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5 Questions that need answering by the Ron Paul Campaign

1. What do we hope to change on the platform in Tampa?

2. Do we have a plurality of delegates in 5 states to nominate Ron Paul on the floor?

3. Will Ron Paul accept that nomination from his own delegates if so?

4. Are we still looking for the nomination for President of the United States at the RNC?

5. Are we making deals in Massachusetts, Louisiana, and other states to seat some but not ALL of the duly elected delegates, in turn losing plurality in those states?

We need these answers, because we're the ones supporting the liberty movement. I'm tired of hearing media bits and personal calls/dealings with the campaign speaking about not seeking the nomination. I don't care who answers it, John Tate, Doug Wead, Jesse Benton... in a blog, video, meeting, it doesn't matter how.

It would be great if these questions were answered by Ron Paul himself but I don't see that happening.

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Ron Paul said he was going to Tampa.

He is there and the delegates are doing their jobs.

The RNC wants party unity over a personality. So what.

State chairs etc get Party brownie points for bullying.

Vote your conscience. Do you have anything to lose?

Free includes debt-free!


The GOP is a club and is at present not following it's own rules. I hate to resort to recommending lawsuits, but this seems to be the only way to reign in a club that seems incapable of regulating itself. Some Maine delegates have already started this process. I would recommend and hope Oklahoma, Louisiana as well as Arizona and Indiana delegates would follow the same path. This is not just about Paul this is about our U.S. election process.


1)Auditing the fed on the GOP platform is major.

2)No the GOP has blocked delegates for Paul from Maine, Louisiana,Oklahoma and I believe Oregon as well as the states already known.

5) Yes, I believe so and those in leadership positions should imo be removed.


put a fork in it. All of you thinking that you were going to "change" the GOP from within were nuts. #1- You don't control the money in the GOP and #2- You don't control the bankers behind the party. They have lied, cheated and stolen throughout this WHOLE process, what made you think they wouldn't do it on the biggest stage of the season?? If Paul was truly serious about winning this thing, he would have made a pact with Johnson back when he quit "actively" campaigning and ran third party with Johnson as his VP. THAT would have gotten them the 15% needed to get into the debates and we would be looking at a whole other story. He did this for Rand, PERIOD.

And on the platform issue

who gives a shit??? No one is bound to the republican platform. Its a dog and pony show.

From what I have heard....

From last night's conference call,previous calls, and public statements:

1. Not much. We got more than we had hoped for if not EVERYTHING we wanted. [My take is that we have gotten everything we could reasonably obtain from a platform committee and convention where we do not have the majority of the delegates.]

2. No.

3. Yes.

4. No. We don't have anywhere near enough delegates even if they are all released to vote for their preferred candidate.

5. This I don't know. Good question. [My take, again, is that the campaign is trying to seat as many delegates as they can but that we didn't/don't have the numbers on the committees to win an outright knock down, drag out war.]

The question you should be asking yourself (and the rest of us) is have our expectations been raised unrealistically by all of the rumors and speculation and opinions that have been disguised as facts? And has Dr. Paul and many of those nearest him been trying to prepare us for the current situation and make the best of our very real successes?

I think the answer is clearly, yes.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I was happy to contribute the few hundred dollars I did ..

... to the campaign. And I would do it again.

But this OP is right:

There are a lot of us that are still unclear on these questions.

I am not ashamed to admit that I don't understand all the details of party electoral politics, and how all of this mess has shaken out in the end.

Because I am left with the impression that Dr Paul *did* legally and factually have a plurality of 5 states - and that the campaign essentially allowed the RNC and Romney camps to steal the nomination through dealing it away for the sake of "not rocking the boat"

Am I misinterpreting this?

The OP is right.

Where is the official statement from Ron or the campaign for the supporters to address this.

We are owed that much.


