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Senator Rand Paul at the RNC

I would love to see Senator Paul begin his RNC speech with the following words, which in my opinion would eternally Honor himself and the work his father has graced us with:

"The message I am about to share with you has been written by my father and though I may not entirely agree with it, I am proud to share it with you today because my father has not been allowed to personally deliver it to you at this convention."



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"Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance." Sun Tzu
Maybe theres more here, than meets the Eye?
Taking over the GOP will take cunning.
So get out there , Win Locally for LIBERTY!!!
U are the ONE!

Is Rand by any chance a delegate for Kentucky?

Anyone know?

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

I don't believe so, but his

I don't believe so, but his wife is.


Why isn't he?

Why isn't he?

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Isn't the content of every word uttered at the RNC pre-screened?

Yes, IMO. There are no spontaneous moments at these events. Everything is orchestrated. Like the contrived presidential debates where every question is known before time, every word of every speech will be read and redacted according to their guidelines. These people are control freaks. Rand couldn't do this even if he wanted to. There is no doubt a 5-7 second delay with the broadcast. Vary from their script, and there will be "technical difficulties."

Oh....even the networks

Oh....even the networks couldn't ignore it if Rand went rogue in his speech. He won't, of course, but that isn't because he can't.

You bet. Rand has some redeeming to do in my opinion.

He should Benedict Arnold the GOP/RNC and throw his full support behind his dad.

WHO CARES if he wins again or not?

TAKE A STAND and expose this party for the rotted organization it has become.


"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Listen closely

He's delivering the exact same message. RP didn't raise no fool.

Sometimes, you can have the

Sometimes, you can have the greatest father in the world, and not turn out well. Such is the case with Rand who betrayed his father on the show of a man who had smeared Ron as a racist only a few months earlier! Such is the case of a man who didn't lift a finger to campaign for his dad at crucial state conventions! Such is the case of a man who has not uttered s single complaint about Romney's thievery of our delegates!


Rand is such a backstabber, and RP is so ignorant and dumb that he has no clue how bad his son supposedly betrayed him. Poor Ron, if only there was a way us DailyPaulers--who are so close with that family and know everything about their internal affairs because we regularly Google his name--could let him know the kinds of things his son is secretly doing to him. Poor RP, it's a shame that he still walks around talking about how proud he is of Rand. I wonder why RP can't see Rand for the heartless bastard that he really is?

Ron knows....but he's too

Ron knows....but he's too much of a gentleman to turn on Rand. I wish we could say the same about Rand.

I respectfully disagree.


Nobody who has such a

Nobody who has such a successful electoral record is a fool.

You assume

You assume that there is something for RP to know, your entire argument relies on that premise based on what you perceive as reality. However, you fail to assess the situation from the opposite point of view where an alternative premise is present--that RP and Rand and jesse Benton are all working on this together and RP is making all of the final decisions, upon which Jesse and Rand then act and communicate with the media (i.e. us all).

You may be right; however,

You may be right; however, sad to say, I have heard from people who know him well who say that Ron is very, very hands off when it comes to underlings. This hands off attitude paid off handsomely when it created the necessary condition for creation of the "Revolution" but it also has a dark side (e.g.the newsletters). For this reason, it would fit the pattern that he he would delegate to family and friends and then give them full reign. I'm not happy about it but that is entirely believable.

Ain't no way. Rand is going

Ain't no way. Rand is going to give a sickening speech in which he tries to sell Romney to us and please his new comrades, Beck, Hannity, and Levin. In fact, it is very worrisome sign that he has even been invited to speak at Ron's rally.

Rand Who? Rand Who?

Rand Who?

What if he gave his own

What if he gave his own speech, ending with a standing O. Then he states,"we need to nominate the only man who can beat Obama and heal our country, Dr Ron Paul!

I second that too!

Go Ron Paul!


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