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community gatherings

because I am up north, I can't participate in a lot of the exciting political activism going on in the states. I would love to attend a meet up, for example.

what was said about community gatherings was on target, though. I had friends over for dinner during the debates, and they asked me what I thought about the candidates.

I said Ron Paul is most consistent in representing classic Republican tenets, more so than any other GOP candidates. the party seems like it's reeling from the universal criticism of the Bush administration. it seems like pandemonium.

Ron Paul is pro-gun, pro-choice, pro-family, pro-individual, anti-taxation... what impressed my friends more than anything was how honestly and passionately he spoke out against the death penalty. it makes sense that a pro-life, ant-war candidate would take this stance.

this speaks volumes to voters. some one else said they thought Ron Paul needed to personalize his message during these sound byte-style debates. the GOP still frets over "TV appeal." that's why they love running actors.

if Ron Paul wants his party's nomination, and he has already made terrific headway, he needs to step his game up a notch. the last debate seemed to garner support for Huckabee, but I would be surprised if that went anywhere.
it will take a substantial politician to go up against Hillary. no candidate is as smooth as Hillary, so the GOP is wrong to engage that angle. Giuliani won't hold up once the real mudslinging begins.

Ron Paul has always had my vote. my only concern is environmental issues which I will address in another post. there needs to be some serious reform after the last administration, and just buying your state won't cut it. Ron Paul was a doctor, so he should know better about carcinogens and contaminents and that this is a universal issue. it's beyong global warming.

I really would like to see Ron Paul in the White House in 2009. best to all of you, and congratulations on your hard work and support.

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Canada Loves Ron Paul


Badmouth Ron Paul.. I might be voting for him you DUMB ASS. That's how stupid your are. You are soo caught in yourself, you don't even know what's going on. This is why I keep calling you a DUMB ASS and telling you to GO AWAY. You do not know what you are talking about and your very fist reply was off base and you should have had to common sense to delete it. Know you feel you have to keep this game going. GET A LIFE. He's running for office you FOOL. What Politician speaks without addressing certain groups as well as individuals and expect to win. EXACTLY. No body. Rudy appeals to the HIspanic votes and Hliary appeals to both Black and Hispanic vote. THat not to say they would do anything, but you have to be elected FIRST. I here what eveyone is saying about him. He was not that good and the debate. If he is going to win, he MUST improve. Talking about the WAR, WEED, and the IRS is not going to cut it. What GOOD is talking about liberty if you are not going to tell anyone specifically what you're talking about and how it helps them. Just being ANTI-WAR is not ging to cut it. (ask OBAMA). Everybody with Half a Brain knows you just can't bring the Troops home. It no longer makes sense. He has yet to talk about how to do it. DAMN, he looked Blacks and America in the face and said he would do nothing about Darfur. All the attention Daruft has been getting and he said he would do nothing. That's not going to cut. Americans hate seeing suffering and for a candidate to just ignore it is ridiculous. And don't bring up the Constitution . Amendments are possible. If you weigh what I'm saying compared to what you're saying, I'm pretty sure most would agree wih me. YOU are a DUMB ASS and taking the BOB W approach will have him back in Texas before you know it. And this is his last chance. He's too damn old for us to expect him to run again It's getting close to CRUNCH TIME.

Made a mistake figa

Yes, I did! You are not only a moron, but the biggest moron to ever walk this earth. You have no clue, not only about Ron Paul, but about life. I can only feel sorry for you at this point as you are unarmed to give any quality infomation and to live in reality. Only one that does not understand what is going on in the world, and what Ron is about, would understand you. But keep posting, soon all will know the biggest loooooooooooza on the planet....and his name is figa.

And you prove your point by saying "I might vote for Ron Paul." You have no intention, ever had it, and could never understand what he is all about. I look forward to the host, Mr. Nystrom, removing your posts and disallowing your being here....it's giving Ron a bad name.

If someone else wants to chime in and explain to the genius why he has no clue, feel free, but I wouldn't waste my time if I were you either.