Webster Tarpley figured this all out months ago. Ron Paul was never in it to win it. His purpose was to run cover for Romney to secure a Romney win and to sucker the youth into supporting cuts in their own Social Security and Medicare. The Pauls are working for the globalist banking cartel they pretend to oppose. That's how the elite always operate, by creating controlled opposition to give the illusion of a struggle which you always lose. That's why there have been so many head-scratching moments during these Paul campaigns. Ron always supported the globalists' plan of no tariffs, cheap offshore labor, anti-union "right" to "work" (for third world wages), and gold (which the elites have been hoarding for years, plundering it from national treasuries). The $1 trillion cuts in his budget plan cut the military-industrial complex by only 15% while it cut everything else by 60%. In the end, he had more allegiance to the Austrian School, sponsored by the Rockefellers, than to the Founding Fathers. Anyway, it's time to move on from the Pauls. Their mission has been accomplished. Feel free to hop on the Hannity express alongside Rand, Mr. Sanctions, or wander into the desert with Guantanamo Gary, if that's slightly less revolting. At least Tarpley is not afraid to defend the fact that 9/11 was an inside job, and he's even more against the Federal Reserve than the Pauls.

Tarpley has made some interesting points over the years

... when he wasn't making a complete ass out of himself.

I saw those interviews with Alex Jones he did during the Bilderburg meeting this years.

He came off like a complete loon.

As you are right now, honestly, by buying into that kind of trash wholesale and repeating it here.

Tarply said Mitch daniels would be vp pick on Alex Jones

After Bilderberg. He's full of it, and he's full of himself. Having no tariffs would allow prices to work(why should someone demand that you change their prices to suit your needs,if you don't like the price, don't buy it).He doesn't demand a gold standard, as central planners would, he wants to allow competiton in currencies, so we could develop a non debt based monetary system in the free market ourselves without dictates by our overlords.His budget reduces dept of defense spending from the CBO baseline with war spending included from 697 billion to 501 billion, which is more than 15%.(the first number listed on the plan to restore America which states a 15% reduction in DOD spending, excludes war spending).How is the Austrian school sponsored by the Rockefellers? If it is they are not getting much bang for their buck because the Austrian school has a very small following( much larger now thanks to Dr Paul).Besides Rockefeller believed strongly in government regulation to help eliminate his competitors.Competition is a sin I believe the old man said.
The last statement really makes me laugh. Tarpley is more against th Fed than Ron paul! Lets see what did Tarpley do this summer besides french kiss his marble bust of FDR. Hmmm, o yeah he talked out his ass and made bs predictions that never came true. Meanwhile Ron was passing the first complete audit of the fed bill,and running for president, while Rand is trying to find cosponsors for the bill in the senate(29 so far)The difference is Tarpley is a crackpot, and the Pauls are doing things to try to change the course of history.

I agree we agree in the end

The Austrian School of Economics was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the William Volker Fund, the same people who created the United Nations and wrote the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The way the elites operate is they don't fight you directly — they create a controlled opposition which then coopts your populist cause, creating a patsy, in this case the Pauls, who are then defeated, leaving you with nothing for your efforts. (There is no better way to win a conflict than to control both sides. I'm sure Sun Tzu can verify this, but I cannot confirm it.) This delves into how the elites work. Sure, Rockefeller sought overt government help, but that is on the surface. The insidious way the elite operate is through NGOs (non-governmental organizations) — tax-free organizations which construct public policy under the guise of objective or scientific wool in the name of so-called "philanthropy" (as opposed to genuine charity). These "experts" are people you never voted for, but they are held up as leaders to be followed, because their findings are "objective", allegedly. Surely, John D. Rockefeller created the fiction of "fossil fuel" so that his petroleum could supplant ethanol and methanol in the fight to become the fuel of choice in the dawn of the automotive era. Regarding the 15% cut in the military-industrial complex, more or less, we are in agreement, the point being that the cuts Ron Paul proposed were greater elsewhere in the budget than in the military. So much for our anti-war monger hero. Regarding the Federal Reserve, Ron Paul preaches for an audit. What if that audit is rigged, which we know it will be — will it advance our cause when the "auditors" conclude no harm was done, as the 9/11 Commission did, or will the failed audit merely obstruct further moves to break the back of the Federal Reserve? Ron Paul proposes to end the Fed and subject the U.S. money supply to a basket of currencies, be it gold or silver (both of which the globalists have been hoarding for decades, even raiding national treasuries for their supplies) or tulip bulbs or original versions of Star Wars laserdiscs, etc. Tarpley advocates nationalization of the privately-owned Federal Reserve, which is seizure of its assets, put under the control of Congress, the duly elected representatives of We the People. Congress then issues credit, not debt, at 0% interest for any production of tangible assets the American people pursue, from small businesses that make widgets to infrastructure public works projects such as monopolistic water supplies or underground cables, etc., but not financial institutions such as banks. Regarding Tarpley's prediction of Mitch Daniels as Romney's VP — he also predicted Petraeus, and probably others. His predictions were not intended to define what will be, but rather to expose the deficiencies in those individuals and how they would serve as useful tools in the globalists' scheme to destroy us. A prediction can be correct and yet ultimately be wrong — for example, the movie The Dead Zone (1983) illustrates this. Actions can be taken which force the elites to fold their cards. Nonetheless, Romney's selection of Paul Ryan is no respite. To most voters, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, and Ron Paul are the same guy. They don't know one from the other. Paul Ryan comes in to preach the gospel that you continue to pay taxes, but you should get less of that money back from Uncle Sam in the form of Social Security and Medicare. Ron Paul set the stage for that, corrupting the youth to cheer such a suicidal message. The essential difference between Tarpley and Ron Paul is that Tarpley believes in expansion, that your standard of living should be better than your parents', whereas Ron Paul believes in austerity of the money supply, which he admits is one half of every transaction, and ultimately the American economy. Regarding tariffs, I have not heard Tarpley discuss them. I brought them up because they are authorized in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution. The only two historical justifications given for the institution of the income tax were the payment of war costs (after the Civil War) and the reduction of tariffs (later in the 19th century). As we know, all the income taxes we pay now go to the Federal Reserve, which then loans that money back to Congress — a most diabolical perversion we agree must be stopped.

