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Politico: No Ron Paul Revolution at Convention.

TAMPA, Fla. — The Republican establishment has quelled the Ron Paul Revolution, at least for 2012.

Using a mix of charm and procedural hardball, Mitt Romney’s campaign and his allies who control the Republican National Committee have ensured that the Texas congressman will neither speak nor be formally nominated at next week’s convention. It’s a significant victory for Romney, who could have been faced with a raucous rebellion from the Paul crowd if he hadn’t extended an early, and diplomatic, olive branch to what’s become a key constituency.

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Another Example Of The Demoralization of America

This has been going on for decades..

This is propaganda

reported before anyone can move.

Prove them wrong. Defy them. There is more at stake than yielding to the sickening glee of an establishment journalist!

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

Amen to that!

Amen to that!

I see this as a

I see this as a discouragement tactic. Delegates go, support Dr. Paul, and do not support Mitt whatever his name is. Turn around backwards when they force a vote if you have to.

Now It's All Love & Roses?

Give me a break! We have been cheated, lied to, threatened, and now the RNC is saying that all is fair to the Ron Paul supporters because they have thrown us a few bones?

When I and my

friends went to vote in the primaries, voting stations were empty. For the whole day, may be 15-100 people per precinct. GOP regulars had apathy towards the Mormon. Yet, we did not get few hundreds to show up.

Self denial and collective thumbing is what we are all about at this point. TMOT, Ben and MattLarson10 have been feeding the bogus numbers for 3 months and people were eating every word with vigor.

Just do what you can to maximize liberty and keep the spirit long term. GOP is a good strategic place to battle, but forsaking Libertarian party is not wise. Enjoy Tampa, show your colors, maximize opportunities.


This is what the Republican party wants the Liberty Movement/R3VOLUTION to do. Bury our heads in the back and follow. One things for sure the republicans will not keep any promises they make. Every individual has to decide. What are you going to do?



So is this cast in stone? Are we to believe this? Feeling.....

terrible after a stressful day from work...and now this F-ing news!

My mind is running now..contemplating to bailout the GOP and go 3rd Party. But still keeping head and chin up for a positive surprise till Tampa..if this is nothing but a hoax to tamper our hopes for Ron Paul.

This is no hoax...

...the RNC really did cheat RP delegates to ensure he would not speak nor be nominated with a 5 state plurality, which HE HAD IN THE BAG, and the RP campaign decided to sit on their hands and watch it blatantly taken from them without so much as a peep. Not only that but they bargained off their powerhouse movement for a couple of tepid side notes in a GOP rulebook(platform) that will neither be followed nor given any attention.

The only hoax I see is the Rand/Benton/Hunter influence that most certainly and intentionally derailed the RP 2012 express.

Joke's been on us.

May the spirit of liberty never die!

Hang in there and get some

Hang in there and get some rest. Somehow, we'll survive this looming hell together.

Thanks for the thoughts..after I woke up 2am last nite for no

apparent reason at all and hadn't had a shut eye till morning..a premonition perhaps of this demoralizing news?!

I take Ron Paul POTUS run VERY SERIOUSLY. For once in my lifetime, there is a man in our midst of real honor, courage, honesty and integrity to look out for us, this our beloved and my adopted Country I now call HOME (coming from and grew up in a Martial Law Society/Philippines)...now this HOPE of mine/ours is now being dashed and destroyed by very, very evil, vicious, selfish and cowardly men/women who lust not of love of country but of corrupt power, greed, money, abuse and oppression not just for Americans, but for the World as a whole.

Hear, Hear!

I wouldn't trust any establishment media

They've already proven to be completely untrustworthy.

Jusr Ended My C4L Membership

With sellouts Jesse Benton and John Tate heading back to their seats on the Board of Directors of Campaign for Liberty next week it is time to leave.

I cannot support with my dollars or my time any organization that would have these two in any Leadership position.

After this week it is time to move beyond the Paul Family and look for new leadership in the Liberty Movement.

Add to that a new Liberty Organization as well.

Why would you do that?

As an organization they are helping to fight for our principles. They are making our voice louder. It seems to me that on the critical issues of the day, it does so much more good to have our representatives bombarded by petitions and a show of strength and unity than a measley phone call from one person to your senator or congressman.