How much do they pay you to clean the restrooms at McDonald's by the way figa? I'm sure you're not worth it whatever the amount.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL


So it is my fault that I am smart enough not to 100% commit to someone who has yet to lay out his plan. You are proving not to be so smart. The majority of the American People have not decided. Which means you are in the minority. You have yet to state any facts that back up your Point. I stated you are a dumb ass and I gave you the reason. You are the only one to comment to my first email in a retarded manor. Just you BOB. You keep saying I don't have a clue. You are 100% behind someone who has yet to tell everyone how he is going to bring the troops home. How many? How long? And what happens to Iraq next and how is he going to deal with it? Lets be honest BOB. YOU HAVE NO CLUE. And to say you do is a flat out lie. YOU KNOW WHY???? Because RON has not said anything yet. He gives ideas on what we could do. That nice but it's time for the next step. The next President is far to important to just vote on someone with good ideas. AMERICAN like to SEE what they are voting for. YES I might vote for Ron. That's my GOD DAMN RIGHT. And if I want to hear and actual plan from RON. As a voter, THAT'S MY GOD DAMN RIGHT. It's people like you that turn would be voters away from Ron. I hear it all the time. Once a challage is given, all you respond with is nonsense. Removing My NAME will do nothing. Removing your name just may help. It will alow someone to post their comments without a DUMB ASS like you to get a hissy fit. What are you.. RON's Muscle. Do you speak for RON? Of course not. You continue to sound stupid. You have nothing to offer to the discussion. YOU don't even know RON. You like his ideas and now you are sold. FINE. Guess what. The rest of the American People differ. Trust me BOB, you sound crazy. And if anyone really look at all of your responses, who gives RON a bad name. A dumb ass like you who offers no detail, or someone who wants more detail and improvement from Ron before it's time to vote. I've already had people agree with my views. What does that say about you BOB?
-- I don't clean restrooms, but I do have a janitor to clean mine at the office. Why? Are you looking for a job? I hope not. Reading your comments, your not qualified for the position.

Dear genius Figanewton

I have listened to all of his speeches, read many of his articles, books, heard all of the quality people that he knows confirm what he says, has the reputation of the most honest person in Congress, has been voted taxpayers best friend more times than you can count, has a voting record to prove he does what he says, will not take a nickel from special interest groups to the disadvantage of Americans, not CFR, Bilderburg, Skull and Bones....and the list is endless.

He is against Nafta that has caused the country to crunch, against the FED that has undermined our economy and created major power to the evil, he wants America's borders sealed so we do not lose the precious jobs we have and undermine the pay of the existing jobs we've taken 200 puls yrs to build and keep us safe, wants to rid the IRS which was created illegally and steals our hard earned money, rid us from those in gov't that want to steal our rights by changing the Constitution, get rid of all the departments that undermine the States' rights and completely screw up everything, including stealing billions of dollars of misspent money from the taxpayers, to eliminate the welfare state so that people don't take a free ride on American taxpayers and have no incentive to find a job. The list is much longer, but don't have time to spoon feed you his "plan." Perhaps you should pay attention a little more and stop crying that Ron has no plan and you want to hear it before you vote as the lying jokers such as Hillary, Obama, Guliani, and just about all of the rest that do have a plan. Yes, their plan is to lie to get your vote.

You get a plan! It's called reading, paying attention, and absorbing in that little pea brain of yours.

But all you want to hear, like a true brainwashed liberal, is that the poor blacks and other minorities need to be pandered to and have their asses kissed, the people in Africa and the rest of the world need our help when we are going broke here. If you actually ever read anything by him or had the slightest idea what he speaks of, he treats all Americans as individuals and wants all to be free and to prosper. He will not pick out a group and favor them as that is not what America and he stands for. The smart people at the debate understood this. The people that actually take the time to read his material understand this, but you have not taken the time to do anything but cry about why he is not snuggling up to minorities, lying to them to get their votes.

If you don't like what he is about, then you are a fool....and you have proven it by all of your previous comments.

I will not take another second of my valuable time to educate you, a person that has the audacity to suggest he is a Ron Paul fan, but has not taken the tme to research his "plan." If you think he can display his plan in a one minute soundbite, you know not how a conscientous, highly intelligent person like Ron thinks.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL


Again, no plan. You are stating Ideas. This is what you said BOB "he wants America's borders sealed so we do not lose the precious jobs we have and undermine the pay of the existing jobs we've taken 200 puls yrs to build and keep us safe, wants to rid the IRS which was created illegally and steals our hard earned money, rid us from those in gov't that want to steal our rights by changing the Constitution, get rid of all the departments that undermine the States' rights and completely screw up everything, including stealing billions of dollars of misspent money from the taxpayers, to eliminate the welfare state so that people don't take a free ride on American taxpayers and have no incentive to find a job." Okay Smarty Pants. How is he going to eliminate them? How will that effect us in the now and in the future? Can he actually do it? You Have No Idea. Which proves my point. And just to show you that you do not know Ron yourself. He said he CAN NOT end the Welfare State because too many people are dependent on it. He'll have to reform it not eliminate it. It just not pratical. That shows you that wanting to do something and being able to do it are 2 different things. Now don't you see. All you can state are Ideas. Other Candidates are issuing actually plans so the voters can judge if it is good or not. His views are Great, but were is the plan of excecution.

