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Kurt Bills Flip-Flops: Switches Presidential Support from Ron Paul to Mitt Romney

Minneapolis Star Tribune: State Rep. Kurt Bills, who won the Republican Party's endorsement for U.S. Senate, switched his presidential support Thursday from Ron Paul to Mitt Romney.

Bills said in a statement that Romney and his running mate, Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, "alone have the ability to beat Barack Obama in November and help America rediscover its conservative principles."

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Kurt Bills presses Republicans to back Romney, not Paul

In a statement being distributed by the Republican Party of Minnesota, GOP Senate candidate Kurt Bills states, "In order to defeat Obama and his lieutenant Amy Klobuchar, Republicans of all stripes must stand together. We cannot afford to squabble, and mustn't equivocate. We need to unite--standing on our shared principles--to win in November."

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Glad to know he would make a rotten Senator.

Dustbin of history for you boy.

Free includes debt-free!

Way to go Iowa.

Good job.

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

If you donated to him...

....ask for your money back.

Call his campaign on Monday. Don't get into it with them as to why. Just tell them you don't think he's trustworthy anymore and you want your money back.

who can believe

a single word that comes out of their mouths.. its all doublespeak and could wind up meaning just about anything even if they aren't just flat out lying for political reasons.. makes my blood boil.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

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Point is :

Point is :

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

-- Henry David Thoreau

This is food for thought for whoever supports Mr. Bills as opposed to whoever supports Ron Paul.

I choose to continue supporting Ron Paul (and whoever else is faithful to him and his principles, that is, OURS) first and foremost.

But that's just me.

For Liberty. Peace.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


great quote!

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Of course. It's from Thoreau,

Of course. It's from Thoreau, you know. :)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

ohhh, I know! :)

ohhh, I know! :)

Just saw this on Carlson's

Just saw this on Carlson's facebook page.

He claims he's consistent, while Kurt's not... because he never supported liberty in the first place.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

Kurt Bills = Sellout

Gov. Paul LePage = Honest, principled individual

The situations and circumstances

The situations and circumstances that Rand Paul and Kurt Bills had were very different. People might understand Rand Paul’s endorsement more easily. Some may have doubts for the timing in the recent endorsement – why Kurt Bills didn’t do it before the primary, which is about a week ago. It seems for young liberty supporters and the state delegate team there is great room for the improvement in the political and personal judgement.

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Both endorsements were done for the same reason.

The reason was the possibility of building-up political capital for the future. In other words, political expediency over principles or as the title says "flip-flopping."


On all of you who are so hell bent on people like Kurt Bills and Rand Paul running for public office and members of the REPUBLICAN PARTY to endorse someone for the nomination they know isn't going to be the nominee in what basically would just be a move to piss off the party establishment. If we as a movement want to continue to build our future in the Republican Party as many of us have decided to do (and those who haven't are foolish for thinking the LP is ever getting anywhere). We have to be willing to support those who can readily effect change in government. Kurt Bills is one of those candidates, so is Rand Paul. We cannot be so shallow to allow words (and they are just that, words) to sway our support one way or another. Sure a lot of you are sick of compromise but you have to play the game to win it, the New York Giants didn't get to the Super Bowl because they declared that they were the best team at the beginning of the season, they won because they PROVED it in the long run. We have to do the same by participating in the Republican Party's game. Just because Kurt Bills and Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney doesn't mean they will even vote for him, hell we will never know who they voted for and even if they tell us we can never be sure, they both may end up voting for Gary Johnson for all we know. At the moment all we know is they are showing their loyalty to the party in order to still be considered a member in good standing. People who are considered at the fringe of the party rarely if ever effect change and in the end isn't that what our movement is all about? We see something deeply wrong with our country and we need to change it. We will not effect change if we keep letting people like Todd Akin and Michelle Bachmann represent what the Republican Party stands for. If we keep fighting, eventually we will be in a position where people like Lindsey Graham are forced to endorse Liberty candidates in order to appease the establishment because WE will be the establishment! So please, do not give up on Kurt. Kurt is still a great candidate, he supports ending the Fed, a humble foreign policy and a return to the Gold Standard. If I were you, I would donate today to get this man elected for Minnesota and the rest of the country. I would donate myself, but I am but a lowly college student and need what little money I have for needless things like food and whatnot.


You put it a little harsher than I did, but I think we agree. We are the avant garde and we've made a lot of progress, so it is easy to forget that we got this far by making in-roads and forging relationships in order to change minds. Many of our new allies are just that, allies. They are not the hard core or the avant garde, they do not drive the change, but they are a PART of the change. They have goals aside from the single-minded pursuit of the Liberty agenda. They may believe that Paul is not going to be the nominee so they should support the candidate with the closest values who "can win". We should remind them that we would rather see them supporting our cause, but respectfully, because they are our allies and we do not want to drive them away either.

