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Does Ron Paul know "The Secret"? I think he does!

"The Secret", a book, after which the movie with the same name was filmed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Secret_%28book%29

I watched it the 2nd time today and it came to mind, maybe that's why Doctor No is doing so well, even tho government payed mainstream struggled to shut him down.

Your thoughts?

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The secret is right but for the wrong reasons.

imho the secret "works" because positivity is very powerful biologically, not because you are sending magic vibes into the universe. This area of study is very interesting and there are many excellent ted talks and documentaries you can watch for free on the subject:
and this one:

at the same time, negativity and stress are major threats to normal physical and mental function. Check out the documentary "Stress: Portrait of a Killer" http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/stress-portrait-of-a-killer/

Studying the way human minds work, we find that positive thoughts actually increase brain function and allow individuals to perform at their full cognitive potential. There are also several published studies that have found visualizing goals can be a powerful aid to achievment.

I have no real problem with the secret as it does encourage healthy and productive behavior. The only downside is that believing in the law of attraction might encourage someone to lean on positive vibes to produce tangible results, when this alone will never do (although it certainly helps).

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Opposites attract

so much for the law of attraction.