It must be..........

preserved for people that understand it! Actually, I think I heard him mention that his first plan was to send the boys in white coats over to your cave and bring you to a nice safe spot.

Say hello to Hillary for me. She's your type.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL

Would both of you either take it elsewhere or STFU? (nt)


fig is a neocon

Me and you, baby. Neoconnig it up.

I think these freedom lovers have been researching this candidate more than any candidate has been researched in the history of researching candidates.

Us neocons just sit back and listen to our mouthpieces.

"You guys are disgusting doing what you are doing. Where is your patriotism? How are you supposed to support troops when they are home? Do you want to make them hug their families, now?"

Neocon F. Dweeb

"You guys are disgusting doing what you are doing. Where is your patriotism? How are you supposed to support troops when they are home? Do you want to make them hug their families, now?"

Neocon F. Dweeb

Settle down girls. Ron Paul

Settle down girls.

Ron Paul 08

Ron Paul 08


Hey, I didnt see anything wrong with Ron Paul's performance. He has the right idea that you need to *drill* home your point again and again and again. Otherwise you sound like you drift from the issues, can flip-flop etc.. He is sticking to his points and drilling them home like a Dentist Dr. instead of the other kind of Dr..... Some people have said he was talking *over* the heads of the audience. Well I have news for you, these people are highly intelligent and if I could follow Ron Paul's arguments well, then so could they, which is why perhaps they chanted Ron Paul Ron Paul at the end of the forum. True he appeared a little slumped over, but I think its from exhaustion and it didnt take anything away from his message. Ron Paul is a person who appeals to the intellectual side of a person not the physical side of a person. People who vote for a physically good looking person like Romney are *i-d-i-o-t-s* though alas there are people like that in the voting process. Nothing will sway those type of people. My only advise to Ron Paul is STAND TALL, DONT SLUMP, get a good nights rest before any televised debate and if ANYONE snickers at you again, turn to the offender (I.E THAT SNICKERING FOOL OF A RUDY GULIANI) and say "Do you sir have something that you want to say, or comment that you think is funny?" NAIL THE LITTLE SNICKERING BASTARD IN FRONT OF THE NEWS, TV AND MEDIA and get nationwide exposure again. Dont be afraid Mr. Paul to call your opponents down when they are making total asses of themselves and you can nail them in public for all to see....

my advice for handling the gigglers

When they laugh, simply turn and look somewhat sideways at them, silently, until they stop, then turn back and resume talking as if nothing had happened.

Every second of that happening is a *huge* loss for whichever turkey is doing it, and IMO will make more impact than whatever might have been said during that time (even by Ron).

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

RP at his best...

RP was assertive, cogent, concise, confident, and had the best responses to unarguably the best questions of any debate so far, and I've watched them all.

Too bad the Faux Quartet (Pinochet Thompson, Mob Boss Rudy, Brocken Record McCain, and Catcher's Mitt-Romney) didn't show up to get seered (sp?) by Ron Paul's torch of Truth and be exposed in a very clear way.

I wish the hack media in the previous larger debates on CNN/FOx would have provided such time to ROn Paul and asked such legit, fair, and supremely important questions for Ron Paul to hit out the park as he did in this respective PBS debate.

The Demogague (Democrat?) debate on yesterday hosted by Tim Russert was a flat out joke, and the only way I caught a glimpse of it was because it was a default channel at the car dealer. The questions were ridiculous and the answers even more so. Doesn't the majority of America (exluding true Patriots, RP supporters, informed people) get that the government and the President, especially, have ZERO power to give or to take away rights/privelages from the people... ?

THanks for allowing me to post my first forum comment. Collectively, many of you guys are very smart here on DailyPaul, and the owner of this site is a pioneer and is doing great things for Truth and for Ron Paul r3VOLution...!

Liberty, Justice, Truth, and Compassion will PREVAIL!

PS. After reading a large amount of the forum posts before mine in this thread, most of you sound like whiners and complainers. The fastest growing campaign, hands down, and you all are bashing ROn Paul on selling himself? Are you kidding? His message and his enthusiasm sells itself, his transparent integrity and conviction sells him. He's not there to sell out and pose, and if you want him to be and do other than what he has/is, knowing his personality, he probably wouldn't WANT you to vote for him even if it would help him advance. He is about principle, as are so many of us like minded humans out there, but a number of you on this thread are confused.