If you feel this way

Then why don't you man up and admit that it was Ron Paul not his paid subordinates - are you afraid to admit that your crusade was never more than the Paul Family Business to its leaders.

You should eat my brother

He's crossing the bridge behind me, and he's much bigger than I am.

Too funny...

Thanks for the humor, I appreciate you! : )


A much more GRASSROOTS

A much more GRASSROOTS oriented organization. The C4L was conceived as a top-down organization, but sold as a grassroots' organization. Thankfully, I never took the bait. Organizations in general aren't for me. I support various causes based on merit. I agree with your sentiments entirely, though.

"The majority rules" - Christopher Stearns, VA Paul delegate

Haven't you learned anything Christopher? The majority does not rule in a Republic! The rules rule! Or the law!

The rules are supposed to be followed regardless of any "majority!" Even a Republican majority.

Are you in the Democratic party or the Republican?

Do we want democracy or a republic?

Tyranny or liberty?

that's why the Republican Party in the US is a member of

the INTERNATIONAL DEMOCRAT UNION which was started by GHWBush when he was the Republican Vice President of the USA.

The organization is called the INTERNATIONAL DEMOCRAT UNION. They get together and discuss policy and procedures to basically create an international voting block that would support UN initiatives.

This may explain GHWBush's famous NEW WORLD ORDER speech

and it may explain why the Republicans were debating sex education during the creation of the Party platform this week and why they support NDAA.

And why they would choose nearly impossible to differentiate Romney as the GOP Nominee to oppose Obama.

It may also explain why Ron Paul endorsed like every third party candidate he could think of last election.

here is the link to the NEW WORLD ORDER speech.

That man should have been impeached right then.

Angry here in NH

OK, I am about to go to the wall over this issue. This is way bigger than Ron Paul. Gathering my strategy.

In times of great stress

the veil between alternate realities thins and people tend to slip into the wrong one.
I think this reporter(?) is in the wrong one!

I just got off the Delegate / Alternate call with the campaign

total buzz kill.
more questions were asked (or were allowed to be asked) about busing and VIP passes than what our delegate count really is. And how the Platform went. or what exactly we should do on the floor.

Apparently, according to the campaign. RON PAUL WILL NOT ACCEPT a nomination from the floor.

Basically at this point I guess he considers it not cool to be flaunting his support when in that controlled environment it will look very small.

They never answered if MA was settled and alluded to the Credentials Committee issue - which John Tate was meeting with the RP committee members and could not participate in the call I was on.

There was a lot of talk about when you speak to the press answer the question YOU WISHED they had asked. Just jump right to good stuff that you want to say. And to remember that you are representing a movement. They don't want wild eyed - pissed off- people getting on camera. I see their point - but I for one am, in fact, fairly irritated.

they didn't say endorse Romney...but after Monday simply say you are looking forward to bringing the party back bla bla bla... and firmly planting the flag of liberty in the republican party.

someone asked if Ron Paul would be endorsing Romney and they said, "good question".

If Ron Paul ends up endorsing Romney I am going to flip my lid.


"Basically at this point I guess he considers it not cool to be flaunting his support when in that controlled environment it will look very small."

Really? And how small will it look like when it appears there is NO support?

Not attacking you, just the campaign.

i thought

i thought they said he will not accept a nomination for VP spot.

Anyone Else Confirm Because It Makes Sense He Would Not

accept a nomination for the VP spot. Very discouraging to hear he would not accept the nomination as President when after all, isn't that we we are in Tampa, and we worked hard for almost 2 years to get him elected as our next President. VP probably came up because they wanted it know that Paul would not accept it so he would not embarrass Mitt because that is how Paul would want it handled. He isn't on the ego trip where it is important that the world knows he was nominated as VP. Of course, as Ron Paul supporters, we already knew that about Ron Paul.


The endorsement may be more probable than you assume

Jesse Benton has been quoted as saying that Ron Paul may or may not be in the audience on Thursday night when Romney gives his speech - there is no reason that Ron Paul would be in the audience on Thursday night if he did not support Romney - so at a minimum it is being discussed and negotiated.

I suggest

that you start a fresh thread with the info you just posted.