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Land of the Free? Absolutely Not.

Is the US Government the worst rights violator on earth?

Well they sure don’t think so!

According to mainstream media reports, one of Barack Obama’s White House spokesmen said this in response to the recent “free speech” trial in Russia:

“While we understand that the group’s behavior was offensive to some, we have serious concerns about the way these young women have been treated by the Russian judicial system.”

Ok, so let me get this straight.

The leadership of the country with the most people in prison -anywhere on Earth other than North Korea – is lecturing another country about their judicial system?

Barack Obama, who last winter signed the 2012 NDAA authorizing nothing less than government-sanctioned kidnapping, is in favor of fair trials? Maybe so, when he even allows his enemies to get a trial. In the United States, if someone did what the Russian protest musicians did, they could have been declared “terrorists,” and thrown in prison forever, without charge, without representation, without trial.


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wow . . .


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Thanks for bumping this great article

Note all the down-votes from Romney trolls who have become very active in the last few days.

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