Keep posting "Informant" the

Keep posting "Informant" the majority of us agree. For those that want to piss and moan, its best to ignore them. One can tell by thier postings that they have nothing to contribute that has thought and flow. Responding to them encourages them. I prefer to see a glass that is 1/2 full and not dwell on moot issues. Think outside the box. This is probably why I am so successful at what I do. Other than spelling that is.. :)

pbs debate

The campaign is fast becoming a runaway success so what was evident in this debate is Ron has to start selling himself. His message is rock solid and universally appealing but he has to show that he himself has the mojo to deliver the goods, he needs to get some swagger. The campaign needs to come up with a simple creative makeover formula for Rons image and then go with it 24/7. The other candidates are starting to parrot the message so throw them curve and go with some image PR, change up the tempo and have fun with it. I remember watching Ron in interviews 20 years ago he can be very charismatic and sharp so doing it would really propel him to the next level.


I couldn't agree more Fountainhead. Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad,Poor Dad) said whatever profession you go in you should take a sales class. If you can't sell yourself it's hard to succeed. If you look at Ron in his younger days, he had some serious fire. He would get into with anyone about his views. He stated his ideas and was able to get specific at times. He has yet to master the selling part which does require him to speak directly to his audience at times. Unfortunalely many here think Ron is doing just fine. I hope Ron's people listen to you and not other's here.

Best SELLING author

One of the best things I ever heard Kiyosaki say was just that. While talking to a reporter (aspiring author) that was doing an piece on him called "Best selling Author" She asked "How can I achive my goals as a writer?" He said "Take some sales classes." She was angry and told him about all the schools she attended and that she would never lower her self like that" Robert simply said... "Look what you just wrote on your note pad.... Robert Kiyosaki, best SELLING author" not best author or most educated.
Thinking of investment gurus.... My wife just bought me a first addition hard back copy of "YOU CAN PROFIT FROM A MONETARY CRISIS" by Harry Browne for $2 at goodwill.... sweet.

Don't just tell em..... SELL em!

I love Robert Kiyosaki. He

I love Robert Kiyosaki. He is like that 48 Laws of Power guy. You don't need substance, just PLAY PEOPLE!!

"You guys are disgusting doing what you are doing. Where is your patriotism? How are you supposed to support troops when they are home? Do you want to make them hug their families, now?"

Neocon F. Dweeb

"You guys are disgusting doing what you are doing. Where is your patriotism? How are you supposed to support troops when they are home? Do you want to make them hug their families, now?"

Neocon F. Dweeb

It's funny how when your

It's funny how when your comments aren't warm and fuzzy, people reply as if you have no right to critique RON. This is crazy. You act like Ron almost won the last time he ran for President. He was still saying the same thing as he is today. Why didn't he win? Maybe too many people kept saying "You're doing just fine RON". If you can hear all the good things, then you should be able to hear the bad as well. Yes he did not do as well as normal. Yes he actually shown that he might have a serious weakness. Some people problems have nothing to do with the WAR or Drugs so he shouldn't tie everything in to the WAR and bringing the troops home. I have a feeling the rest of the debates are going to cover more of a variety of issues like the DEM debates. The Clintons have perfected making their debates Audience Specific while gazing the general voter at the same time. After strong criitsism, Obama has been able to do the same thing. I would prefer to point it out now so it can be minimized, other than turn a blind eye and act as if everyone else is out of line. Obama was hit a lot harder that this and his people didn't bitch. They wanted improvement and he has improved. Now he is kicking ass in the debates even though the MSM always show Hiliary as the winner. Ron could do the same. We have three months before the first real vote is cast. We have every right to want improvement. To say donate all you money and Shut up when he does bad is just foolish. He needs to tighten up his game. Newt is more than likely going to enter the Race. When he does, he will be the 2nd Anti-War candidate and the be perfectly honest, he will be extremely hard to beat. He is a Great speaker, great with all issues. If Ron continues to just sell Ideas and Newt sells ideas with an actual Plan, he do you think will win. This ain't a Disney story, this is the real world. The REP voters are still looking for someone OTHER than the candidates now who they can vote for and beat Hiliary. So not only does he is have to show is views are better than the neocons, he needs to start pointing out the DEMS as well. REP voters rally behind the person who challanges DEMS all the time. As long as he gets stuck in STUMP SPEECH MODE, he can't do it.

You are right on fig about

You are right on fig about Ron getting stuck in stump speech mode, he has been great at getting his viewpoint across in regards to accurately and truthfully indentifying the cause and effect of the issues but continually offering up the Constitution as the answer will not get it any longer. People need to start hearing what the benefit will be, where it will come from and how he will give it to them when he is presenting solutions to problems. And most important of all is convincing them that he is the guy that can do it.

It's Funny when.....

Your comments are stupid and innaccurate, they are corrected and attacked. Was that "warm and fuzzy" enough for you?

