Ron Paul Supporters "Spam" Campaign with $500,000 in 3 days

With a goal of raising $500,000 in the last six days of the quarter, the "Paulites" stepped up to the challenge and reached the goal in just 72 hours. With three days to spare, the goal was doubled to one-million dollars, and should be easily reached before the deadline.

So what did Congressman Paul have to say about the results? "Frankly, I'm floored!"

What remains to be seen is how floored the mainstream media will be, as well as his Republican Party opponents, when the third quarter campaign totals are announced in the upcoming weeks. With funds currently coming in at a rate of over $10,000 per hour, whatever the total is, the results will be hard to ignore.

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not just the internet

I want to let everyone know that my state rep is helping to raise money for the good Doctor maybe you should ask your state rep to do the same!