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Just thought of a little idea

Why only "take over" the Republican Party when we can take over the Democratic party as well? I know this might sound crazy, but think of it this way, we'll have liberty minded people on all sides. This would not only increase the chances of liberty minded candidates getting into office, but would also help spread our ideas at a much larger scale. We live in a divided country where people vote either one way or the other, so wouldn't it be a good idea to have our people on both sides?
What do you think? Good? Bad? I think we need more modern Grover Cleveland's in this country.

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ooooooooh la la

Now you are talking

Keepin' it real.

A point I've been making to my liberal friends:

I say "At least the Republican Party is split."

The Republican Party has something the left doesn’t have; a (growing) partition built on common sense and honesty, freedom, the constitution, and above all liberty.

Where are the non-Obama Democrats crying for a peaceful defense or does everyone on the left really support endless war? Wouldn’t going back on a campaign promise to respect state drug laws encourage anyone to reject their party’s pick? Does the Democrat consensus actually call for drones flying overhead to watch us? Since when was it a liberal policy to allow the Federal Reserve to print and devaluate the money in your pocket and savings unchecked by congressional audits?

Where is the fight within the Democratic Party to set a new standard for what it means to BE a Democrat? The most audible and proactive of the left wing engage themselves in the Occupy Wallstreet movement, protesting everything they hate and failing to acknowledge that yelling at a building is not as effective as yelling at a caucus. And sadly, when it comes down to it they will either vote for Obama, or helplessly not vote at all [the latter is what gives Romney the greatest chance at winning...]

This nomination process has given me a thousand reasons to denounce and loathe the GOP; but at least it has this movement.

COME ON, DEMS! Let's see an honest-to-god Liberty loving, anti-war, pro-choicer that believes in collective bargaining (or something along these lines) fighting for POTUS against Ron Paul. Wouldn't that be a fun election?!

of course it will happen

because we really have a one party system.

The problem is socialism.

Socialists, or people who want big government, live in the democratic camp primarily, making up most of their ranks. It really is the only real difference between the two parties, but the bleed over is obvious too.

Honest Ron's vision is anything but socialist. Socialism is Tyranny. Paul's message is Freedom. Not compatible.

Yes, the democrats do have a message of personal freedoms to work on, but they are somewhat insane to feel strongly about the fact that only more government can offer more freedom.

For this reason I'd say to you that the only way to work from within their party to is to first make them hate the government somehow.

If you succeed in doing so, please tell me how.


People in a particular party

People in a particular party don't necessarily have to agree with one another. Just look at Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. Same party, but completely different beliefs. We need to create that split in the Democratic party as well and hopefully, our side will take over, just like how we're slowly changing the Republican party.

The Idea....

Sounds like an idea, how praticle not to sure.

My 2 cents, If the numbers of true liberty minded individuals multiply exponentially then a third party is in order. Out with the old, (Dems, & Repukes) which are basically the same anyways, and in with the new. I know there are the Libetarians, but their platform doesn't quite address all the liberty issues in the same manner as Ron Paul. Perhaps if given the chance they would in time. Unfortunatly that commodity is limited.

I thought RP'ers should have been trying to get

the Democratic's support 4 years ago, so better late than never! Many democrats I've spoken to were very sympathetic to Dr. Paul's views.



Many here were democrats and greens including myself.