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8/23/12 I just got off the Delegate/Alternate Conference Call

Total buzz kill.

More questions were asked (or were allowed to be asked) about busing and VIP passes than what our delegate count really is. And how the Platform went. Or what exactly we should do on the floor.

Apparently, according to the Campaign. RON PAUL WILL NOT ACCEPT a nomination from the floor.

Basically at this point I guess he considers it not cool to be flaunting his support when in that controlled environment it will look very small.

They never answered if MA was settled and alluded to the Credentials Committee issue - which John Tate was meeting with the RP committee members and could not participate in the call I was on.

There was a lot of talk about when you speak to the press answer the question YOU WISHED they had asked. Just jump right to good stuff that you want to say. And to remember that you are representing a movement. They don't want wild eyed - pissed off- people getting on camera. I see their point - but I for one am, in fact, fairly irritated.

They didn't say endorse Romney...but after Monday simply say you are looking forward to bringing the party back bla bla bla... and firmly planting the flag of liberty in the republican party.

Someone asked if Ron Paul would be endorsing Romney and they said, "good question."

If Ron Paul ends up endorsing Romney I am going to flip my lid.

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RP is still running

If he really wants to send the message that he doesn't want to be nominated from the floor, he will suspend his campaign.

Well, on second thought, suspending the campaign may make things worse...

This all started

when he his POS son Rand Paul endorsed that point Ron Paul in all sense and purposes conceded but let us believe that there was still something big that could happen just as long as we keep on donating. That pains me to say, but Ron Paul has indeed been complict in all this shit. Obviously Benton and the other whores convinced him that this would be the best possible route for the movement.

I Don't Believe Ron Paul Won't Accept A Nomination !

Try to Nominate him anyway.


We are there to make him our president . . .

If the delegates nominate him from the floor and Dr. Paul doesn't accept the call why don't we do a massive walk out. That is the reason we are there. Yes, it is nice to influence the platform but there is one specific reason behind all the sacrifice we have endured...

A good way to defend your freedoms:

I Agree...

If he does NOT accept a nomination for president - that would be a very telling statement.

Never Surrender...No White Flag

In Liberty...Stay Free My Friends!

"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

There is no duration defined in the Oath

I bet they

giggled a lot on the call as a 'filler' in place of genuine answers. They can't control us. It's the Liberty movement. Now if Oromney would go have a good bowel movement, we can be rid of his BS. That's what he been running this entire primary: the oromney bowel movement.
That constipated SOB is despicable to the citizens of USA. Who picks these bozo's anyway? He's coronating himself at 20% nationwide support. F him and the broom handle up his butt that he rode in on.

Keepin' it real.




If Ron Paul is not the nomination after the convention, I will be permanently switching to the libertarian party and voting for Gary Johnson. Hell will freeze over before I vote for Romney! I can't write in Ron Paul, my state won't acknowledge it, so that will be that. The republican party will be dead to me if Ron Paul is not nominated. There are only a few Republicans that I admire anyways, out side of Ron Paul.



James Steele Jr. Tennessee

i would lmao

if at the ralley he announced he was running as an independent. wishful thinking. but hey.

Please God, let Rand tell

Please God, let Rand tell everyone during his RNC speech that Gary Johnson will cede his nomination to Ron Paul and they will run together on a ticket. We need a bombshell here, and that would really be the best move we have!

Forget about Rand. He left on

Forget about Rand. He left on the Hannity-Levin-Beck train long ago on a no-return trip. His speech is going to be a vacuous attempt to both sell Romney to us and prove his loyalty to his new comrades.

I didn't want to believe it

I didn't want to believe it before, the negative things people were saying about the campaign staff...but everything in the last few months has been a bit at odds with our movement. Pay them little attention - the campaign is not us but just PR.

Whatever...just keep in mind two messages RP had for us...Never Compromise...and - we are the R3volution - he gets his inspiration from us! Just remember that. Our people don't take marching orders from the top down. Just keep on doing what we've been doing all along. This is not a well orchestrated movement but an organic and unharnessed storm rolling through our nation. Keep going!


RP or no RP, movement or no movement, this mind has been forever altered, and will not return.

I was on the conf call too

I was on the conference call. My impression is this: with the Louisiana deal, and the potential that Maine will be split in half, the campaign does not expect to have the plurality in 5 states. Iowa, Nevada, Oregon, and Minnesota are actually the only guaranteed plurality states. But Oregon will probably have trouble getting officially recognized for a plurality by the chair of their delegation. Oklahoma could be another state I think; but it's very uncertain and many of the states will have some trouble getting the newly "required" "paperwork" in order.

in addition, I think the campaign knows exactly how many delegates they have committed to them, and even at their highest numbers (including all contested delegates), it's not enough to win; sure there might be a few who fell through the cracks and aren't registered and going to the Sun Dome or participating in emails and conference calls, but there's no way that's a large number. the nomination has been moved to the first day, and it sounds like the Campaign thinks it's unlikely that the agenda will be amendable to move that back, so being able to sway other delegates is even less likely than it was before with less time.

so it's my impression that Dr. Paul doesn't want to accept a 5 state nomination if it's just going to look like a ruckus and a failure. He knows that the only good thing about being nominated would be the 15 minute speech, but if he took the nomination and spoke as if he could win and then he didn't, I believe that he feels that it would harm the movement. with a gold commission and a Fed audit and even a requirement for a congressional declaration for war in the platform, we exceed the public's expectations of how much influence we have in the party. but if Paul stands up for fifteen minutes asking for the delegates to vote for him and they don't, we raise expectations knowing full well that they'll be crushed.

My hope is that Dr. Paul gets nominated by 5 states, then in the course of a 15 minute speech he "respectfully declines" but still promotes his ideas. If "declining the nomination" can be stretched into the 15 minute speech he'd be allowed to give by rule after the 5 states nominated him, I'd be okay with him declining. Then I'd cross my fingers and pray that everyone saw humility in him declining and voted for him anyway (because we CAN vote for him even if his name is not placed into nomination).

"many of the states will have

"many of the states will have some trouble getting the newly "required" "paperwork" in order"

They darn well better get their "required" "paperwork" in order. They've already had to do a TON of paperwork and hassle, from first learning the rules and recruiting PCPs and attending their convention and getting elected as delegates, to out cry in protesting the actions of their state party, to filing their contests which includes faxing notarized affidavits, over-nighting certified contest notices to respond to capricious rules deadline changes intended to thwart them, filing hundreds of pages of contest 'legal briefs' and evidence in triplicate which was flatly disregarded by an establishment committee. Should I go on?

These delegates will file the paperwork if they can get the plurality, and that is that... there is nothing the RNC or Tate or whoever told them this can do to stop it

what I meant

what i meant was that some states will have adversarial delegation chairs which might make it difficult. I sure hope they're all going to do it all correctly, but I certainly worry about states with chairmen who are against Ron Paul; not sure if the chair is necessary for these notarized paperwork things, but I sure know they'll probably try to thwart it for any reason possible, by the rules or by whatever rules they want to make up on the spot.

This is so f'd up

This is a made up story that they tell everyone as I have heard this song and dance before. Who dreams up this stuff anyway? It's pure BS they are peddling on a conference call no less.
It doesn't matter what they say. The ball is not in their court.
How can they project this nonsense that hasn't and likely would never happen. What is wrong with these people. I think it's all a made up story (excuse) for whatever they are hiding.

Keepin' it real.

Thanks, good post and sound reasoning.

Paul has done all one man can do.

The revolution is the peoples for the taking, but only by a conviction to respecting the rule of law we stand for.

That is the crux of the battle and we have made incredible strides in the last 4 years.

This is about a movement that we have going our way, not about an election.