Ron Paul deserves all respect.

Ron Paul runs the campaign Ron Paul wants to run. Remember, he was a reluctant candidate in 2008 and in 2012. These are HIS choices to make. The writing is on the wall. He will not be the nominee.

It is sad to see supporters of his turn on him for not engaging in the "scratching at the door" tactics they prefer, like a dog the owners don't want to let into the house. Instead, Ron Paul proudly walks on with his head held high.

It is at this very moment that we should be lifting him to our shoulders to thank him for his effort made so selflessly for liberty, walking away from the fight for the moment. He will be back. He will write books, speak on television, raise money for candidates, etc.

We can individually fight and protest and score for liberty any way we wish. Fight for those delegates! Turn your back during the convention speeches! Wear protest shirts of suffrage! Write in Ron Paul! Go door to door for Gary Johnson!

But please stop picking fights with Ron Paul. Remember the political landscape in just 2007. It was NOTHING like today. Ron Paul deserves all respect.


How is asking these very simple questions picking a fight?

Much less with Ron Paul! We all respect him and would not be here if we didn't but all the mystery surrounding the events since May have brought about a valid series of questions for those of us wanting to support a candidate that is in it....to win it.

If you don't want to run, and you don't want to win but rather influence a party's platform...just say it and we can decide for ourselves if we want to support that.

This is not asking to much.

I would never choose to not support Ron Paul because of this

OK, that is fair enough regarding the original post. These questions are fine. I do see people picking fights with Ron Paul all over the boards and comments though.

It's not that he didn't run seriously after committing. He was reluctant to start, ran seriously after he decided and was incredibly forthright and brave in debates, interviews, floor of the House, commercials, etc. during the run.

He did not win 1144 delegates. That is so obvious I can't believe people still ask. It is Ron Paul's way to handle this the way he has. He said as much in his campaign e-mails.

I would never choose to not support Ron Paul because of this. He is 100 times better than anybody else!

Springfield Monorail to the White House

After a con man gets your money, he disappears with the loot. That's why we've heard virtually nothing since May. The delegates were told to behave, deals were cut to reduce their numbers, and little Rand was granted a speaking slot on untelevised Monday. They'll show a video of Ron at the Convention, to underscore he's gone, but they won't let his body near the stage. We got what our fiat donations were worth.

Well then...

Remember, he was a reluctant candidate in 2008 and in 2012. These are HIS choices to make. The writing is on the wall. He will not be the nominee... He will write books, speak on television, raise money for candidates, etc.

...if he really never wanted to be the nominee, that's what he should have been doing this whole time, instead of letting his staff squander our resources under a false premise. Our energy could have gone to pro-liberty candidates at all levels of government who actually want to be elected and govern us.

I don't play, I commission the league.