Maybe you should go back to Hillary's site where you belong. To make a comment about a previous campaign almost 20 years ago under a 3rd party is proof that if Ron takes anyone's advice, it should NEVER, EVER BE YOURS! EVER!

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL


BOB Please. Get off the damn computer. You are a DUMB ASS remember. NO one wants to hear from you. Leave. Your statments are stupid. Leave. Please stop saying you are from FL. Just go away.


We belong at redstate.com these guys are freedom loving losers.

Let show them how to conform to the mass. Let show them that Ron Paul is a sinking ship, and not a breath of fresh air. I love CFR.

"You guys are disgusting doing what you are doing. Where is your patriotism? How are you supposed to support troops when they are home? Do you want to make them hug their families, now?"

Neocon F. Dweeb

"You guys are disgusting doing what you are doing. Where is your patriotism? How are you supposed to support troops when they are home? Do you want to make them hug their families, now?"

Neocon F. Dweeb

Why figa

Because I'm here to make sure you don't badmouth Ron or anyone else on this site. You'll be saying that you didn't like his tie next....or why doesn't he color his hair? Yep, I just can't leave you alone .....you're just such a nice guy.

When one's stupidity is exceeded by their classlessness, it's hard to resist not pointing it out.....and you are the definition of those words.

But thanks for the "please," maybe you're only a dirtbag 99.9% of the time....nah.....sure it's 100%. But at least you're good at something!

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL

While arguing over the

While arguing over the internet is like the special olympics, pessimism definately isn't getting us anywhere.

Paul 08

Ron Paul 08

run for office

There seems to be people who think they can do a better job in the debates than Ron Paul. Our country could sure use some fresh faces. I suggest they run for office and let us be the judge.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."


that's what's going to happen anyway.

thanks to our good Doc. and this exciting and historically pivotal run for the presidency, there's got to be literally thousands of libertarian light-bulbs turning on inside people's heads And that light is illuminating a unique path towards an involvement in politics that has the very rare ingredient of integrity.

i imagine in this very community there are those who, inspired by the spirit of Ron Paul's character, resolve and patriotism, have started down the path to politics already. and that, realistically, is likely more important than whether he wins the election. (he will). with luck, some of the next generation of Paulians will have half the strength of character as our candidate, one of whom will, in time, take the torch from President Paul and continue to protect our personal liberties from the threat of an aggressive, dishonest, arrogant, unprincipled, interfering and unconstitutional federal government.

it's not just a presidency, after all. It's a rEVOLution...

OK, Enough with the helicopter supporters

Hovering over every last detail of this debate.

It was OK, not perfect, but so what.

Time to move ahead. Time to keep delivering the message.


Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.

My apologies

Last night I left a message that I didn't think Dr. Paul did very well in the debate. I was very tired last night during the debate. After watching these videos, I retract that statement and now think that he did great.

Quite a reversal, eh? Kind of like saying "I voted for the 87 million before I voted against it." Perhaps I should become a politician. After all, Sam Brownback is still a US senator and presidential candidate after last night's debate!?! What?!? And he's not even known for flip-flopping, like me and better-known people like John Kerry and George W. Bush (and Romney, and Ghouliani, etc., etc.) Flip-flopping seems to be a requirement for being a front-runner. No wonder Ron Paul isn't considered a front-runner by the people who decide that stuff.

We must be living in the Bizarro version of the USA. Everything is the reverse of what it should be. Christians calling for war, destruction, and torture while the "godless liberals" (not my words) call for peace; the good candidate being ignored by the media and the criminal oath breakers being pushed as our saviors; people actually trust the MSM for accurate news; China has us over a barrel and we're loving it; paper is money?; I could so go on and on, but I'm just too tired.

I think I'd better hit the sack. Sorry about the rant. I kind of pissed myself off with my very lame and sleepiness inspired attempt at humor. I'll try not to post again when I'm this tired.

Ron Paul...period.


I think the problem is he feels like he's fighting everyone. And he just might be. Even though they say they want change, everyone is still slumbering. They want easy answers. And that is one thing Paul does not have.

hello, goodbye, sometimes we all just need to cry.

Debate thoughts

OK, IMO the following needs to be done, debate-wise:
1. Let Dr. Paul be Dr. Paul, BUT he needs to tailor his message to the audience. His comments about imbalanced criminal justice and the drug war were on that direction.
2. He needs to mention his past experience more: ESPECIALLY his medical experience when talking about health care and abortion, his military experience when talking about military issues like veterans benefits and troop pay and morale, etc. More personalization will help. He didn't get that MD by giving a graduation speech, after all. He should be proud of it and put it to use. Ditto his military experience.
3. Smile more. He ain't and shouldn't be Monty Burns.
4. Point out that this is about the people wanting freedom and peace, and he's just privileged to be the spokesman. That means focusing on the grassroots movement and the support.
5. Please get him to actually read Roe v. Wade and not rely on sound bites! Whether he agrees with it or not, it is worth the time to read it.

