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Oregon: Polk County votes 30 to 5 to censure ORP and Allen Alley

In Oregon, Polk County votes 30 to 5 to censure Oregon Republican Party and Allen Alley (for cheating Ron Paul delegates at this year's CD5 convention)

full story;

It just so happens that 1 of the 5 who voted against it was Mike Nearman, married to Debbie Nearman (who was one of the appointed delegates).

back story:

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What does "censure" mean?

What does "censure" mean? Does he retain his power and position? If so......


I saw a Ron Paul sign in Polk county just today in fact.

God, thank you instilling a

God, thank you instilling a spirit of mercy and justice into people! What goes around, comes around ...

Way cool

Way to go Southern Oregon peeps. Good job.

Keepin' it real.

actually Polk County is

actually Polk County is Salem.. our state capital.. central/ north central Oregon. Not a very red area, so GREAT JOB !

Actually, Salem is in Marion

Actually, Salem is in Marion County. Polk is nearby, though.

Some of the "appointed" Alt Delegates

only received votes in the single digits, and yet they replaced Alt Delegates duly elected at the Congressional District Conventions who received close to 150 votes!

Thank You Jinn

Thank you for all your hard work on getting this information out and keeping the pressure on the ORP & Allen Alley!

Way to go!

We will have this on our next agenda.