouldn't be ashamed to be of the 1000 in that jail. My prayer is that 100,000 to a 1,000,000 protesters flood Tampa and create chaos in the city. No, I don't condone violence for the sake of violence, but chaos could be used to create diversions, etc. Personally, I'd LOVE to see 100,000+ protesters roar (wear earplugs) with such intensity that the whole convention would grind to a halt. We're FAR past the point of niceties in this country as thugs run roughshod over the US Constitution as a police state is erected. I wonder how George Washington's peers felt about his tactics? ;)

As far as the delegates, just do the job that you were ELECTED to do as best that you can under the circumstances. I, too, agree that you should stay away from any acts of violence as your delegations represent your states.

As far as the protesters, let the fascists have it as intensely as possible so they're thrown into confusion. Just try to avoid overt acts of violence. Maybe, they'll need a jail capable of housing 50,000 instead of 1,000.

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No shame, but it does put one out of action.

RP supporters, use your wits and savvy. Stay effective in Tampa by staying out of detention if at all possible. Remember Peace/Liberty strengthen each together. Use brains, not violence -- the only weapon the other side has. Do not give them any justification and video everything!

Sounds like quite a large Quota to me

1,700 beds? Wonder who takes the rap if the Quota isn't met.

If this sheriff was clearing out a whole jail to make room for 1,700 treasonous politicians, that would be an actual newsworthy story.

Quota not met???

I was under the impression we had more than 1700 Paul supporters going to Paul fest - no??


"They" underestimate Paul supporters

we are not as dumb as they wish we were. Besides, 1,700 Paul supporters in jail would only make the whole country Paul supporters. Hope that's not what it takes to wake up the sheeple

Where Relationships Develop

An event like this is a wonderful opportunitiy for sadists (law enforcement) and masochists (protesters) to come together for a little mutual bonding and perhaps the satisfaction of the mutual desire to either inflict or experience pain. I have no interest in watching any part of the spectacle.

Please click on the above

Please click on the above link for a possible false flag event planned for the convention.

Should WE be concerned about the Feds shooting Ron Paul at

the RNC and blaming it on a lone nut drugged out by an ex serviceman..

Remmeber the Frank Sinatra movie, "The Manchurian Candidate"..Lawrence Harvey, an Ex-Korean War Vet who was brainwashed by that orental ball headed man..

You know - i thought you were going too far

but I have that little nagging feeling that this Brandon Raub thing has gone a little too smooth and scripted. Just saying - how much of a coup would it be for big brother if Brandon now went down to Tampa and takes out Romney.

It kills our liberty movement. It promotes the police state. The fact that they had facial recognition software - but did not use it due to questions of legality - etc, etc. It would be the perfect move. Everyone would openly give up every freedom they have in order to be "protected".

While I only think there is like a .001% chance of this - it still bothers me. The timing is bad and it just feels wrong.

How did Adam get that interview with Brandon?

Tampa has been the leader in

Tampa has been the leader in the country in its use of facial recognition software. They've been using it with the cameras in Ybor City for nearly 12 years now. Trust me. Tampa doesn't give a crap about legalities. They never have and they sure aren't going to start worrying about it now.

Blessings )o(

Expose Frauds

Don't get caught up in any of this. Seriously. Stay away from protests.

Convention goers:
Don't protest. We're here to elect Ron Paul. We have a goal so let's be sure to see that goal fulfilled.

There are going to be plants among us. Expose them publicly so that the rest of the convention goers and delegats can avoid them. It's imperative we stand our ground but not something causes huge uproar. Be careful, be respectful and most importantly, make your voice heard.

Dearest Mod,

Thank you for posting this properly.



P.S. New poll - http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=249150

I would be careful

First off, all of you going, Thank You!

A word of warning for sure. Please be careful about being baited/antagonized/offered things by a protesters/police/friendly strangers. Stay on the honorable side of every situation. You're an amazing group of individuals and are too smart for any shenanigans.

Film everything, especially provacateurs/situations involving our folks. Safe trip and thanks again.

Very good point on the

offered things. Act like little kids and don't take anything from strangers - even if they have RP in a superman shape tattoed on their neck.

Welcome to the new Russia Captain Price.

These (adult) children are really acting their age now aren't they?

In Liberty


My mother in law, who lives in Plant City (near Tampa), told me about this before I had read about it. She couldn't believe they were clearing out the entire jail just for arrests.

I'm going to say this

I'm going to say this again...this is for any protestors that get "out of hand". We are not there to protest, we are there to advance our political movement. If any of you plan to be there in Tampa as a delegate or to support our delegates, STAY AWAY FROM THE PROTESTORS!!!

I agree because . . .

Protesting is what they expect and are prepared for and possibly want in order to make the Ron Paul people look like trouble makers, to make the Ron Paul supporters and Delegated look bad to the sheeple that only watch T.V.
It could be the RNC/GOP are planning to create protests with they're people wearing Ron Paul T-shirts and/or signs to show to the country.

The objective is to get Ron Paul elected and we don't have to take any shit from anyone but, we certainly should have to cause problems or, intentionally be involved in protests.

Get Ready

I believe this is how they will arrest every RP supporter that arrives in Tampa.


His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?


No "mole, troll, disinfo agent, Robama supporter" accusations coming for posting this story? So we aren't accusing the OP of trying to "needlessly scare people and harm Ron Paul and the movement"???

Well some people on here are still open to logic and reason. Good to know.


They are gearing up HARDCORE for this...

"Previtera said this was 15 months in the making and everything has been thought through."

That jail holds 1711 beds... according to wiki

I fully expect to hear of insane police vs protestor brutality.
I GUARANTEE it will not be us that throws the first punch

Be ready to point out the provocateurs within the RP crowds and film them, follow them and interrogate them. They WILL try and paint us as a terrorist group using plants

Tools of war are not always obvious. The worst weapon is an idea planted in the mind of man. Prejudices can kill, suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has an everlasting fallout all of its own.


have your cameras ready!!

Some people need to invest in very good

concealable cameras - the cops are just going to take the phones - legal or not.

I Had A Suspicion That Someone Was Going To Post This...

Doesn't it make sense, that with all that firepower and mass NWO banker bailout, anti-american presence in Tampa, FL. and with ever type of anti-liberty behavior going on in this country, the powers that be were planning this all along, especially planning for the arrest and incarceration of service connected and unarmed Ron Paul supporters that will be in attendance at the RNC...

duh? I knew this was coming...I guess most of you knew that this was coming as well...

Please stick together and prepare to be detained on 'trumped up' charges. Consult with an attorney beforhand so you know how to proceed in case it happens to you..