I agree, a couple of days of rest can do wonders, and the timing is good.

IMO, the following needs to be done, supporter-wise:
1. Stay away from conspiracy-theory stuff.
2. Tout his successes to the masses continually.
3. Tout his record to the masses continually.
4. Advertise, advertise, advertise!
5. Keep it up.

(Note we're doing this stuff already, so #5 really applies!)

We also should figure out a way to give him some sort of presence in the two upcoming WY forums (tomorrow is the first) since he was unable to make it for other reasons.

Ron doesn't need polishing, just some minor fine-tuning.

Me, I'm rounding the blogs and calling out the haters, asking them point-blank what the source of their vitriol is and why they have to resort to name calling, attacking us supporters, etc. What happens is that I keep it at a higher level of discourse and dont use their tactics and they run and hide. I still have not yet seen any hater I call out on this actually respond and have a dialogue. When I make it about them they squirm, especially if they are just plants instead of having genuine political issues to sort out.

I'm also wearing a Dr. Paul car magnet in my daily commute here in LA, seen by tens of thousands daily, and I am getting positive responses.

That and I'm slowly working over my wife. Jury's still out on her, but she is liking what she hears more and more.


"The Revolution will NOT be televised!"

I thought he did really really good!

Judging by these clips (without watching the full version with the other candidates responding) I have to say Ron Paul did more than just great. Every one of his responses from equality under the law to ending the war on drugs to foreign interventionism was spot on.

My Take on This Debate

First let me say that this was not a debate. It was a question and answer session. Asking difficult questions and then only allowing a very short time for answers only “highlights” those politicians with sound-bite mentalities. This format is especially difficult for Dr. Paul because his positions are not always understood without more detail. I agree with those who say he needs to more fully explain his ideas, but this format is just not conducive to intellectual discourse. If you really wanted to hear the candidate’s position on particular subjects you have to give them more time: disadvantage Paul.

When I watch these so-called debate formats, I feel uneasy because if Dr. Paul has one flaw in the arena of politics; it is that he is not one of those slick polished politicians that as we all know will say anything to promote their own popularity. Ron Paul is more of a teacher and statesman then he is a politician. His humility and lack of guile are also the very reasons he is so endearing to us.

I think the reason some sense that Dr. Paul did not come off well in this “debate”, that he seemed somewhat strident and disoriented at times, is that, first he must certainly be tired, but more than that, in my opinion he has yet to come to the realization that he truly is a front-runner in this campaign. I think he really is surprised by the depth and strength of his support. It also appears to me that he tends to speak extemporaneously which under time pressure can seem a little disjointed at times.

Remember, after nearly 30 years as the unorthodox “outsider” in a congress almost completely opposed to his staunch support of the constitution and the American people, he may still believe he must defend his positions instead of making the others defend theirs. Having spent all this time as the underdog both in congress and, up until now, in this campaign, I think he still has a “fighter’s” approach that now may seem somewhat inappropriate.

With a little rest and contemplation of his new found support and success, I think Dr. Paul will rise to the occasion. Congressman Paul, “How would you solve all the problems of the world?” you have 30 seconds, go! As unfair as the hypothetical sounds, Ron Paul is probably the only candidate that could actually give a coherent workable answer. Eliminate the IRS, replace the Federal Reserve monetary monopoly with sound money and bring our troops home from around the world would be a really good start.

Finally, I have to wonder the real reason the so-called top tier candidates didn’t show? Is it because of their disregard for the audience, possibly? However, when has Dr. Paul received the most attention? When he was contrasted against and attacked by the big government war-monger candidates directly. Without those participants, there was no real attack for Dr. Paul to “stand against”. Instead we got mostly some imitation Paul sounding rhetoric, even from Huckabee, that at least in my opinion somewhat defused the Ron Paul bump that these debates have always brought him. Am I reading too much into the “top tier” lack of participation?

Best Regards,

Cat's out of the bag!

Totally agree with that last observation. As I wrote in another thread, the second tier all effectively co-opted RP's answers from other debates to steal his thunder and minimize his effect. The absence of the top tier had essentially the same effect, preventing the inevitable showdowns that have happened in the past and have resulted in great exposure for RP. It certainly does seem that there is a widespread and bipartisan effort to blunt his momentum. Too late, though, cat's out of the bag!

