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8/23/12 I just got off the Delegate/Alternate Conference Call

Total buzz kill.

More questions were asked (or were allowed to be asked) about busing and VIP passes than what our delegate count really is. And how the Platform went. Or what exactly we should do on the floor.

Apparently, according to the Campaign. RON PAUL WILL NOT ACCEPT a nomination from the floor.

Basically at this point I guess he considers it not cool to be flaunting his support when in that controlled environment it will look very small.

They never answered if MA was settled and alluded to the Credentials Committee issue - which John Tate was meeting with the RP committee members and could not participate in the call I was on.

There was a lot of talk about when you speak to the press answer the question YOU WISHED they had asked. Just jump right to good stuff that you want to say. And to remember that you are representing a movement. They don't want wild eyed - pissed off- people getting on camera. I see their point - but I for one am, in fact, fairly irritated.

They didn't say endorse Romney...but after Monday simply say you are looking forward to bringing the party back bla bla bla... and firmly planting the flag of liberty in the republican party.

Someone asked if Ron Paul would be endorsing Romney and they said, "good question."

If Ron Paul ends up endorsing Romney I am going to flip my lid.

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I just changed the headline to reflect the date of the original post.

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lc did it. will temporarily unpublish to fall off front page

Vote up! Vote down!

Well I never meant, nor did I

Submitted by lc on Sun, 09/02/2012 - 20:34. Permalink

Well I never meant, nor did I really think (although I held out hope) that he would have won. But I feel like winning or losing is a moot point when cheating is involved. You do not win if you cheated to get there. Romney didn't legitimately win. Yes, in an alternate reality, if Romney played fair he probably would have won. But that is not the reality of the situation. I almost feel better though that he cheated rather than win fair and square. That would have been flat out disappointing. The fact that they cheated gives us a glimmer of hope.


Ron Paul or John Tate did not elect you to your position. Nor has the presidential campaign closed down. That means Ron PAul is still in the race and your state delegate constituents who elected you to your positions elected you TO DO A JOB.

So do it.

That job is to nominate and vote for Ron Paul.

If Ron Paul didn't want a nomination from the floor or anywhere else then he shouldn't have run, but he did, and we have jobs to do now.



I will be praying without ceasing for these people to do the right thing and to win for US, the people!!! Ron Paul can win, can be nominated, can be the next President!!

No one can name the misleader who mispoke?

This is clearly someone who has been trusted by delegates and who does not deserve that trust.

Free includes debt-free!

Ron Paul has made no such statement.

Delegates, do your job. Do NOT listen to opposition rhetoric.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


Ron Paul will accept nomination.

At our state convention people were announcing that Ron Paul had dropped out of the race that morning (ummmmm, no.) - "He did so, it was on Fox TV!".


well that's why I posted it last night -O.O-

since then John Tate has issued a new letter saying that the staffer Mis-communicated - which I posted. Although the guy said it a least twice during the conference call.

If by the source - you mean Ron Paul himself - well I guess we will all see Sunday at he Sun Dome.

Why am I not surprised? This

Why am I not surprised? This is Standard Operating Proceedure for the campaign.

True words

Boomers get set in their ways?

I'm a Boomer too. I got turned on to the None Dare Call it Conspiracy book in 1976, and was reading Solzhenitsen after he warned America, and got involved in a Christian ministry which taught us to go after the truth, even the most inconvenient and unpopular.

You may be wrong about Boomers unlearning of the disinformation, and a decades long sharpened tool of discernment. More and more the facade of official lies is cracking under our hammer of disbelief.

News: RT, the newswoman discussed a possible return to a gold standard, and a Morgan Stanley spokesman opposed this- because he said we couldn't respond to crisis in the marketplace quickly enough if we had gold backed currency. Most Boomers wouldn't agree -now that their own retirement looms, and may end up penniless, pensions and savings sacked by bankers, businesses forced to close, children's futures without a legacy to help them - all on the line with zero backed fake monopoly bills and trillions in debt owed.

Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.
C. S. Lewis

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RP will not ACCEPT a Nomination from the Floor?

Does RP have that power?

Susie 4 Liberty


If you guys are going to believe every rumor and out-out-lie I am going to freakin down vote you all. This is politics, it has EVIL in it and they DONT PLAN TO PLAY FAIR TO WIN, OBVIOUSLY.

If the RNC & Romney camp can thro u guys into a freakout with just words, unsubstantiated words, & LIES then you are TOO WEAK & are a ball & Chain for Liberty.

Remember the Guys passing out False Slates?

Remember The Obama campaign LYING to the Hillary Delegates? During the Dem convention in 2008 Obama ops were telling the Hillary delegates the wrong meeting times & locations so they wouldn't be in the right place to vote!



Galatians 5:1
It is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

If you don't start a rEVOLUtion on the floor you let

Everyone down and wasted their time.

Seriously, 30% of America is now at the poverty level.

This is Liars or Liberty, Freedom or Fascism, Slavery or Salvation!

Ron Paul has been drafted--guy never wanted to be President. The handlers from the campaign are just Benton scum trying to leech off your $$$.

Who cares what they say. YOU ARE THE rEVOLution--use that brain in your head!

They can't distinguish the Man from the Message.

My biggest complaint about the Paulitarians is that they are all about Ron Paul the Man, rather than Ron Paul's message. It makes everything so much more different. It also makes the group so much more susceptible to the manipulations of Jesse Benton and Ron Paul's boy.

great so the campaign is now back peddling....

I know credentials committee RP delegates were pissed with John Tate last night.

I'll Say It Again, The RNC Rhino's Are Very Worried.

They have no idea how many delegates are RON PAUL delegates { pretending }attending the RNC.

A vote for RON PAUL is a vote for PEACE on EARTH !


NEW EMAIL From JOHN TATE regarding Confernece Call

I’m very sorry I wasn’t able to make the conference call last night.

As you know, we’re embroiled in a crucial credentials committee fight over some of our delegations, and I had an important meeting yesterday evening I had to attend.

Today and tomorrow are big days for these fights, as we are in the last step of the process. And while we are likely to lose, we are doing everything we can to fight these challenges.

The good news is, in two states, we were able to work with in-state leaders to get more Ron Paul delegates seated for the convention.

Regarding last night’s call, it’s been brought to my attention one of our staffers misspoke regarding the nomination last night on the call saying Ron Paul “would not accept the nomination.”

Of course, if handed the nomination, Dr. Paul would gladly accept.

But unfortunately, we will not have the five states necessary to put Ron Paul’s name into nomination. Nor do we have the numbers necessary for Dr. Paul to win a convention floor fight if nominated.

As far as the Vice Presidential nomination is concerned, Dr. Paul has indicated to us that he does not wish to serve in this position.

I hope this clears up any confusion regarding last night’s call or our campaign’s strategy heading into next week.

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Unfortunately, you are all S.O.L.

Win or lose, John Tate got $330,000 for annual salary from the generosity of the Campaign for Liberty supporters. It's all good.;-(

Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.
C. S. Lewis

I'm glad that was a misquote.

I'm glad that was a misquote. I'm also glad that John Tate cannot see into the future. We can still win. The convention belongs to the delegates.

I read an artical that spoke of the convention and cited it as "Mitt Romneys convention". It is not his convention. The convention belongs to the delegates.

Stay sharp, stay focused.

Misquote or not, it is the truth.

Ron Paul will not accept. This is going down according to plan. We've all been part of a grand-Amway like marketing scheme. It is all too late.

There will be some fun parties at the convention. Go have a good time and enjoy the hospitality suites.

Be patient folks. He has not

Be patient folks. He has not released his delegates. Just wait and see what unfolds.

