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Ron Paul & Gary Johnson will indeed affect the Swing States.


Remember this from Minnesota? Thanks Rachel Maddow.

Most of you have probably seen a few national maps that have the scenario for Nov. 6th already played out.

And for that matter, out of hundreds of thousands voting in every state, even in the states that are solidly predicted as blue or red, do you think anything changes as a result of Ron Paul and/or Gary Johnson?

Nevada - Heavy Ron Paul
Colorado - Some Ron Paul
Iowa - Heavy Ron Paul
Wisconsin - Some Ron Paul
Ohio - Minimal effect?
New Hampshire - Some Ron Paul
Virginia - Minimal effect?
North Carolina - Minimal effect?
Florida - Minimal effect?

Democrat Leaning
Oregon - Some Ron Paul
New Mexico - Gov. Gary Johnson's battle ground
Minnesota - Heavy Ron Paul
Michigan - Some Ron Paul
Pennsylvania - Some Ron Paul

Republican Leaning
Arizona - Maybe Some Ron Paul & Gary Johnson
Indiana - Minimal effect?

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It certainly will be interesting...

to see what Ron Paul decides to do next. It was one thing to not get invited to speak at the RNC, but then what they did to his delegates? Makes you wonder what his next step will be. Truthfully, if it's nothing but plugging to get S.202 passed, and then serve out his final days as a Congressman, and then retire, I would be okay with that.
However, you know with things that have happened just this week, he may find reason enough to try to make something happen.
Thing is though, is the Libertarian Party going to get Gary on every state/island ballot? That would be an important factor as well.

"if it's nothing but plugging

"if it's nothing but plugging to get S.202 passed, and then serve out his final days as a Congressman, and then retire, I would be okay with that."

I'd be ok with that too, but... a little anti-climactic. We need some excitement, lol.

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And as for this RNC right now...

I would have to say that I think if they have energized anyone, it has been democrats (who will vote for Obama), libertarians (who will vote for Gary Johnson), and of course any republicans, democrats, independents, libertarians, or others that are still writing in Ron Paul. ----

What do you think the next step should be?

Considering that all of these swing states are really about all that matters now. --