It's Offensive...

...to not only pander to Blacks with no intention of following through, but to also expect any politician to diagnose/cure our community's problems with a damned speech. I applaud Tavis for presenting a truly fair and honorable debate. The fair-and-equal-time format is probably another reason the "top-tier" punked out. However, a few seconds is not going to cut it when you're talking about issues as complex as those last night. Historical and statistical facts are pertinent to understanding current situations and contemplating possible solutions. People that don't care about understanding the root cause of a problem will just move on to the next soothsayer. I was glad to see brothers and sisters that didn't quite understand Ron's responses meet with him afterwards to get a more complete answer. You can either demand the truth and take the time to understand it, or you can listen to that dickbone Sam Brownback give an anecdote about the first time he ate fried chicken. I prefer truth.

I agree

It's almost like the black community feels like they really have no power, so they will accept pandering.

hello, goodbye, sometimes we all just need to cry.

Thank you

for saying what I meant way better.

I say it again: RON PAUL WAS AWESOME. Stuck to his principles, didn't pander to Blacks and spoke like a big person with a lot of love for his country and it's people. Period.


I don't know, I guess it takes an outsider like my self from Europe to actually see that


and THAT'S the TRUTH!

I think a lot of you should remind your self's that you didn't support him at first, because he seemed ANGRY, DIFFERENT, WEIRD even but what he said did make ENOUGH SENSE that you checked him out. And the more you learned about him the bigger your support for this great man grew.

I think he maybe changed the pace a bit, maybe even spoke lauder but he clearly was him self: HONEST, DIRECT and STRAIGHT TO THE POINT about HIS BELIEFS.

Get over about splitting hairs and your (in)perfect selfs and show some unchallenged support will you!

Hooked on Ron Paul!

Remember, Ron Paul is doing all of this campaigning while also working for Congress, introducing legislation, and writing articles. I think he is doing excellently. I too think this wasn't his best performance, but I think he piques people's cuiosity and they will look him up to find out more. As we have seen from each other's testimony, once you become interested you are hooked! I think Ron is hooking 'em!

Michael Steel (Big Gulp) Eats His Words

Back in the May Fox News debate Michael Steel had some comments about Ron Paul. Then he insinuated that Ron Paul shouldn't be in the campaign.
See it here. At about 2:50 into the clip


I was so pleased to see him have to introduce the good Doctor (still in the race) last night.

Sweet providence!

Michael "it's done!" Steele

Yep, he chose poorly. (When you lie down with Hannitys, you wake up with fleas.)

He also delivered the keynote speech at the Texas GOP straw poll the night before Duncan Hunter "won".

I'd never heard of him prior to that "it's done!" remark, but I'll sure be keeping an eye out for him from now on. ;-)

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

the projected unemployed

I wonder what kind of jobs those guys are going to be able to get after the '08 election. Blackwater maybe? No, that's not possible. Maybe we should send them copies of Ron Paul's new Tax Free Tips Act? Yes, I think they can handle Red Lobster.

doing fine

I watched it the second time and I think Ron is doing fine. Sure, he is tired it shows but it also shows how committed he is to his message
and to us. We are like parents who want their child to be a big success so we become super aware of every detail. The man had 30 seconds to answer a question I doubt that any of us could have done as well.

There will be many more opportunities for Dr. Paul to speak lets give him a break he's 72 years old. It is up to us to get his message out there and it's the message that will carry Dr. Paul into the White House.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

I agree let Dr. Paul rest a

I agree let Dr. Paul rest a couple of days... However he DOES need to consult with some proffesionals and develop his message so that it ADDRESS's some of these concerns..

Such as.. using the bully pulpit of the presidency to facilitate actions by groups such as red cross and others to address issues like Darfur... and for that matter... while he BELIEVES we should be out of the U.N... while we are in it.. we should see what can be done with it too..

Answers like those would address the issues being raised and at the same time stay TRUE to his real message..

Also.. when he says to get rid of the Dept of Education... you would be surprised how many voters think that means... PRIVATE EDUCATION... IT DOES NOT... It means STATE CONTROLLED EDUCATION.. And when Dr. Paul mentions eradiatin the Education Dept.. he needs to AT THE SAME TIME SAY.. that this allows the STATE EDUCATION SYSTEM TO FUNCTION BETTER.. and in NO WAY DEPRIVES THEM OF THE ABILITY TO PROVIDE EDUCATION TO OUR YOUNG PEOPLE..

I am THE BIGGEST Dr. Paul fan... however TO WIN he needs to lay his message out... explaining ALTERNATIVE ways to address issues usually address by FEDERAL MONEY..

