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'Mind' of a 'Normal' Statist Sociopath; Ramos's Lawyer: Kelly Thomas @ fault for his OWN Death!

Just when you thought you've heard it all from lunatic statists, then comes this:

Attorney for Fullerton Cop Manuel Ramos: Kelly Thomas Was Responsible for His Own Death

Mike Riggs|Aug. 22, 2012 11:31 am

The attorney for former Fullerton Police Department officer Manuel Ramos attempted to have his client's charges dismissed yesterday by arguing that Kelly Thomas, the homeless man Ramos helped beat to death, was asking for it:

Seeking to have charges dismissed against a Fullerton police officer in the death of a mentally ill homeless man, his attorney contends in a motion filed Tuesday that Kelly Thomas could "have avoided a physical altercation" by simply complying with the commands of the officer who wanted to take him into custody.

Defense attorney John Barnett in his filing just days before his client Manuel Ramos is due back in court argues Ramos' action did not cause Thomas' death.

When a "recalcitrant" Thomas did not comply, Ramos was entitled to use force and the threat of force to complete his arrest, Barnett contended in his 80-page motion.

"Rather than use actual force, Officer Ramos employed a lawful, conditional threat, to use force," he wrote. "The death of Kelly Thomas was not the natural and probable consequence of that lawful threat."

"What happened (during the encounter) did not and could not constitute a crime," Barnett said.

That "Lawful, conditional threat"?

Sure, Kelly's magic fist pummeled his own face and choked his own throat to death.

Hm... here I thought, even to these degenerate statist sickos, the notion that a woman who dresses alluringly is NOT 'asking to be raped,' was a long foregone 'legal' conclusion. No??

Yes! Govt 'values' your life! Um... except when it doesn't... like EVERY SINGLE TIME??

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Kelly Thomas Beat to death by Police [Full Video]


This was not lawful force and all those cops in the video and any others that participated in this tragic beating to death of this man need to pay for what they did.


Your Right of Defense Against Unlawful Arrest

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Anarchists aren't Libertarians, sorry.

The reason Anarchy fails is the same reason governments fail, and it's connected to WHY a cop will beat a defenseless man to death. It's something an Anarchist won't acknowledge. It predates any form of "statism", and it doesn't go away just because an Anarchist snaps his fingers: mans covetous nature.

Human beings covet, and force serves two objectives, to either defend yourself or take what you covet.

Anarchists are either naive, or want to unleash that nature on the world without justice. Libertarians are realists who want the best government we can build, one that creates a free and just society, and that's done by meeting the unjust with force defending peoples liberty.

Anarchists pretend to want liberty, but then turn their back on justice, and what they get is warlord Vs warlord in a free market, and whoever can buy the best army wins.

They won't acknowledge what it is they hope to create to serve justice, because it starts sounding like what it is; another form of statism.

In the end, I think Anarchists are mostly just Communists throwing rocks through windows and Judas Goats standing next to Libertarians holding a black flag screaming; "I'm an enemy of the state!"


"I think Anarchists are mostly just Communists throwing rocks through windows [...]"

Okay, except could you kindly explain how the two ideologies are at all alike?

I also find it interesting how you say "Anarchists this and that". Funny, I always thought of Anarchists as very individual thinkers, didn't realize they all wanted the same thing.

You're right on one thing though; there will always be greed and people will always covet, problem with your solution is that it has been tried many, MANY times before with the very intentions many here have, and well, do I really need to illustrate how it turned out?

If you really want to curb "man's covetous nature", then stop encouraging people to rule over one another.

(Yeah, late reply, but I don't catch every thread ;0 )

A signature used to be here!

They can't tell you their ideology.

"Okay, except could you kindly explain how the two ideologies are at all alike?"

I told you, they can't explain their own ideology. They're PHONIES, and useful followers who can't see through the people leading them.

"didn't realize they all wanted the same thing."

That's why the word Anarchist exists, they share a common goal. If they didn't nobody would group them together. Are you arguing that they have no common goal or agenda, because that would be easier for you to defend than the one they propose.

"If you really want to curb "man's covetous nature", then stop encouraging people to rule over one another."

This is where an Anarchist has to admit that "justice" has no place in his world.

Mans covetous nature existed long before any attempt to rule through force took place, and you'll never do anything but set that nature loose on the world when you condemn using force to meet injustice; those who'd take your liberty.

Anarchists are WORTHLESS in the defense of liberty and represent the exact opposite of a Libertarian. We represent justice and the best possible solution. Anarchists represent injustice, a world where mans covetous nature is set loose in a free market. You think it's bad now, just wait until you get a look at what Anarchists want.

You can't just make mans covetous nature go away by snapping your fingers. You need to create a system of justice, and Anarchists can't admit what it is they want to create, because it's indefensible, and starts sounding a lot like what they claim to oppose; statism and government.

At their core, Anarchists are just liars and phonies spreading chaos, sewing dissent, and throwing rocks through windows because they want global communism ruled by "a free market system" where none of us have any say or association with those that rule us throw force.

An Anarchist doesn't want you to even know your dictator.

Looks like a Communist, quacks like a Communist, must be a Communist.

you are woefully misguided

you are woefully misguided and entirely ignorant of the ideologies associated with anarchy.

Then educate me Anarchist.

This is all any Anarchist ever does; insults people.

Tell me what you want to build to serve justice. Explain yourself.

Yo AnCap!

Awesome post!, I am extremely happy and relieved many are starting to see that our world is ruled by sociopaths/psychopaths, we often wonder why the world feels so wrong at times, I truly think that this information about the Psychopathic elite is as critical towards the puzzle that we as the Human race are putting together,

However!, I also believe that theory that many of our leaders are devil/idol worshippers, if one lacks a conscience, what is truly stopping them from committing these secretive disturbing rituals with their like minded counterparts?,nothing!, The one thing I have learned from the truth about are world is that anything is possible, and to counter that may be futile, for that is how are Movement has thrived and evolved constantly

Sociopaths with badges

We need armed sociopaths with shiny badges, to protect us from armed sociopaths without shiny badges?

A shiny badge magically makes sociopathic behavior legitimate?

We are afraid that sociopaths will deprive us of our life, liberty, and property, so we establish a group of sociopaths who deprive us of our life, liberty, and property...... for our own protection?

I really wish people would begin to see this glaring contradiction.

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Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul