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8/23/12 I just got off the Delegate/Alternate Conference Call

Total buzz kill.

More questions were asked (or were allowed to be asked) about busing and VIP passes than what our delegate count really is. And how the Platform went. Or what exactly we should do on the floor.

Apparently, according to the Campaign. RON PAUL WILL NOT ACCEPT a nomination from the floor.

Basically at this point I guess he considers it not cool to be flaunting his support when in that controlled environment it will look very small.

They never answered if MA was settled and alluded to the Credentials Committee issue - which John Tate was meeting with the RP committee members and could not participate in the call I was on.

There was a lot of talk about when you speak to the press answer the question YOU WISHED they had asked. Just jump right to good stuff that you want to say. And to remember that you are representing a movement. They don't want wild eyed - pissed off- people getting on camera. I see their point - but I for one am, in fact, fairly irritated.

They didn't say endorse Romney...but after Monday simply say you are looking forward to bringing the party back bla bla bla... and firmly planting the flag of liberty in the republican party.

Someone asked if Ron Paul would be endorsing Romney and they said, "good question."

If Ron Paul ends up endorsing Romney I am going to flip my lid.

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If RP endorses Mitten, I will have my ghandi moment. I WILL fly the Gary Johnson sign, right next to all of the local republican candidates that I will support GJ.

IF RP does NOT endorse Mittens, I'll play nice and not publicly endorse Johnson (as far as signage goes).

As a member of the county GOP central committee, I could be censured, or what ever if publicly supporting another party. At the point where RP endorses Mittens it is Game off for me with the Republican party.

07 Daytona 675
Don't Tread on Me!

Don't act out like that!

If you are on the county central committee, keep it cool. We'll have our day. Put that Gary Johnson sign away. I'll post some extras on the road in your honor.

Any promise you made to

Any promise you made to thieves is meaningless.

Thank you delegates!

You are representing all of us. Make us proud. Be civil and professional but also firm. In every way you can please push the libertarian vision and policy ideas and impress upon the party how unstoppable the 'Ron Paul movement' is. We are young and will continue after Ron's retirement and they have to know that.

I am inclined to follow the lead of the campaign as they are pros and we will be more effective if united, but also remember you are individual and make your own choices. We'll still be here next year when the Ron Paul campaign is over and Ron is retired.

There is no problem with perfunctory politeness (a "Romney sucks!" attitude is not going to be persuasive in this environment) but on principle and policies, we should not compromise and there is no reason to do so. Wear your Ron Paul support on your sleeve; it is a symbol of our ideas.

Thank you for your sacrifice in doing this, let's make it worth it. We will be watching on TV and will cheer every time a Ron reference sneaks through. If a camera is on you, flash your pin or sticker or have a banner ready.

No Conspiracy THeory BUll

Please dont embarrass the movement. No Conspiracy theory crap. Save it for AJ.


What conspiracy, it seems to me things are out in the open. People get hips and fingers broken in LA and then the delegates are not seated. If we didn't have the internet we would think it a conspiracy...the consipiracy is called evil and it is in plain view!

I dissagree

Ron Paul invited us to join the GOP and become credentialed delegtes, meaning that we needed to connect with, if not take a seat, on our central committees.

Many of the delegates skipped the committee work and THAT is their downfall.

Broken fingers and hips are PERSONAL INJURY lawsuits and should have been taken to local courts as such.

As an activist, I never knew a central committee existed. I knew about conventions, but I did not know about committees. My work with Nader, we had Meet up, but we did not have committees.

WE DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THE COMMITTEESS because to become a committee member, one was INVITED BY THE LOCAL COMMITTEE to take a seat.

Thi is what caused so much CONFUSION at the state conventions, as the committee members had no idea who was CREDENTIALED and who was simply going through the process without bothering to become credentialed.


The committee's job is to VET/credential delegates, candidates and issues.

Delegates are required to go through the same process as committee members (it's why one should just get that seat while they are working at being a delgate) You must petition to qualify, be elected, sign an oath to the party, the constitution, and a 420/ will not commit purgery, AND THEN THE COMMITTEE APPROVES YOU OR NOT.

Many state committee members did not KNOW the Ron Paul delegate, never met them, could not vouch for them, could not vet them, so the committee members droppped them, and when that delegates tried to FORCE their way, using Roberts rules.. very few, thank goodness, committee members employed violence AND SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE AND REMOVED FROM THE COMMITTEE.

Having the internet does not make one smarter, but only under the influence of another form of propeganda.

Too many Ron Paul supporters did not understand the process. They got half the information, or didn't bother to do eveything they should have... the proper proceedure would have been to attend committee meetings, get your name in the minutes, petition, qualify, become elected, sign all the papers, and then have the committee vet you.

What is evil is the perpetuation of ignorance in the name of innocents. There was nothing innocent about our infiltration of the GOP. We did it with purpose, to get Ron Paul elected. We PISSED allot of good people off and we pissed a lot of not good people off. We made more enemies than friends.

Palin's Earthquake LEARNED from out mistakes. They are doing what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do. They are flocking to the committees. They are kind. They point out what we have in common, they are stealth, they are taking those committee seats and will very soon, not only have the majority, but once they have that, they can do what they want, which means turn coat and let us know what they don't agree with about Ron Paul.

That will put us back to the beginning.

Too many here, did not do what Ron Paul asked. They REFUSED to join the GOP, and hoped Ron Paul and the Ron Paul Republicans would FAIL, so they could FORCE Ron Paul to campaign as an Indy or third party. THAT is evil. When they did join the GOP, they refused to go to a committee meeting, they instead, skipped that and went to a convention as if it was a rally and waved signs for Ron Paul, when they were not vetted, they cried foul.

Too many ran to Richard Gilbert to save them, refused to listen to those warning them and informing them that the correct prcess was to take it to local court because it is with the local government, county and state's, where the GOP has filed papers to exist legally.

We have many people here giving mis-information and dis-information and they promote actions and people that are not Ron Paul's message or actions. But too many here think they need to be liked rather than be real. For so many Dpers who perport they seek the truth, when the truth hits them, they can't see it, they are so under the influence of MSM and YouTube propeganda.

Too many here FAILED to do their homework and find out the truth for themselves, rather depend on popular opinion of those on DP, who are sweet talkers whose job was to seduce Ron Paul Republicans into turing away from Ron Paul IN THE NAME OF RON PAUL.

Too many here never read a book by Ron Paul. Too many here are here to profit off Ron Paul not work to have his message materialize.

How many times do we need to see a MSM personality, or someone who write books, be nominated for VP for Ron Paul? At one point it was Glen Back, at anther point it was Peter Schiff, now we have The Judge, and Ben... or Tom Woods... or Alex Jones...

But the REAL politicians, the guys who are on the front line, there is nothing but bashing and trashing, no understanding, no empathy, no LOVE, just HATE.

If there is any conspiracy here, it's been to destroy Ron Paul and his Republican support, blaming them, calling them coward, frauds..

Seems too many here would rather take a gun butt than do what Ron Paul asked all of us to do. That is the real shame and evil.. accepting violence as a solution, when somply getting a seat could have won us everything.

Granger, I don't care who is

Granger, I don't care who is on what committee, no one deserves broken fingers and hips. There is no excuse for dirty politics. I understand though if we do not want the politics to be dirty we have to take over the seats of power. Honestly, all I ever heard was become a delegate. Of course I didn't show up to RP Liberty until this year. I've been a Republican my whole life and don't know a thing about it except voting. I am learning though. Unfortunately 12 years too late.

I do care, and I care VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!

No pone deserve broken finger, I GAREE. That's NOT dirty politics. THAT IS VIOLENCE that should be handled like any act of violence, by a personal injury attorny to sue for damages!

Yes, Ron Paul said "be a delegate".. since every state has their own laws and not all are colled central committees, some have different names, and he would OFFEND the GOP by saying more then become a delegaates, because the committee invites. Ron Paul can not say, Granger, I invite you to join the Mendocino Central Committee, becasue the chair could say, Ron paul is NOT a member of this committe and has to right to invite you!

I showed up as a guest for a year, and they don't like me... they have put me in a box of "Ron Paul nut job". They did not help me get my seat. But if we want the power to materialize Ron Paul's message, this is what we need to do.

Standing on street corners waving signs is not a solution.

I'm 55 and the youngest one on my committee, thought I think these new Palin guys are my age. Ron Paul is in his late 70's so how cpould it be too late?

The meetings are once a month.. 2 hours... how hard is that?

I too am learning, it's why I don't fear ebing wrong.. I fear most times that I am right.


I replied below too, but I am doing the dishes and still thinking about all of this. The thing about broken fingers and hips and going to court is that the process was disrupted with that violence and the process was not allowed to play out. So, yes, going to court is important, but what was stopped cannot be redone. i.e. in MO someone on the committee was hauled off to jail for tresspassing because the other PTB did not like what was going on during the caucus as far as videos etc. You know what I am talking about. Anyways, then the caucus gets held weeks later. What transpired in those weeks that would not have transpired on the spot during the original caucus? The outcomes are changed by delay tactics. Which I understand can be fixed if everyone would get involved in local committees. But still the answer to take it to court does not redo what has been undone by the dirty tactics. I do want you to know I am not picking a fight with you. I appreciate you my dear friend. I am just writing down my if you do not have enough to deal with. Have a nice day :)

The shame of it

Had it been me, I would have found a personal injury attorney and I would have sued the person who broke my fingers/hip and the committee. I would have written to local and state papers (under the advice of what I could say) and I would have made this a HUGE LOCAL ISSUE.. I would have gone to the police and asked for an arrest. I would have demanded the person who hurt me be removed from the committee and that I replace them.

If you think that wouldn't have hurt them, you would be incorrect.

instead, they dropped everything to join Gilbert's lawsuit.

That is what makes me sick.

You my friend are AWESOME!

You know alot more than I do. My first thought was that maybe they got threatened, then I read the part about them joining up with Gilbert. Yes, that is a shame. It is too bad we can figure out how to multiply you and have you everywhere at once! Love you too. I am glad you are fearless! I live too much in fear, some of the wrong kind. Fear of being wrong, but I'm not afraid to say so when I least there is that much :) I'm keeping my eye on the Maine Twitter

I should have said that

I should have said that differently. I do care too, but I was trying to make a point about dirty politics and those dirty politics lead to violence and my point was that the conspiracy of dirty violent politics is in the open. Or perhaps better said, my eyes are now open. I suppose it has always been dirty. I appreciate you Granger and all you are doing.

I believe that

furthermore, I believe you are an AWESOME person and I love you.


I think he's saying no talk of chem trails, 9-11 was an inside job, the Bush family are really lizard people, Bilderberg, etc.

Some of those may well be very true but it's not what Ron Paul wants projected by his representatives. The delegates to the RNC reflect directly on Ron Paul and "the movement" and therefore they need to stick to the message directly relating to the movement that Paul has talked about for decades (personal liberty, less taxes, smaller federal government, constitutional wars, etc)

Lizard People?

Hmmm, lets lump that one in with the conspiracy of evil. But, yes, I do agree with the stick to business attitude, but really...Lizard People? How about Evil Legal Criminals who are making us pay for our own demise and selling our land down the UN river.

And by the way, the 1956 Republican Platform supported the UN. I cannot understand that one bit:
“We shall continue vigorously to support the United Nations.”

How about left is right and up is down and I have been a republican my whole voting life and before I was born that party platform was to VIGOROUSLY support the United Nations.

I want to know what is going on…is it a CONSPIRACY in plain view?


The Republican Party in the

The Republican Party in the USA is part of a larger INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION started by GHWBush while he was the Republican Vice President of the United States of America.

The organization is called the INTERNATIONAL DEMOCRAT UNION. They get together and discuss policy and procedures to basically create an international voting block that would support UN initiatives.

This may explain GHWBush's famous NEW WORLD ORDER speech

and it may explain why the Republicans were debating sex education during the creation of the Party platform this week and why they support NDAA. And why they would choose nearly impossible to differentiate Romney as the GOP Nominee to oppose Obama.

It may also explain why Ron Paul endorsed like every third party candidate he could think of last election.

NOTE: ICELAND ON THE CHART AT THE LINK. They are no longer the majority in Iceland. This explains what they stand for.


lizard people ... you've never noticed his reptilian eyes?? .....

And yes, exactly. Let's focus on the obvious issues that we can easily convince our friends and family about: Audit the Federal Reserve, balance the budget, bring troops home, stop the federal government from spying on innocent Americans, etc.

Stop Being Naive

Re-read tho OP post. Look closely.

It is incredible that the young generation is fully engaged in this process. Many older folks can learn a thing or two. Likewise, the younger folks can learn from the older folks, there is a lot of school of hard knocks material.

RP did NOT suspend or drop out. He handed the torch to We the People, as our system was designed.

1. I spoke to people "in the know". We MUST do on the floor what we had been preparing all along.

2. Yes, answer the questions AS YOU WISHED THEY WERE ASKED. This is your last opportunity to be heard. Do not waste time or words.

3. It is NOT up to RP or Romney - it is up to the DELEGATES to vote on a nominee.

4. Stand as true Americans. Do not fall or concede to opposition rhetoric. Do what is right for your country!

As the letter that went to delegates stated, it is NOT up to msm , the candidates or their campaign to determine the nominee. That is YOUR job to decide!

I have limited access as I am in Tampa. I leave this to you, I hope that somebody will turn this post into a thread.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I was on the call...

They made it pretty clear that if we (the delegates) do manage to nominate Ron Paul from the floor he will not accept it and to please respect his wishes to not be nominated.

Paul is thinking long term. This isn't "the most important election in our lifetimes" like the GOP wants you to believe. If Mitt is the nominee then life will go on. But if we come out of this convention as a respectable and integral part of the GOP and continue to take it over then we'll be ready for 2014 and 2016. That's the goal. We will continue to take over the power structure of the state parties and as we do so the national Republican party will be forced to change.

Where's the evidence that

Where's the evidence that "we" are taking over? I've been watching the platform committee hearings this week and we've been smoked. BTW, Rand and his pro-Romney cronies DO argue that this is the most important election of our lifetime.


Did you not notice us taking over Iowa? No one said this would be a quick process. We're still learning how to do this, and we made mistakes. We'll do better next election.

Please read The Granger's posts on this topic.

Eric Hoffer

I've read Granger's happy

I've read Granger's happy face posts. I'm looking for objective, nuanced commentary not 100 percent propaganda for a point of view.


You may not have read her posts.

They paint a dire picture of "us not winning" "people failing to get on committees" and "quit with the pie in the sky crap, we've lost and it's because we didn't know enough or engage with the party."

Where are you getting the pie in the sky from?

Eric Hoffer

I know that Granger NEVER

I know that Granger NEVER criticizes the actions of the Romney campaign when it steals our delegates. He just blames us. Oh....he wouldn't be caught dead saying a negative word about Rand who, in Granger's eyes, can do no wrong. BTW, unlike the predictable Granger, I am more than willing to praise Rand when he is right, such as his oppostion GM food labelling.


I strongly disagree with Granger on a number of issues, and I agree with you on the labeling thing. In this case, Granger's right though. We made mistakes. Is the Romney campaign full of jerks who used every immoral method possible to railroad us out of delegates?

Yeah absolutely. But that's not possible when you're in control. We didn't start getting involved in most cases until it was way too late. I'm ok with acknowledging where we made mistakes, because next time we KNOW not to make those same mistakes. We kicked ass in Iowa. The more times we do that, the better we'll be off. The more positions we get, even if it's through slow attrition, the better.

Like I said, I don't agree with a lot of what Granger says in terms of positions, but on the politics of this she (I think) is spot on. Expecting entrenched political parties to "play nice" when we have a stated purpose of taking over and forcing them to do the right thing was a bit naive of us. We came in wielding swords and Robert's Rules, but we failed to make alliances and actually stay in the party in most cases. People in the GOP don't mind being led, obviously, but they don't want to be led by people they perceive as "outsiders" or "not one of us."

It took Dr. Paul 30 years of standing strong and working for us to find him. Giving up on him when we've made so much progress in the GOP doesn't seem right. To me it seems like we need to keep going and take over completely, in every state and county.

Eric Hoffer

This is what Ron Paul said in his breakfast speech in

Minnesota. It will be up to the people if they wanted it band enough to nominate him. All comes back to us and the delegates we elected to represent us in Tampa. It will be up to them to persuade the rest to vote for a true conservative Ron Paul!

When was this speech?


I like you!

I like you!

“Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy...." Adams. http://blogtalkradio.c

:-) :-)

Folks, we can do this! RP has made it clear that WE must fight as our founders have. He will NOT turn down the nomination if elected. RP has counted on us to take back our country. He has counted on us to learn the process and to fight for ourselves.

Rnc, Romney or anybody who says the contrary is threatened by this and will tell you lies.

Btw RonPaulGirls, we are friends, you just don't know it because of my username here ;-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul