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Charlie Webster's THUGGERY In Maine! Ron Paul Delegates Stolen!

As an ex-Mainer, I'm DISGUSTED to report to you the following link:


Members of the Republican National Committee voted Thursday to split Maine’s delegation to the national convention into two separate groups, awarding roughly half of the state’s 20 contested delegates to Mitt Romney and half to Ron Paul, a Maine party official said.

Charlie Webster, chairman of the Maine Republican Party, said the RNC Committee on Contests had hoped that Maine’s contingent of 20 Paul delegates would agree to the split.

Webster said the Contests Committee concluded "there were so many mistakes made by the party, by the credentialing committee and by the chairman of the convention ... that it wasn't a legitimate election."

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The GOP calls him

Good ole 'Honest Charlie', wink wink. He is the epitome of the party itself. He is everything the party stands for, hence why after this election I will never vote for another R or D on any ballot. But this time it is Ron Paul or none at all!!!!! Stick it!!!


Charlie Webster (and all that he represents) sickens me.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

Socialists think only socializing 1/2 the state is "compromise"

They wish we'd just "agree" to those terms.

Open Letter to RNC

Open Letter to RNC Delegates!!!

PLEASE HELP the Delegates vote PRESIDENT Paul!


The Idea Is To Strip Away Any Possible Chance For A Plurality

for Ron Paul.

Therefore, Maine cannot be a plurality for Ron Paul......Correct?

Does Ron Paul have a five (5) state plurality in order to qualify for party nomination?

As far as I know the Ron Paul

As far as I know the Ron Paul delegates are still united. Seat all the delegates or seat none.

I think the RNC will now be a lot more interesting to watch or attend. You can't just keep bullying people and expect them to just sit there and take it. What a sore winner Romney people are. Pathetic dinosaurs.

"If you put a gun to my head and said vote Romney/Gingrich/Santorum...I would say pull the trigger!"

who knows what is ??

Do the maine delegates know ?? they have a blog ....what are they saying >>> there is no plurality for that would upset the agreement ..



WASHINGTON – National Republican leaders have recommended that elected Maine delegates who support Ron Paul give up half of their seats at next week's GOP convention or risk losing all 20 because of major problems during the delegate-selection process, a Maine official said Wednesday.

But Paul's delegates insisted they were duly elected and said they were not interested in giving up any seats.

"We reject that," said Matt McDonald, a Paul delegate from Belfast, regarding the latest compromise floated by Republican National Committee officials. "No compromise, no deal."

The disagreement raises the stakes in a political stalemate that could end with Maine losing most of its convention delegates.

Charlie Webster, chairman of the Maine Republican Party, said he was told that the Republican National Committee had found enough evidence of procedural problems at Maine's convention in May to deny the 20 Paul delegates seats at the national convention, which starts Monday in Tampa.

As a compromise, national committee officials have suggested essentially splitting the delegation in half, allocating 10 seats to Paul and 10 to the presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney. Maine's four remaining at-large delegates are not affected.

Kirsten Kukowski, RNC spokeswoman, said a decision from the Committee on Contests was still pending. She did not say when a decision would be made.

Brent Tweed, chairman of the Maine delegation, said he and others believe that all 20 delegates were properly elected during the state convention. Well-organized Paul supporters essentially took over the convention from more "establishment" Republicans who supported Romney.

"We haven't agreed to any deal," Tweed said. "We think the Contest Committee has to rule in our favor and seat all 20 delegates."

Then Paul would lack a plurality.

Anything less than that means they've stolen it. Why should we AGREE to their thievery? That's like being complicit in your own molestation.

