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Obama Welcomed With Two Fingers in Ohio

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Historic photo..

Nice one.


I try to change people every day. Do You?


they had just the black helicopters, now black coaches with black presidents. USA is only country in the world which has the president who said he comes from the Krypton and that he came to save, oh well not us, the planet Earth and stuff (at the time saving Canadian industry of coaches). And all this is the result of the GWB's exceptional popularity.

I knew it wasn't going to be

a peace sign.

Only the shell of the bus was made in Canada

The bus was customized and outfitted by a company in Tennessee.

I know I'm splitting hairs but the bus is old news, made the rounds last summer.

Great picture, thanks for sharing!


Progressive, globalist, establishment Republican George Bush

was the one to "erase U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada."

So our progressive, globalist, establishment Democrat president can't be totally faulted for plugging American jobs as he goes around in his bus custom-made in Canada.

What are the chances the guy in the picture understands that Romney is just one of the same?

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I Liked the Two Fingers in the Title - Another Link/Picture-RP

or Ron Paul Supporter holding up two fingers (V) for PEACE. Someone with an imagination could come up with a great picture I am sure. Or Maybe 4 fingers, two hands, two peace signs, etc.


His bus matches his

His bus matches his helicopters.

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probably the simplest expression of "truth to power" I have ever seen..(aside from Tiananmen Square)

Flipping the "Death Star Bus" the bird..

I wonder what the guy on the other side of the bus is doing. Readying his rifle?

Perfect Looking Bus

I couldn't dream of anything more sinister looking to reflect the true nature of the head of any police state wanna be. Bravo "team USA"!!

Too Funny

I needed that.

This guy will soon be a resident at a local mental facility :)

One Would Half-Expect

...a gatling gun turrent to emerge out of the top of that beastly looking Darth-Vader-Mobile to shred the poor guy.

I agree with this guy even if

I agree with this guy even if it was romney also I would agree. And I am from Ohio too....lol

The Brendon threads have me wondering

if that guy is in his local mental ward...

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That's a freaky looking bus.

That's a freaky looking bus. Does not represent a friendly image at all.


Next guy to disappear under the NDAA...

I was thinking that the

I was thinking that the secret service probably submitted him to a 'psychological evaluation' like Brandon Raub.

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