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Mass Arrests Planned For Tampa? ABC: Orient Road Jail Cleared Out To Handle RNC Arrests

This is from mainstream media, so take that for what it's worth and PLEASE be careful.

ABC News: - TAMPA - A big factor during the RNC is the potential for a large number of arrests. In anticipation, in an unprecedented move, Hillsborough County jail officials announced one facility is completely cleared and essentially reconstructed just for the Republican National Convention.

The man in charge, Colonel Jim Previtera, took charge as he walked us through the Orient Road Jail. The colonel began in the carport, where, he said, "The inmates will be unloaded, they will be searched and walked through a metal detector which has been added for this event."

The entire facility has been transformed. At around noon Wednesday, the last of the inmates, excluding a dozen or so trustees prepared to handle cooking and cleaning duties, were moved out to nearby Falkenburg Road Jail. Anyone arrested during the RNC will be brought to Orient Road Jail.

Continue: http://www.abcactionnews....

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When you're in the business of jailing people

you'll say that you expect to jail a lot of people. Any RP supporters plan on breaking laws or rules for the first time this whole election cycle? I didn't think so either.

What a waste of taxpayer money.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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Keep your weed at home

Florida is a major drug route from Miami to the CONUS. There will check points and drug dogs. BE LEGAL AT ALL TIMES!! Party when you get home.....after Dr Paul gets the nomination. Please be safe and be SMART.

Remember we are representing Ron Paul

So we need to act and think like him, it's gonna be a party but we don't need to be a bunch of animals. Be respectful. Make sure you clean up after your self....don't trash the place. Make Dr. Paul proud!! The county just spent an ass of money on their new "facility," so they are going to need some revenue to pay for it. Don't be THAT guy!

You must have read my mind on this one!

I was about to add this to my post above. Anyone stupid enough to bring weed to an event likr this with all of the police state presence, should expect to be detained and checked out by these thugs.

Use your head folks. We can't have our votes invalidated...

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Well thanks for the advice, but

I don't smoke weed, and I won't be in Tampa. Lol

They are expecting a hurricane

The colonel is very confident about everything until he tlkas about the weather, and then you see him start to sweat.. he began talking about transporting people out of the jail.. they cut him off.

Could it be they will transport folks to Camp FEMA?



Can you add "ABC News" in the title?

I almost didn't click on your link because I thought it was typical alarmism from some of the alternative sites.

This is quite significant coming from ABC.

Done and done

Thank you for the suggestion.