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RP speaking spot

I know this is far fetched, most likely. Anyone know if it is possible for Rand to step aside and let Ron speak in his place while he is on stage?

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Can the Delegates ask for a

Can the Delegates ask for a vote on the convention floor to give Dr. Paul a speaking slot?

Once Romney loses

the RNC will just say to themselves using Rand to get the the Dr. Paul supporters didn't work and just toss him to the curb. I'm highly disappointed in all these compromises.

Isn't Rand only appearing via video??

probably this exactly why they even offered it to him in the first place.

Ron v. Rand

I thought of that! If done while being televised with Rand honoring his Dad's retirement, and asking him to say a few words, that would be doable. Anything to help the USA to recover.

Someone had mentioned this before - it would

be an awesome thing to do, though unlikely since it turn the establishment again Rand. If it happened, it would be at the "approval" of the RNC.

Rand Paul

There's a lot of uncertainty about where Rand stands, and since we don't have anything concrete, who knows? Maybe he's "undercover" and going to do something just like that.... wishful thinking?

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