Exactly, CAH

No plurality, no Dr. Paul. Now these scum have assumed an "all is peachy" mentality and are spamming everyone for a "united" GOP to "defeat" the Democrats and Soetoro. It's unlikely that republicans can muscle election and caucus results of the democrats, so they're, now, pandering for support from everyone they've, previously, crapped on so Mitt the Fit will become anointed. They still don't get it. Romneyitis is no different from Soetorosis.


i think i'm done

the system is rigged. they're stealing our delegates so he can't have a plurality in 5 states. compromising in those other states cost us delegates too. they dont want him to be able to get put on the ballot at the RNC. it would give him a speaking slot. and they certainly dont want to risk him getting nominated from the floor.

in case you're too stupid to realize this, OUR VOTE DOESN'T MATTER! your vote doesnt count. they rig the polls, they magically make delegates disappear, and they decide who wins...NOT YOU! due to this fact, i think i'm done. i dont wanna hear about politics anymore. we dont matter. we're idiots for arguing/debating when it's rigged anyway. i think i'm going to unregister from voting. i'm certainly getting the fuck out of the GOP! our republic is dead.

Look evil in the eye and shout Liberty!

That is exactly what "they" hoped you would say. Use your anger to keep pushing forward. Don't retreat! We all need each other as we look evil in the eye and shout Liberty!

They're a bunch of criminals, you know.

dude.. please

don't give up. don't forget the 2nd amendment. america is the last stand.. the whole world is fcked.. we need you to fight.. please

Dig deep. Personally, I'll

Dig deep. Personally, I'll DIE trying to restore this republic even IF all the odds are stacked against me. I won't quit as long as I have breath. At a minimum, I can sleep well at night.

I think that

Evryone should give old yuck a call and tell him inwhat high regards he is held!

In Liberty Dan
Only Ron Paul 2012

If you were elected as a Paul

If you were elected as a Paul delegate for Maine, then you vote for Ron Paul in Tampa as you were elected to do so.

Do we still have a plurality

Do we still have a plurality

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

henry9's picture

just a thought

If we get enough like minded folks elected could we just dissolve the Maine GOP?

As meaningless as it has proven to be ...why should it continue as a political party.

Imagine a state without a GOP!!!

Put that in the pipe and smoke it!

Things will change here rather quickly after this fiasco ...i hope!

For Liberty. GO MAINE!!!

You Are Right About Change in Maine, and the sooner the better

I bet we can count on Ronpublicans to take over and the first thing on their list will be to remove this no good Charlie dude.


Sounds an awful lot like the

Sounds an awful lot like the "deal" that was proposed yesterday. I guess if you turn the "deal" down, you get dealt anyway. I don't know why they hold a caucus at all if they're just going to decide who to send by committee vote in the end.

Hopefully this will look really bad to the run of the mill Republicans when they see how buddy-buddy things are with the big names that are now going to the RNC for Romney vs the regular folks that are getting shafted.

Someone needs to publish good old Charlie's address

And his phone number and email address to boot.


Now, now, Steve! You don't want the FBI to come visit you...


Webster Heating Company 211

Webster Heating Company

211 Perham Street
Farmington, ME 04938-5934

(207) 778-9008

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

Alright, while I have

Alright, while I have everyone's attention....lookeeee here:


Friday August 24 is going to be fun....hopefully last day of Romney campaign. Let's go through those details gawker has released & have a field day. AND go public with Charlie Nejedly story on major news outlets.

Criminal mafia member Romney...better start deciding if he wants to escape to Switzerland, France or Cayman Islands.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

End of Romoney Campaign and End of His Junk Mail - I Have never

received so much junk mail from a presidential candidate. He is really desperate for supporters.


Maine now you know what to do...

Kick the Bum out!

Steve Dickson's picture

Very sorry to hear this, Maine.

Oklahoma stands with you! Well, some of us do - we have lost our challenge as well, and are appealing to Credentials as well. Good luck!

The GOP goons are

laughable and pathetic. Reduced to outright blatant delegate stealing, they think this makes Rombama look "presidential" when it just makes him look more like the leftist shill he is. They just can't win without resorting to this kind of crap because no one wants them when they follow rules and tell the truth about what they are. LOL! They just keep getting themselves in deeper. Crooks and liars, bullies and thieves.

i can't wait to punish the gop

establishment players in November.

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