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Entire Jail cleared to accommodate arrests at the RNC

I guess they are anticipating a lot of arrests? Interesting....


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We should thrown them in jail

if they violate our rights to be peacefully disobedient. Looks like they made room for themselves ;)

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"we are prepared to transport"

It kind of makes one wonder how far above sea level this place is?

A new brand of water-boarding perhaps.


And who's got the REAL mental problems!? OMG! How insane!

1000 person max

I think they're going to need a bigger jail.

Whenever there is a yoke of oppression on a generation, someone will always rise up to destroy it.

Let Me Get This Straight

The GOP & The DemoCRAPS Running Tampa would rather have child molesters, rapist,murderers, thiefs, out on the streets and the RON PAUL supporters locked up?
Ok y'all if you never listen to anything else I say..just pay attention to this one thing..FLOOD THE TAMPA (AND OTHER) MEDIA...phone calls, emails, in person questions, interview them for a change...Question them on whats going on in Tampa, why the Democraps are allowing it, everything you can think of and then some. Call every radio talk show you can and get this on the air.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
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seriously look at this if you were not already aware

THIS IS BECAUSE THE REPUBLICANS ARE PART OF A LARGER INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION!! I've been trying to alert people to this fun fact over the past couple of days. I just found this out

The Republican Party in the USA is part of a larger INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION started by GHWBush while he was the Republican Vice President of the United States of America.

The organization is called the INTERNATIONAL DEMOCRAT UNION. They get together and discuss policy and procedures to basically create an international voting block that would support UN initiatives.

This may explain GHWBush's famous NEW WORLD ORDER speech.

and it may explain why the Republicans were debating sex ed during the creation of their Party platform and why they support NDAA. And why they would choose nearly impossible to differentiate Romney as the GOP Nominee to oppose Obama.

And why as of yesterday the magazines were already PRINTED and on the news stands with the PLAY BY PLAY of the Campaigns in the OBAMA VS ROMNEY battle for the White House.

And perhaps this is why Ron Paul felt compelled to endorse just about every 3rd party he could think of last election.

I am going and supporting Ron Paul and our Constitution until they throw me in jail too. I do not intend to get rowdy. I do not intend to fall for some joker instigator. But I will NOT endorse Romney. Ever.

Hopefully there is enough room in their jail

for all the neocon war criminals they find inside the convention hall. I heard there's gonna be alot of 'em there! Round 'em up boys!!!


To bad these cops don't have the backbone to stand up for what is right.

What a bunch of horse $hit!

WTF? Oh never mind...you all probably know what I'm thinking.

This is already on front page

Good lookin out though.

I see it now. I heard about

I see it now. I heard about it from my mother-in-law who lives in Plant City. She was wondering why they had to clear out an entire jail for this.


Prison is nice, they say.

Every action has a consequence..

If they do what I think they're gonna do, it will do nothing but help our cause, in the future. Through they're tyranny, we will have our Freedom.

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