Dr. Paul knows this, he's been at it for a long time and will go down in history as such, but the real effort is with the people.

thank you

for the explanation. That at least makes some sense, although it is disappointing that we are already at the point of salvaging the wreckage without this thing having even officially begun.

I've been cutting the campaign slack...

but now I am officially PISSED OFF. Ron Paul "will not accept a nomination"? WTF? If this is true, and I really really hope it is not, I feel completely scammed and I want my GD donation money back.

I am a broke college student who has donated every last cent I have had to the campaign TO WIN if at all possible, and if this is true, I seriously feel betrayed and want my money back. Not only that, I would have to, against every emotion in my body, relegate Ron Paul and his campaign to a fraud or scam.

Please tell me its not true!!!

It's not true...

...that it's still possible. Even if nominated, he doesn't have enough delegates to win. Not even close. He tried very hard to get them, but it just didn't work out. Nobody can promise a win.

So there, you don't need your money back.

I was

refering to the fact that he said he wouldn't accept it if he DID get nominated, not the fact that he can't get nominated. No need to be snarky. My money is of value to me, and understandably not you. I don't like being told one thing, donating, and then finding out that things were different than I was told. I've been in it TO WIN "if at all possible" (not "guaranteed a win") from the beginning, not just to win if it seems like it might be likely or easy.

He would accept the nomination

if winning was possible, but it is not.

You make it sound like he lied. He was in it to win it, but it cannot be won now. The delegate location is set enough to where he knows he doesn't have enough to win.
It was never easy, but he would have accepted it if was possible. It's just not possible anymore.

First of all, accepting a

First of all, accepting a nomination from the floor has nothing to do with accepting the nomination in general. Second of all, both Ron Paul and the campaign acknowledged (many months ago I might add) that they do not have the number of delegates needed to win. Third of all, is there any reason to accept a nomination from the floor if he does not have the delegates needed to win?

It is probable that accepting a nomination from the floor, just to prove something, would hurt the movement in the future. I see absolutely no upside to accepting a nomination from the floor, but I do see a lot of harm it could do.


What? What harm ??????????

If Ron accepts the nomination

Will the GOP Establishment not like us anymore?


Well, there are many

Well, there are many scenarios, but here is an extremely probable one:

1. Ron Paul gets nominated from the floor
2. Ron Paul does not get the number of votes to win
3. Huge fight erupts between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney supporters
4. Mitt Romney ends up being the nominee
5. Huge fight erupts between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney supporters
6. Everybody gets pissed off at each other
7. Romney loses election to Obama
8. Neoconservatives blame Ron Paul for loss to Obama because he disrupted "party unity"
9. Lots of people turned off from our message because they feel like we are a bunch of "party poopers"

It's not too hard to imagine people blaming Ron Paul for Mitt Romney losing considering all the other crap they have done.

We are not party poopers! We got cheated! RP cruise? Paul Fest?

We know how to party!

HA! I would love to see that scenario play out. I know we are a peaceful movement, but damn....we have worked so hard. It would be nice for them to see that we are EFFING PISSED at what they did to us! This convention should end with them knowing what they did was not okay. It shouldn't end with them thinking, "phew! We dealt with that." No. These next 4 years, they should be scared to even look a Ron Paul person in the eye. Nothing scarier than someone knowing you got away with something evil and they're still watching you. We should still wear our RP gear these next few years. How many people will snicker at us at the grocery store.."Hey, he lost dude." ...Yet another chance to educate people on how he lost....We got cheated. People should know and we should not let this die down so easily.

With that said, your number 8 is incorrect. How could anyone blame Ron Paul for Mitt Romney losing? We need to spin this correctly. If people are in an uproar when Mitt Romney loses, it isn't because of US, it's because they cheated, lied, and swindled to elect the person that was not going to ultimately win the presidency. It's not too hard for ME to imagine even the Mitt Romney supporters saying they should have elected Ron Paul when they laughably lose to Obama.