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IMPORTANT - A call to our veterans going to Tampa!

It seems like the original planned veterans march, is "NOW" due to a lack of permits, equipment, organization, etc., as opposed to this:

It is being turned into a "feed the homeless" type of effort:

While no one can deny that this is a noble cause, I can't help but question WHY the issue of permits (if that is truly the reason) was NOT ALREADY in place WEEKS, if not, MONTHS ago???

I've already reached out to them and this Pastor:


to see if anything can be coordinated with his help/contacts.

The plan is now to meet at the Florida State Fairgrounds at 11:00 am. My call to you veterans is MARCH! If you can not obtain permits, my hope is that you will still march. Get creative. March single file through the sidewalks if you have to.

I have a REAL hard time picturing the arrests of hundreds of veterans marching peacefully. If the arrests were to happen, it would surely make news as to why so many veterans were marching for Ron Paul and still risked arrest - publicity the RNC/GOP DOES NOT WANT.

Civil disobedience is up to you - Remember why you joined the military, took your oath, and decided it was time to stand and march for liberty.




By all means feed the homeless BEFORE or AFTER the march.

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