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Romney's criminal deeds fully exposed by gakwer!

Alright, let's get rocking & rolling investigating this stuff.

Friends: Pls start downloading all material with multiple backup locations, in case these links vanish in the future.

Watergate 3.0 is here!!!

(Watergate 2.0 is the Charlie Nejedly documented affair which is going to bring down Romney's campaign in its own right.)

Let's bring down his campaign doubly over!!! ;-)


I've downloaded all of following 9 documents from there:

Absolute Capital Return Partners LP
Bain Capital Fund IX LP
Prospect Harbor Credit Partners LP
Sankaty Advisors LLC Presentation
Sankaty Credit Opportunities IV LP
Sankaty Credit Opportunities LP
Sankaty High Yield Partners II LP
Taconic Capital Partners 1.5 LP
Viking Global Equities LP

These need to be hosted on the website: http://romneyryan.com

If anyone knows how to get hold of the guy who owns that domain, point him to this thread.

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GOP, are you sure you want to

GOP, are you sure you want to marry Mitt and everything that comes with it?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.