Shame on you

for advocating a compromise on principles. That is not what Ron Paul is all about. I'll support anyone who supports liberty. The Romney/Ryan ticket is the antithesis of liberty. I won't support anyone who tries to sell me on Romney as the best chance to beat Obama. Why should we care about beating Obama if his replacement is just as bad or worse?

Absolutely correct

we will never win if we don't take a stand.

And if you can't stand against a Wall St fascist like Romney... What will you stand against?

I agree. Obama and Romney are

I agree. Obama and Romney are one and the same. Now, don't just yell at the people who don't see it that way - convince them!

Ruination and Calumny to All Turncoats

The GOP is the Enemy, not Obaama.

No Libertarian, no Anarcholibertarian, No Paleocon,
no Member of the Old Right, No Ron Pauler should ever support
Romney and his scum.

Kurt pretty much needed to

Kurt pretty much needed to play nice with the establishment after being painted as a far-right fringe candidate who's not in the right party by Carlson.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

The Avant Garde and the Joiners

We are at the front of the movement. We are not the ones who will budge because someone else has a better shot at beating the guy we're more afraid of. Brace yourselves, many will, for now, abandon our cause to fight for Romney or even Obama. Keep reminding them where their values really should be, but don't expect them to act differently yet. We have not won every battle, but we will win the war - this is a movement, a revolution, and it will not be won in a single night. Keep fighting the good fight and, as Ed Murrow would say: Good night and good luck.

Physically Ill...

To think I just voted for this goon! Sorry Bills, imho, this is *not* about booting Obama... This is about not accepting the staus quo from the right or the left. You, Sir, have just shown where your loyalties lay.

Another term for preventive war is aggressive war- starting wars because someday somebody might do something to us. That is not part of the American tradition.
-Ron Paul

I'm for the Liberty Party. Kurt has just Endorsed Tyranny.

I'm for the Liberty Party. Kurt, like Rand before him, has just endorsed The very worst of the Tyranny party.

Sure, they may vote for MORE freedoms if elected, but it would still be electing EVIL.



What are you all going to do come November?

Are you going to write Ron Paul in, regardless of whether your state has him registered as a write-in (how do we find that out?) or are you going to vote for Gary Johnson?

I sure wish Ron Paul had run Independent in hind-sight. I know he couldn't register as an Independent in time because he was still trying to salvage the National Republican Party, but wow am I ashamed of my party and am I ashamed at my conservative friends who had really begun to turn from the neo-con viewpoint and embrace Ron Paul to now jumping on Romney's band wagon because neo-con, unprincipled Paul Ryan is along for the ride. May God help our Country. We need to call on Him in a big way!

I'm writing in Ron

I'm writing in Ron Paul.

Sorry but after all the cheating and lying, I'm over it. Besides, there is no substansive difference between Obama and Romney bar unions and big corporations.


Democratic Barack Obama 4,282,074 50.91% 27
Republican John McCain 4,045,624 48.10% 0
Ecology Ralph Nader 28,124 0.33% 0
Write Ins 20,414 0.24% 0

So the RNC will see how much damage they have caused when the Write Ins skyrocket.


Oh, there's no way in a million years I'm going to vote for

Romney/Ryan or Obama; I'm writing in Ron, too...just wondering how many others are going to - thanks for responding. Nice to know the write-ins are recorded in some states - I sure hope my vote counts to see it skyrocket!
PS whats YMMV?

Everybody jumping ship?

This is ridiculous. Not even Ron Paul endorsed candidates will stick with our man. It would be just fine if he had simply not changed his endorsement and left everything alone, but noooo, he's going to jump ship. Oh well, guess I wasted all that donation money on him. Wish I could get a refund :(

Leave him alone already...

Leave him alone already... you saw how they twisted Rand's arm to endorse Romney. They'll do the same thing to everyone in the GOP. Don't hold that against Kurt Bills.

Open Letter to RNC

Open Letter to RNC Delegates!!!

PLEASE HELP the Delegates vote PRESIDENT Paul!


What "shared principles" do we have with Romney???

This is ticking me off.

Of course, should we be surprised if Ron's own son supports Romney now?


Lost my support and four others. Mom wife and daughters I'm so tired of this two party BS!!!!! Bills is no better than Michelle Bachman wont vote for either one of them or Romney bye bye republican pie. From one full blown libertarian. Ron Paul 2012