Look a vote for Romney is a vote AGAINST future generations

I don't post often. I am 39 years old and have two young kids. I have never NOT voted gop so I am not a liberal democrat. I read the site regularly though recently after Rand I have been disheartened. I also have financially contributed a significant amount of money to the campaign. With all of that said I would like to add the follow:

I look at posts by the person Granger (not sure if male or female and I don't care) that talk about working within the GOP. While that type of logic and strategy are correct and should be focused on over the next decade - I STONGLY believe liberty lovers should not vote for Romney.

Granger's age of 55 says all I need to know about how he/she thinks about things. The boomers have one last shot to save themselves in the extend and pretend game and they want Romney. If we fall into their talking points and think the GOP platform will really push for our beliefs and if we vote for Romney we are really suckers. People don't change and they certainly don't change in a few months. We all know Romney and Ryan's voting records. We all know the House couldn't even stop the debt ceiling from continually being increase. We all know nothing will change.

Well nothing will change except the babyboomers will not have to pay for their irresponsibility. They may be able to extend Romeny out 8 yrs and add to our debts a little slower than Obama. Imagine your young sons and daughters 8 yrs older, imagine a debt of 24 trillion with god knows what level of off balance sheet medicare/social security liabilities. Imagine the boomers hitting their 70s/80s - they know that is the best they can hope for and they are trying to get it. They are trying to get it on the backs of our young kids today.

Please please please don't let them. Don't vote for Romeny. HEck if you want go total Galt and vote for Obama IF you live in a true swing state. I personally would not vote for him if I lived in a state were it won't be close (one way or the other) because it would kind of make me sick.

If Ron Paul endorses Romeny I will be sadden beyond belief, I just hope we don't get fooled again.

Screw Romneys feelings

I could care less about Romneys "feelings" and his "embarassment" at the convention, HE NEEDS TO BE EMBARASSED...............he deserves it,,,evry article i see with Paul Ryan in the headlines, my response is " whos paul ryan"....ya mean the guy Mitt introduces as the new president of the U.S. What a fool...mitt cant even beat Ron Paul without cheating, and he thinks he will beat Obama,,,HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH WILL NEVER HAPPEN ! especially without us.

When I hear that Dr. Paul has released

his delegates I'll know it's over. Until then I'll hold out hope, however small it might be, for sanity to prevail.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

I don't trust the word of the Campaign.

I now only trust the voice of Ron Paul, I vet EVERYTHING coming from the campaign. The treacherous Trygve Olson and/or Jesse Benton could be behind every "doom and gloom" news release.

don't you think...

Don't you think that if the campaign was saying things Ron Paul completely disagreed with, he would come out and say something publicly about it? Is he that weak and powerless (two qualities that are generally not what you look for in a President) that he can't speak up for himself? Of course not. He's not speaking out against his campaign because he agrees with them and is behind everything they say and do.

Finally, a voice of reason!

They can't see the truth because it is too painful.

He's going to run Independent

This is of course speculation, and maybe I'm dreaming but hear me out and tell me what you think...

The past several months seemed to make no sense, and even other things early on in the campaign:
- At beginning of campaign, Paul announces he will nmot seek congressional reelection while running for president
- Campaign announces they are not spending any more money on ad buys right before CA and TX primaries
- Rand endorses Romney
- Paul campaign gives up delegates in exchange for platform changes
- Rand Paul is a speaker at the convention (Romney thinks this will help bring the Paul supporters into the fold, it wont)
- Dr. Paul has a couple million in the bank still and isn't doing anything with it
- Paul says he will not accept a nomination from the floor
- Gary Johnson continues to push for the spotlight even though we all know he's a strong Paul supporter. Then they announce he will be with Ron Paul at the sun dome? Maybe his plan was to back Paul all along??

Every one of these things suddenly makes perfect sense *IF* Paul is considering an independent run. Imagine Johnson announces he is withdrawing from the race to endorse Dr. Paul? Paul announces Johnson as his VP choice? Rand Paul speaks at the convention and announces he is switching his endorsement live on the air so EVERYONE knows there is a 3rd choice.

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