No, I still believe that

No, I still believe that people have gotten their money's worth from Paul. If you think anyone else could have moved forward the cause of freedom as much as he did, you're fooling yourself. It's exactly because of his Ghandi like nature and his impeccable backstory that he managed to make such a considerable impact. Nobody else could have done it. They don't have the voting record for it, nor the considerable experience of being in congress, nor the economic knowledge (the MOST important aspect, besides his integrity), nor the history of accurately predicting upcoming disasters, nor the impartial attitude that RP has. He is the only man alive today which it could be said to be of comparable stature as the founders. Nobody else qualifies.

It's also because of this impartial attitude that people trusted his judgement to begin with. Instinctively, people knew that this was about more than gaining power to him. And now people are distraught with RP cause he didn't want the power to begin with and wasn't that aggressive in gaining that power. That's an attitude to be lauded, not ridiculed. If he were an aggressive person to begin with, he most likely never would have come to the conclusions he did today, never would have become the man he is today.

If we had managed to gain enough delegates, he WOULD have become the president. That he didn't, is not his failure, it's ours. We as his supporters failed to pin down the opposition on the rule breaking, despite all of the video evidence, failed to capitalize on our advantages. Failed to show up in enough numbers in order to gain a plurality in more than 7 states. Battles we could have won, were lost, simply because of our overconfidence, our belief that somehow our ideals would make us immune to anything the opposition pulled on us or that the establishment would somehow bow to our overpowering superiority of belief. In other words, an attitude that is simply out of touch with reality. The way the lawsuit was handled by Gilbert is the perfect example of this (3d chess? 4d chess? REALLY!?).
It still baffles me that in the 21st century none of us could devise proper counter measures against the shenanigans, even though it could be KNOWN they would pull this shit on us. But people keep being surprised by anything they pulled on us. Why? Cause the dailypaul has devolved to a conspiracy theory site and an overly positive lala Land where any dissenting opinion is marked down concerning the success of our tactics. We aren't interested in solving problems (or potential future ones), we are merely interested in being more righteous than others. Even to the point we attack our own members on this board for not thinking the same way as the mainstream dailypaul member.

Economic bubbles? There is a warm and cozy bubble right now on this site, a bubble where anyone in it is out of touch with reality. Yes, an unavoidable bubble when you only condone people who AGREE with you and only accept like minded people. This is getting so extreme, that some of our delegates that SHOULD have been doing their utmost in convincing other delegates, have been attacking them for thinking differently. Now that happens less than before, but IMO far too late.

We have stopped making real efforts in growing our movement. This site has become a closed community only meant for like minded people. Those extra numbers might have just made the difference in gaining pluralities in the other states. If we had a plurality in half the states, no way could they have ever stopped RP from a speaking slot. No way the MSM could have suppressed RP. It's no use blaming RP.

Every delegate at the

Every delegate at the convention is free to vote for whom they wish, therefore, they are potential Paul delegates, but just not enlightened yet.

If he wants delegates maybe he should fight for his 5 states and then speak to all of them.

If his own delegates can't

If his own delegates can't convince the other delegates, nothing he says will change it. A 5-15 minute speech isn't enough time anyways to convince people. If that were the case, the debates would have won them over a long time ago. Realize that it's not up to RP to do everything. It's our job to move the cause forward.

All this boils down to, is accusing RP of not doing his share in moving the cause forward. It's possible of course, but I for one trust in his initial judgement. Because I think it likely that he knows better than us what is necessary. Most of us tend to be far too emotional to take the long term view on this issue. And the beauty of a thing like freedom is, is that if you disagree with RP, you have the freedom to do something about it and prove yourself right. But that takes more action and less criticizing.

With Santorum releasing his delegates . . .

We have a number of delegates to create a broken convention. If Dr. Paul will not accept the nomination. I think the solution is simple. Stand up and leave the place ASAP as a sign of protest. We are not campaigning for his son, we want Ron Paul to be our president . . .

A good way to defend your freedoms: www.libertymagazine.org

It's ours to take!

Don't you understand, this isn't about what Ron Paul want's, or how Ron Paul is going to change the dynamics. It's about the people being educated, waking up to what is going on around us. To get more involved, and be more active. For people to start taking charge. It's about us making the decisions, not just one individual. It's about a spontaneous gathering of people, with different cultural backgrounds, taking their country back. This isn't going to end at the convention. Or nomination. It starts with a legitimate attempt to play by the rules. The next steps are going to be answered by sole individual in high ranking positions, questioning there character, and morals. This is a revolution, not a nomination.


