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Romney lawyers took away Ron Paul's win in Maine making Paul ineligible

Mitt Romney's campaign and allies have effectively quelled the Ron Paul revolution at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. On Thursday, the 168-member Republican National Committee approved a report that invalidated Ron Paul's claim to a plurality of delegates in Maine. The RNC voted to split the at-large delegation in half. In order to be eligible for nomination for president, a candidate needs to have a plurality of delegates in five states. According to sources who spoke to the campaign, Ron Paul had five states, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Maine. Without Maine, he now has four.

The RNC attempted to raise the number of states a plurality was needed in to 10 on Wednesday, but that amendment was denied. The attempted raise to 10 states angered many who claimed that the only reason the RNC would try this would be to block Ron Paul from possibly stealing the nomination at the convention. Despite that amendment being blocked, the RNC and Mitt Romney seem to have accomplished what they wanted.

By taking Maine away from Ron Paul, according to the Republican rules, Ron Paul is no longer eligible for nomination to be President of the United States.


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This article doesn't mention Minnesota or Iowa


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nor Nevada, possibly

nor Nevada, possibly Colorado, and Virginia