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On Not Selling Out

At the forefront is principle. In the heat of the battle and in the final analysis there is only principle.

Ron Paulers are not attracted by Ron Paul's good looks or by the pace and tone of his oratory. Those who have committed to the R[3vol]ution care little for the flowery trappings of the Dao. We are only interested in principles and results.

A million old soldiers will fade away. But our dream lives on Forever.

Not all of those who walked with us are fellow soujourners on this road. Some, like Benton, and Tate, 'Rand Who?' and their ilk really don't have much in common with us. They are willing to take our money, but they will sell us out at the drop of a hat.

Paul campaign manager John Tate and campaign chairman Jesse Benton negotiated with Romney confidantes Ben Ginsberg and Ron Kaufman about how to handle the contested delegations.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0812/80067_Page2.html#i...

It is time for Ron Paulers to say NO.

No, Mr. Benton (you piece of garbage), we will not play nice with you while you sell us out. No, Mr. Tate. You do not represent us. No, 'Rand Who?' (you curly haired neocon twerp), don't try to pretend that we stand with you. We oppose you and we are against you.

We don't care if it harelips the RNC and shortdicks every neocon pundit on the planet.

WE will never support your plastic bastard Romney and his cheesy little sycophant Ryan.

You have our undying enmity, Mitt.

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What dont you understand?

Nobody is asking you to vote or support Romney.

An endorsement of the Nominee, after they are assured of victory, is not selling out.

an example of a sell out, would be if Ron Paul changed his foreign policy to attract more voters and win.

There are on 2 principles

1. NAP
2. Self Ownership

And neither have been violated....

I honestly dont think you understand what Principle really means.

Anyone who formerly supported Ron Paul

and who now endorses Romney is a SELL-OUT.

Any support for Romney in any way, is treason against principle.

Romney has nothing in common with us.

I suppose his blood is also some strange colour.

Tell that to Ron Paul himself

Ron Paul in 2010 endorsed NEOCONS worse than Romney. Yep Lamar Smith and others in Texas. ANd he did so for Political reasons......

So you cant have one set of principles for Ron

and a different set for everyone else.

it stinks of hypocrisy.


I used to think it was okay,

but compromise, stripped of any strategic value, is a betrayal of principle.


I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

No compromise

Romney Never






In spades!