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The GOP Needs An Extreme Makeover

It is time to click refresh on the GOP. America needs a clean slate like never before, but first we have to clear off the mess republicans have made at the one side of the table. And until we clean up our own mess, forget about dealing with Obama and the democrat trash on their end.

They left all of their garbage, acted like pigs, didn't follow the rules, and never said thank you. They have been disrespectful, rude, arrogant, corrupt, and have a frequent tendency to act like spoiled rotten jerks without a moral compass.

I can only pray and hope that the GOP has been simply conducting a big test...a long experiment to see how far their own fish will take the bait and swim with the string.

It's time to give many a big fish the hook, and replenish the giant GOP pond with the fittest freedom loving people in the political waters.

What happens when you mix a Miami Hurricane with Tampa Bay Lightning?

A sea change.

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Those aren't fish floating in the GOP oxidation pond.

Can't you smell that smell?

Mud sharks!

Mud sharks!