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If I were I delegate I would walk out in protest just as Romney does his acceptance speech

Romney won nothing, he cheated as did the entire Republican establishment to push thru something that nobody really wanted - A Romney Republican nomination.

Don't walk out too soon, or they will replace you with an alternate.

All I can say to all those Maine Delegates is take your case all the way to the convention floor and let your Governor speak for your case.

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Do it

I have seen this before, it makes for a good presentation

Hundreds saying "Romney Cheated" non-stop would make the


Who says Rmoney is getting

Who says Rmoney is getting the nomination?

An organized walkout

Of Hundreds, screaming "YOU CHEATED" "YOU CHEATED" "YOU CHEATED" walking in line, slowly. Would at least get media attention. But only during the ONE Hour live coverage time.

Did they announce

the nominee yet? lol He hasn't won anything. WE WILL WIN!

A walk out would NOT be

A walk out would NOT be televised at all! What the Paul supporters should do is yell "Mitt is a liberal cheat and liar"! or some similar slogan over and over! If 400 delegates did that on prime time, WOW! Although they will probably be televising with a delay so that they can break and remove any hecklers. Make a show on TV!

I wouldn't walk out, I'd heckle him until I was forcibly removed

The neocons weren't about to allow another coup like Reagan's. As long as the RNC committees were populated with unethical, un-American elitists they were just going to keep changing the rules, putting up more barriers ad infinitum.

An honest winner of the nomination process would be entitled to decorous behavior. You're not a sore loser when the game was stolen from you by a cheating reprobate.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

The GOP is Delusional

...if they think this is going to end any differently for Romney than it did for McCain. If I was a delegate I would certainly walk out on Romney's acceptance speech. Anyone would be welcome to the seat.

I wish I had a huge bullhorn

I wish I had a huge bullhorn or projector that I could park at the convention outside the RNC to blast recordings of the debates between Ron Paul and Romney, and to show Ron Paul's 'predictions' youtube video. Perhaps even stealthily project the videos onto the walls of the buildings where cops couldn't stop me. There was absolutely no doubt who schooled everyone else in those debates! I am so angry at the shenanigans. It is outright criminal because these 'private parties' mess with the entire national voting system, how on earth they can somehow change rules to disenfranchise legally elected delegates is mindboggling and despicable.

Great Comments, I Agree with you 100% and Shenanigans is

what they pulled from day one of the election process including the electronic voting machines. It is hard not to be totally disgusted with Romney and GOP tactics. I hope Romney loses the election if he is nominated because he does not deserve it nor do we as Americans deserve a crook in the highest office of the United States.


But then no one would see your dissappointment

Or hear your murmuring grumble.

Convention is all about presence not agreement.

That is why the big fight to get as many delegates as possible called to Convention.

Free includes debt-free!

Doesn't Romney

go last, at that point the damn thing is over anyway.

I Can't Help But Think if I Was a Ron Paul Delegate, and if Mitt

is nominated,YES, I would walk out just as he started it. I would show him the same respect he has shown all Ron Paul supporters. Maybe it would be better to turn my back to him as others have suggested.