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Synopsis of results from the Platform Cmte. Some WINS, some losses


While I was writing (for hours), Kurt,one of our roommates, was reading EVERY page of the Rules & throwing out possibilities and scenarios that might happen. It is very cool rooming w/a Rules person. We will go w/him today to their welcoming meeting & get our guest credentials.

This is all VERY EXCITING & FUN!!!!!


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Everyone has a right

to their opinion, but my opinion is that, if that Platform Cmte had been filled with US, we could have created a document that would have sent the most amazing message. Instead, it was about a dozen dedicted people who spent a lot of money, time & energy, to advance the message of liberty & our Constitution. Put it down all you want, but at least we tried, & did have some victories.

Meanwhile, most of you folks can go back to your ranting & raving that gets lots of votes, while the brave, honorable RP Platform folk hardly get a wisp of attention from all of you who DIDN't walk the walk & get to Tampa.

Cynthia Kennedy

Hey. Thanks for all your work

Hey. Thanks for all your work and efforts. I appreciate it. I'll be in Tampa, though not as a delegate or anything...

Oooo Goody-Goody

...the GOP can hardly wait for the ink to dry before they begin to ignore the whole thing in its entirety. Suggestion: print it on TP and leave it in the restrooms at the convention where it will find some productive use.


The Big Government republicans like their nation building and their foreign aid..\
very troubling that those topics were defeated.
That is establishment talking, the grass roots dont want nation building.

Thank You very much, for this was very interesting and I had a vivid picture from your entry.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016