Well, then...

they have a LOT of explaining to do to all the people who spent untold amounts of time, money, and energy trying to get Paul nominated for president. If that wasn't the goal, then what was the point? You don't have to run for President to wake people up, and the GOP will just cheat us out of any organized effort to do so anyway.

I don't play, I commission the league.


Both elections when Ron was asked what his goal was he responded "Well to win" Remember? Especially when George S. said in return "That's not going to happen" If Ron wanted to just wake people up and just tour the country doing speaking engagements I'm sure many would have still shelled out as much money to make sure that it happened. I think that anyone that is upset feeling that their money was poorly spent on a campaign that halfway through the Primaries all of a sudden seemed to fade from existence and all of a sudden backtracked on their words of "In it to win" should be upset at that fact..Maybe I'm missing something but up until the Campaign started to fade Ron was constantly addressing his support with his Texas Straight Talk etc. Over the last couple of months now we have heard little to nothing from Ron. Instead all we get is rumor and talk from his questionable appointees and typical spin from the MSM.

As usual though and typical for politicians, You will never be short on notifications when they are looking for a monetary handout. I will always respect what Ron has done and brought to the table over the last decade. His bringing of the message of Liberty to the masses has definitely trumped any of the present shortcomings but I am glad that I chose to keep the majority of my resources on a local level rather than a National.

Three things for sure will be taken and used from the lesson over the last two elections. One is that I have forever been changed learning about the Idea of Liberty and all of its manifestations. Second is that I will be joining in to destroy the two party system and three the same goes for the Corporate media. The last ten years have surely revealed that a Information revolution is underway and needs to be supported at all costs.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

We did our best

to get in the position we are today, with the resources we had, and the limitations on television publicity. I'm confident Ron Paul, Doug Wead, and a few others did their best to contribute to the campaign, and I still believe the best is yet to come. Tampa will either be Ron Pauls nomination, or another crack that rings true throughout America. Either way, the cards are in the peoples favor. Notice the dissident at your workplace, the disorder of government, and the doings of politicians towards their constituents. This isn't going to be end in one day, but these are the marks of a nation under a police state, of a people upset of the injustice of a system. They are waking up. First it's the Republican party, next, it's the Democratic facade. I CAN'T WAIT ETHER!


Lack of focus.

The Paul campaign has fallen off the planet. I'm really surprised that they laid down so easily. I expected a little more. I'm not sure the blame lies with Ron himself, but that lame brained campaign staff was a total joke. The grassroot efforts almost propelled Paul to the forefront, regardless of the poorly managed campaign. My final assessment is that the campaign didn't learn anything from 2008. They should have known that the deck would be stacked against Ron Paul, and been prepared for it. They were woefully unprepared to counter attack. And one other thing, me thinks Jesse Benton, et al, became more enamored with $$$ than anything else. Too bad, an American tragedy just witnessed. The most principled man in politics just got mishandled and brushed aside by the bullies, again.

alan laney

The Grassroots DID propel Ron Paul to the forefront and

kept him there this entire time. We were the news....

Which is why I hate that he insisted on (and continues to insist on) that this be all about changing the GOP.

It would have been easier, quicker and there would have been more support and donations to build a new ship from scratch, than to repair the rusty ship called the GOP and THEN try and turn it around.
Way to much baggage. The GOP will always be the GOP in the minds of most Americans.

I respect Ron 2000% but on this one...I think he was mistaken.

It's a fine ship...

Just a lot of barnacles weighing it down!


I think a lot of it comes down to the fact that those that were running the Campaign were in the market to secure or further a career in politics instead of just being honorable and fighting for a cause that was Just..Once again a lot was lost because of the lust for power and wealth and Freedom and Liberty paid the price..

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

Be careful with the media reports

If there is any chance RP can be on the ballot, the campaign will not answer questions 2-5 with anything other than spin. They are not going to risk that chance just because people are frustrated.

We don't need to know those answers right now. We will have them in a few days. Have a little faith in what they are trying to do.

If you were a national delegate

I'm sure you would have answers to most of these Q's. I don't see a purpose in the campaign going public with this information, not while the RNC is still going on. Perhaps after the fact, we'll hear a recap of the campaigns successes and failures at the convention, but until then I'm willing to bet the agenda is going to be kept out of sight.

Support Ron Paul and don't forget he is a pretty smart dude. For him, this is the final lap of a very long race. Let him perform his best with what he's got, and keep your thoughts positive!