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The Ron Paul Campaign Has Been Compromised. What Else Would You Expect?

So you think the Ron Paul campaign has been compromised? It probably has been. Not in the sense that Paul has betrayed us, but in the sense that the bureaucratic aspects of his campaign, with secrets being kept and deals being made, has INEVITABLY led to the kinds of cop-outs we're seeing now.

This is what happens when power becomes centralized--even within the liberty movement: grassroots supporters at the bottom cross their fingers to let 1 man at the top (Ron Paul) save them. Centralized power is always a slippery slope to secrecy, and secrecy tends to create the need for lying. Honestly, for a liberty-minded movement like Ron Paul's candidacy, it has done quite well.

But it is obvious that the campaign is not willing to go as far, as die-hard, as some of us would like. However, for those who think Paul should be pushing harder, and that the campaign should NEVER compromise with the GOP, my question for you is this: if YOU were in Paul's shoes, if YOU were negotiating with the crooks in the GOP, would you have what it takes to stand between the banker-funded crosshairs of likely assassination?

This is why, for us to point the finger of blame at the Ron Paul campaign, without being in the line of fire ourselves, is the EXACT SAME mistake of empowering leaders OVER us that leads to tyranny. We cannot cross our fingers and hope for Paul's continued honesty and decency to be the leading spear charging forward in this intellectual fight. That's not what libertarianism is about.

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I do not trust anything the MSM says one way or the other.

I read Dr. Paul's emails only for news about the campaign.

I see many wonderful results, things that have not bee talked about in my lifetime in the public arena.

The MSM is busy creating it's quadrennial hate fest between the DNC and RNC. Death Match 2012.

As usual two Manchurian candidates face off, in the end we will be stuck holding more and more debt. In the end we will be burdened with more rules and regulations.

My thanks and sincere appreciation goes out to those who have been called to Convention in Tampa as delegates and as witnesses.

If it's a done deal for Romney, why would Romney delegates bother showing?

Free includes debt-free!