I hope all Paul supporters understand what I'm trying to say.... He has US locked down.. but to win.. he needs to broaden his message.. explain perhaps a bit.. think about the questions in advance and instead of giving us the "canned" response he needs to develop it a bit to reach those not paying as much attention..


More Needed

I have to agree with atvdude. I think it would help if Dr. Paul explained some of his positions more fully. When he says "get rid of the IRS and replace it with nothing" people need to understand how much of the Fed's money comes from the income tax--some people think ALL the money the government operates on comes from the income tax! People need to know that essential functions of the government won't cease to exist because of this.

In addition, people need to know that Dr. Paul would give a robust response in defense of this country. They equate not being the aggressor with no defense at all. WE know how much he loves this country; others need to know it too.

"The politicians don't just want your money. They want your soul. They want you to be worn down by taxes until you are dependent and helpless. When you subsidize poverty and failure, you get more of both." James Dale Davidson

define fine?

I think many of us would have done better. We can't make excuses for him. If he's too old, he needs to get quit. He had a minute to answer questions and he was so stuck in stump speech mode, he sounded ridiculous at times. These deabates matter a lot for him since he is not a front runner. By lying and telling people he is doing fine means there is no reason to improve.

Arm Chair QB.

In some ways you are right we all could do better at getting our ideas accross. Check out my post of Arm Chair QBs.
Just think though... Bush is our pres. now right? I think most would agree that Ron Paul sounds alot more with it than Bush ever did and Ron don't have the million dollar spin writers or prep school.
I strongly think you are way off on the old age thing. Ron Paul's age is an asset. I think he should use it to his advantage. saying things like.... Maybe you were to young to remember the 1970s and how the dollar crashed, or remember the days of charity hospitals. It is wisdom we need (think about Reagan and how old he was) I am sick of punk baby boomer neocons who should be selling used cars not running for office.


That's right, fig. Let's see if we can pull aHoward Dean on these freedom lovers. We will paint Ron in a bad light from the inside to try to dishearten his base. You are a neocon genius. I thought goog and I were alone on Michael Nystrom's Daily Paul. Let's stick this noncomformist mindstate straight into their freedom loving keisters!!!

"You guys are disgusting doing what you are doing. Where is your patriotism? How are you supposed to support troops when they are home? Do you want to make them hug their families, now?"

Neocon F. Dweeb

"You guys are disgusting doing what you are doing. Where is your patriotism? How are you supposed to support troops when they are home? Do you want to make them hug their families, now?"

Neocon F. Dweeb

Figa, go vote for hillary.

Figa, go vote for hillary. Freedom isn't always a easy message to convey. Ironicly, it is not easy to convey to a mostly black audience. Why don't you look at how great he has done in the past, and stop nit picking on a at times sub par performance. The audience loved him, and i loved him. He did not pander and say "OH I FEEL SO SORRY FOR BLACKS, SLAVERY WAS BAD" he stuck to his guns and explained that all men are created equal. It's pessimist like you that do no good for a overwhelmingly optimistic campaign.

If it's cold and calculated speaches you want, youl find yourself right at home with the poster girl of the democrat's. With Ron Paul you get deep and thoughtful incite, that is almost never rhetorically the same.

Ron Paul 08

Ron Paul 08

Feel free to reply WERRD.

Shut the Hell up. You sound so stupid. "Freedom isn't always a easy message to convey. Ironicly, it is not easy to convey to a mostly black audience". Do you even look at this shit before you post it. "OH I FEEL SO SORRY FOR BLACKS, SLAVERY WAS BAD." Do you know how racist you sound. What the Black people aren't smart enough to understand or Are you trying to say that someone running for President of the UNITED STATES doesn't feel comfortable speaking in front of BLACKS. Maybe you need some rest. Again... There are things that effect Blacks far more than Whites. If you are going to go to a Black forum, at least educate yourself on the issue to show you at least give a Damn. Hell ACHMADINIJAD came over here and STUCK to HIS GUNS. Did that make him look any better in our eyes. NOOOOOO. Don't make excuses for RON. He is a grown man. No one is looking for excuses. This highlight reel that's on this website is edited to make people believe that Ron did better than he did. Trust me, it was not like that at all. He as well as one could do showing ignorance for social issues. He is solid on other issues bu the needs help. He will not get the GOP nomination. He may get the votes but he still won't get the nomination. They hate his guts. They have shown that they control who they want to win regardless if the vote prove otherwise. He has a chance as a third party candidate, but if he does not improve with social issue and just stick to his guns like WERDD says. GAME OVER- make room for Al Capone's favorite candidate, RUDY.